Feline FortiFlora - Nutritional Supplement

Helps Manage Cat Diarrhea

Successful in encouraging gastrointestinal health, Feine FortiFlora is a supplement used to manage cat diarrhea by using live probiotic cultures. It also includes antioxidant vitamins. Even with the pickiest cats, Feline FortiFlora is easy to use because of its palatability.

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5 stars
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Feline FortiFlora - Nutritional Supplement
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Try IntelliFlora! 

FortiFlora® is a registered trademark of Nestle Purina Pet Care Company. Comparison based on information available on the product label.

Feline FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement that improves the microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract helps to maintain the balance of your cat's intestinal health. Many cats have problems with diarrhea. This condition can be caused by several factors, such as the introduction of a new food , use of antibiotics, and stress, caused by either environmental or physical hardship. This supplement is recommended by veterinarians to be used as a dietary supplement to manage cat diarrhea.

Fortiflora is made with a guaranteed amount of live active cultures from Enterococcus faecium (1 X 108 CFU/g), a strain of probiotic that has been proven to help balance cats' intestinal health. The beneficial bacteria in FortiFlora protect against unhealthy bacteria and nourish intestinal cells. This particular microorganism has a history of being both safe and beneficial for use in humans and animals. FortiFlora can safely be used in both pregnant cats and kittens.

FortiFlora contains high levels of the antioxidants Vitamins A, C, and E. It an excellent choice for all cats, and is especially beneficial for those also suffering from low immune systems. Vitamin A is used by the body as an important hormone-like growth factor for cells and is necessary for healthy vision . Vitamin C is important for the healing of wounds and is necessary for many metabolic reactions, and Vitamin E is also involved in immune function.

Even though the probiotics have an immediate effect on the gastrointestinal tract, results may not be seen for several days. It is generally recommended to give FortiFlora once a day for 30 days. The longer your cat has suffered from diarrhea, the longer it will take to clear up. Cats with acute diarrhea will show results sooner than cats suffering from chronic problems.

Even with picky eaters, FortiFlora is easy to use because of its excellent palatability. The recommended dosage is to feed with one meal a day. It can also be added to canned food. Tests have shown that the microorganisms can live for up to 24 hours while mixed with the food. When using the supplement to counteract the negative side-effects of antibiotics, it is most effective when fed at a separate time than the medicine, such as at the beginning or end of a meal. It is recommended to begin using Fortiflora before the antibiotics are started and then continue with it after the dosage is finished.

FortiFlora is easy to store. The packets should be stored at room temperature because extensive heat will shorten the life of the cultures

UPC 038100119339
Brand FortiFlora
Manufacturer Purina
Size 30 - 1 gram packets
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Feed one packet to your cat daily under the supervision of your veterinarian.

Animal digest, Enterococcus faecium, L-ascorbyl- 2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Vitamin E supplement, beta-Carotene, zinc proteinate, taurine, salt, manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite

Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Guaranted Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 43.0%

Crude Fat (Min) 12.0%

Crude Fiber (Max) 1.0%

Moisture (Max) 5.0%

Microorganisms (Enterococcus faecium) (Min) 1 X 108 CFU/g


2 stars

Fortiflora is recommended by many Vet offices but it didn't work well for my cat and after careful research I found that it doesn't carry enough strains of good bacteria....it has something called animal digest in it that isn't quality. Therefore I would not recommend it.

Review by Susan on 6/12/13

New Kitten with persistant diarrhea

5 stars

I got a new kitten who continued to have diarrhea and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. After putting this on her food everyday for awhile her diarrhea is gone. It works great!
Glad my vet finally suggested it. I had her tested for worms and other things which all came back negative.

Review by Jen on 1/29/13

Forti Flora works for my kitten!

5 stars

I have been using forti flora for my 9 month old kitten for several months now. It definitely has helped her digestive issues.

Review by Paula on 12/3/12

Cat loves it

5 stars

Works very well with my one year old Siberian silver.

Review by Max on 9/6/12

Great price and fast shipping!

4 stars

Probioticsmart.com has this for half the price my vet charges, and shipping is super fast! I've been using this product for a few weeks on my vet's recommendation. I also use the PCPS Intelliflora some too, since it has more strains of bacteria. It has taken a few weeks, but I think we're finally making progress with my kittens' loose stools.

Review by Krista on 8/25/12

I will always use this website (and this product)

5 stars

My four year old cat has digestive problems and Fortiflora was recommended by her Vet, Together with her prescription cat food we seem to have the problem in hand. She likes the taste and that's saying a lot for this finicky girl. I might add that I have tried several sellers before I found PSCPets.com to be not only the best priced,but fast and knowledgeable.

Review by laurie on 8/6/12

Great product

5 stars

My cat has IBD and this seems to really help.

