Adult Maintenance Plus for Dogs

PetsPrefer Adult Maintenance Plus for Dogs is a delicious, chewable tablet that contains a scientifically balanced formula of essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, formulated to supplement your dog's complete nutrition.

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Adult Maintenance Plus for Dogs is a supplement that comes in tablet for so that it can be given as a treat or mixed in with your dog's food. It is formulated to enhance and help maintain your dog's general health. The scientifically balanced tablet contains essential vitamins, fatty acids, and chelated minerals, meaning that the minerals are attached to an amino acid or other organic component so that it it digested properly and therefore more effective.

Linoleic acid is the first ingredient and is one of two essential fatty acids that dogs must ingest for good health. It is necessary for many biological processes, but cannot be derived from other food components. A lack of Linoleic acid and other fatty acids in the diet can cause symptoms such as dry hair, hair loss, and poor wound healing. Dermatitis is one of the first signs of a deficiency in dogs.

Calcium is required not only for bone health and development, but also to ensure the proper function of muscles and nerves. This supplement is beneficial for dogs of all ages. Puppies needs the proper amount of calcium as their bones develop, as do adult dogs as a preventative measure against bone loss that naturally occurs with age. Older dogs need extra calcium because, as they get older, bone breakdown exceeds formation, and can result in bone loss if their diet is low in calcium. There may not be enough calcium available in the blood to be returned to the bones to maintain strong bones.

Second only to calcium, phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. Calcium ans phosphorous work together to build strong bones and teeth. Most of the phosphorus in the body is found in the bones and teeth, but it is also present, and necessary, in cells and tissues throughout the body. Phosphorus is utilized in many ways. It helps to filter out waste in the kidneys and also plays an essential role in the storage and use of energy. It is needed for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all cells and tissues, it is also used in the production of the genetic building blocks, DNA and RNA. Another reason it is so important to the formula is that it is necessary for the balance and use other vitamins and minerals.

UPC 794535091021G
Brand PetsPrefer
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 60, 180, and 540 tablets
Size Options N/A
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Directions:  The tablet can be given directly as a treat or crumbled and mixed with food.

Feeding Recommendations:
        For puppies and dogs under 20 lbs: ½ tablet daily
        Over 20 lbs: 1 tablet daily

Cautions: Provide during or after the animal has eaten to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal upset.  Keep out of reach of children and other animals.

In the event of overdose: In case of accidental overdose contact a health professional immediately.

Storage and Handling:  Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.  Keep lid tightly closed.


Main ingredients - Per Tablet

Linoleic Acid1.60%
Ca:P ratio1.29:1
Iron666.66 mg/Kg
Copper33.33 mg/Kg
Manganese20.00 mg/Kg
Zinc500 mg/Kg
Iodine17.33 mg/Kg
Vitamin A333,333 IU/Kg
Vitamin D33,333 IU/Kg
Vitamin E3,333 IU/Kg
Thiamine66.66 mg/Kg
Riboflavin166.66 mg/Kg
Pantothenic Acid666.66 mg/Kg
Niacin766.66 mg/Kg