Review by kiwi on 8/1/12

Best product ever for occasional diarrhea in cats!

5 stars

Now and then, one of my two cats has loose stools. I use a half of a packet once a day as "maintenance" for her. She's a healthy girl, otherwise and FortiFlora helps to keep her that way! I am so glad my vet told me about it....it works great!

Review by catmom on 7/27/12

It works and kitty like

4 stars

This product has helped control my calico's ongoing digestive problems. Plus, she seems to like it mixed with wet food and a little water. Has been a part of our daily routine for more than two years.

Review by Christine on 7/19/12

Has been very helpful for Stomatitis

4 stars

One half packet daily on canned cat food has helped immensly with controlling Stomatitis, along with 2 other supplements. She loves the taste which is amazing as she is a very picky eater.

Review by Seussy the cat on 7/11/12

Good product

4 stars

Our vet recommended Forti-flora. It is a very good product but my fur girl did not like the taste.. My fur girl does not have diarrhea problems. She has EPI which means she cannot digest her food on her own. She needs a digestive aid plus a probiotic. Fortiiflora was working on her digestion but she did not like the taste of it. She became very depressed and had to be taken off of it. She is now on one by Nutramax called Proviable-DC. She is a much happier cat.
I am glad Forti-flora is working for so many.

Review by Yanci on 7/7/12

a wonderful product

5 stars

Our vet recommended Fortiflora after our rescue kitty had bouts of diarrhea. We started with a packet every day and I noticed immediate results. Gradually we switched to a packet every other day and her stomach problems are now very few and far between. We have two cats so they each get half of a packet sprinkled in their food as they eat out of each other's bowls. They both love the taste of Fortiflora and give me cranky looks when they don't get it added to their food. I highly recommend this product. I am also very pleased with the terrific customer service from PSC.

Review by Robin on 6/29/12

a terrific product

5 stars

One of our rescue cats has a sensitive stomach and would have bouts of diarrhea. Our vet suggested giving her probiotics to see if that would help; she recommended Fortiflora which has worked like a charm. I noticed immediate improvement and her bouts of diarrhea are now very rare. Initially our cat got a packet every day, but now we she gets it every other day. We have two cats and they eat out of each other's bowls so each gets half of a packet every other day. They both love the taste of Fortiflora and give me a cranky look when they don't get it sprinkled on their food! I would recommend this product to anyone.

Review by Robin on 6/29/12

best probiotic product

5 stars

My vet suggested Fortiflora when my young cat came down with a couple bouts of diarrhea out of the blue (no parasites in stool sample). It took my cat a few days to get used to the addition to her food; I just put a little mixture of it and can food on her paw to get her started. Now she can't stop herself from gobbling the stuff up. I definitely noticed an improvement in her symptoms. An added bonus is that her stool has more bulk to it and she hasn't had problems with it getting stuck in her long fur. So I decided to give it to her on a daily basis, but the vet's price ($30) was a bit much. I'm so glad that I found ProbioticSmart. Great prices, shipping cost and speed, and helpful customer service. I will continue to buy Feline Fortiflora and always order it from ProbioticSmart!

Review by Jenny on 6/28/12

A necessity for cats with diarrhea

5 stars

When one of my cats needed antibiotics, he had the awful side effect of severe diarrhea and nothing seemed to cure it. Finally we tried FortiFlora and it fixed him right up! He's been on it ever since with no problems at all. The packets are very convenient, and we just mix one a day into some canned food. He either likes or doesn't care about the flavor, and eats it right up!

Review by Mary on 6/18/12

So Far, So Good!

5 stars

My 16 year old male cat, Stinker, suffers from IBD. He has been on prednisone for over four years. My vet said that we needed to ween him off of that since it is not good for his health to be on it for so long. She said to try FortiFlora. He has been off the prednisone for a month and seems to be doing fine. I'm thankful this product exists.

Review by Rusty on 6/14/12

Good Product

4 stars

We adopted a kitten and he had the worst gas problem. Vet recommended Forti Flora and it has helped and also he doesn't mind it on his food. However, we also have a 13 y.o. cat with persistent loose stool and it was recommended for him also--didn't work at all. I highly commend the prompt service and reasonable prices of Probioticsmart.com! The cash points are a nice bonus.

Review by Rosemary on 6/13/12


4 stars

Works well, but I needed to add some acidophilus to the cat's pm dose to increase it's effectiveness. My Vet said adicophilus does not work for cats but my cat seems to need it to help alleviate his symptoms.

Review by Dorothy on 6/13/12


4 stars

This product was recommended by my Veterinarian. It seems to be effective but I needed to add a small amount of acidophilus to the pm dose in order to more fully alleviate my cat's symptoms.

Review by dacmspd on 6/13/12

Helps the household humans

5 stars

We adopted a kitten with the worst smelling gas problem and the vet recommended we try Forti-Flora. It's helped Grady's gas issue and us humans are much happier. Also, he likes it on his food. However, we has an a 12 y.o. cat with terminal, very soft stool and it didn't help himl and he didnt' like the taste at all!
I also commend the prompt service, convenience of online ordering, and reasonable price that ProBiotics offers!!

Review by Rosemary on 6/11/12

Great company & great product

5 stars

My vet recommended this product for my 14-year old male cat who was having problems with diarrhea. We started with 7 days' worth and the cost was $28 for 7 packets. When the vet recommended that we continue with the product, I started researching online sites to see if I could find it at a more economical price and was thrilled to find PSCPets.com. The product was identical and even the vet tech said they were not able to get it at that price! The customer service is great - very courteous, accommodating and responsive. I highly recommend this company and the product.

Review by Maxine on 6/3/12

Cats are healthier

5 stars

They are eating well with no digestion problems which which they had experienced in the past.

Review by Samson and Delilah on 6/1/12

Perfect against URV

5 stars

Fortiflora helps to control URV in cats, it help cats to stop sneez, coughing. I have many cats and all of them adopted from shelters, so URV is very common for us. When I see first signs of URV I give to each cat 1 pack of Fortiflora mixed with 15-20 ml of water and cats just love it, they think it a treat. Also sometimes I mix it with wet food. After 3-5 days on Fortiflora all URV signs are gone, but I continue to give it for extra 10-15 days.

Also Fortiflora is very good for treating gas and stomach upset at cats.

Review by Zoia K. on 5/31/12

Definitely works

5 stars

My 8-year-old cat has had diarrhea and digestive problems since he was a kitten. He's been to five different vets who all proposed different solutions, with no lasting results. Finally, my current vet suggested probiotics. I tried a variety of different products, both for humans and animals, but Fortiflora is the only brand that has worked. I started seeing some improvement immediately, and after 4 weeks, he was 90% better.

Review by Courtney on 5/29/12

Forti Flora Worth Every Penny

5 stars

I have a fourteen year old cat who two years ago had a prolapsed anus due to diarrhea. After two surgeries, my vet told me to try Forti Flora. We haven't had a problem since, and my cat is eating her food again!

Review by dawny on 5/26/12

I'm very pleased

5 stars

I'm very pleased with PSCPets and will continue to order this product from you. The price is the best of the various places I've looked at, both online and off (and even better with the bonus points). This is the second time I've order Fortiflora from you and both times the delivery was fast. This product does seem to make a difference in helping her digestive problems, and there is no downside in terms of long-term ill effects so I will make this a mainstay of her diet. And I should also note that she loves it, which with little Miss Fussy is no small consideration.

Review by LL on 5/13/12

Great for Cats

5 stars

My cats and kittens love Forti Flora like crazy! Plus, it helps from diarrhea and any stomach upsets! And this website is the cheapest place to buy it!

Review by putasay on 5/8/12

Great for old cat gradually using weight and deteriorating

5 stars

My 17 year old cat had a high blood count, enlarged liver, and after being on antibiotics, had diarrhea. He had been losing weight over a period of 3 years and went from 13+ pounds to 8 pounds. The end seemed near. After many blood tests and no conclusive results, the vet recommended FortiFlora to get him to eat and stop the diarrhea. Suddenly he seemed like a changed cat and was eating 6 times a day once I sprinkled FortiFlora on his food. Even brands he would not eat before, he suddenly was enjoying. I will not be without it.

Review by Diane on 4/28/12

Wish I knew about this sooner!

5 stars

Our male Bengal cat has been having somewhat loose stool for at least a year now since we have switched our cat's diets to a better dry food and also are now feeding them wet food. It was starting to become annoying finding spots around the house so we then had to begin following him from the litter box to wipe him. We even had him tested for parasites because we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Finally after doing some reseach on line I began to come accross a lot of similar stories who used probiotics to address the problem. Fortiflora seemed to have the highest reviews so i figured it was worth a shot. Well it hasn't even been a week yet and already we are more than pleased. His bathroom problems seem to be fined and also it does not smell nearly haf as bad as it used to. Our cats really seems to like the taste too because they gobble up the wet food in minutes, even the flavors that they didn't seem to care much for in the past. I will definitely be stocking up on this to continue adding it in their daily diets.

Review by Jennifer on 4/26/12

my cats can't get enough

5 stars

this product cost nearly double at my local vet's office, so i was delighted when i found it on this site. the shipping is incredibly fast. my cats love this stuff - they literally howl for it every morning. it has greatly helped with my cats' stomach issues and the vet also recommended it because of their age (13). have not found it cheaper on another site...

Review by Janet on 4/13/12

Terrific for young and old kitties alike!

5 stars

In addition to having stubborn ear mites, our older rescue cat Yaya has had an ongoing problem with diarrhea. I can see a remarkable difference after just one week on FortiFlora!!!
My Kiki is 16 years old and still gets around like a much younger cat, however, she's always had digestive problems. I began giving her the FortiFlora and wow what a difference!
I must agree with Princess Dy...I too am a customer for life!
Thank you very much!

Review by Mommie Ellie on 2/16/12

Sick Cat

5 stars

Wonderful stuff.....our Cat Freckles is just over a year old and was born with gastro problems. This product has helped her in so many ways. She's feeling better, eating better and more energetic. The price isn't so bad and it's worth it if it helps my little 4 legged baby feel better. I totally recommend this product. Give it a try...you have nothing to loose.

Review by Cindy on 2/7/12

Sick Cat

5 stars

I have a cat (Freckles) and she's had gastro problems since birth. We were given a sample for some kittens we were fostering and Freckles got a sniff of the powder and went crazy over it. We now give this to her daily and she's keeping her food down. I'll never be without this product. The price is so reasonable and if it continues to help Freckles keep her food down and lets her gain a little weight I'm all for it. Give it a try....I'm sure that you're cat will love the smell and taste. It says to put it on their food but Freckles likes to lick it off a dish all by its self. I just love the changes this is making in her. Give it a try...you won't be sorry.

Review by Cindy on 2/7/12

Great product

5 stars

I started using this product because my kitten was having digestive issues and my vet recommended it. I was orginally purchasing this from my vet for $30 but found that you had it for alot less.

Review by Dawn on 1/28/12

My Cats Love it!

5 stars

Forti Flora is not only great for digestive system, but it is good for transfering your cat on a home cooked or raw meat diet. I am cocerned about my cat's health and try to avoid dry food feeding. So I use Forti Flora on top of egg yolks, cooked beef and chicken livers, raw rabit and venison meat, and other healthy stuff. My cats will pretty much eat anything I put Forti Flora on. I highly recommend it! our cat will be so thankful;0)

Review by Ekaterina on 1/19/12

Thank G-d for this product!

5 stars

Rescued a Himalayan kitty from the shelter.
Had horrible stool problems.
Vet suggested this product.
It has made a WORLD of difference! You do have to use regularly though. As stated before by other user, much cheaper here on this site than at your local Vet. Try it! You will see for yourself.

Review by Luvmyhimmie on 1/8/12

Good for digestive issues

5 stars

I have a one-year-old adopted cat. When I first brought her home I noticed she had some very strong gas - so much so people didn't want to come to my house! Hard to believe a little 8 lb cat could do that. The vet sold me some of this (smarter to buy here, as it was overpriced at the vet), and from the first day she's been perfectly fine. I took her off it to see if it made a difference, and within days she was right back to clearing rooms. It's an expense I never thought I would have to pay, but since I love my cat, it's well worth it!

Review by Matt on 1/3/12

seems to help

4 stars

I wouldn't say this is a miracle supplement but it does seem to help firm up our cats' stool.

Review by Rich on 12/23/11

I ALWAYS have Forti Flora on hand for my feline.

5 stars

Do any of you notice your felines drinking more water when on Forti Flora?

Review by McQueen on 12/19/11

Kittens love it

5 stars

I adopted 2 kittens from the local cat rescue. The 1st night home the female developed a bad case of diarhea (and I have brand new carpet!). The vet sold me a box of FortiFlora (at a considerable cost) which took care of the problem quickly. I decided that I wanted to keep the kittens on the product so I searched online to find it at a better price. I purchased the FontiFlora through Amazon and was so happy with both the price and the quick shipping that I am now back to buy directly from PSCPets.com. The kittens are cubby, happy and healthy and love the daily dose of FortiFlora!

Review by Suzanne on 9/19/11

Cured Digestion System Problem

5 stars

Our cat suffered from on-going diahhrea until we put her on FortiFlora for Felines. She been on it for over a year and all is well with her!

Review by John on 8/31/11

Totally Worked!

5 stars

This product is AMAZING! I tried EVERYTHING to get my poor kitty to eat and seriously NOTHING worked! My vet recommended this, and it TOTALLY WORKED! She loves the taste, and I don't have to worry about her diarrhea any more. She gained her weight back in a week, and now, every time her appetite goes down, I just sprinkle a little of this on and she gobbles it up!

Review by Casey Desmond on 1/13/11

Great Price, Quick Delivery, Worked Great!!!

5 stars

Ash, my 17 year old Siamese had been vomiting for a month straight after never showing these symptoms before. My veterinarian recommended that I give her some Purina Fortiflora for cats, so I searched the internet in order to compare prices and found this site.

After following the directions and putting some of the Fortiflora in her food, a day or two later she was healthier and livelier than she has been in several years. No more vomiting or diarhea. Best of all, no side effects either.

Review by Gloria Stephens on 9/16/10

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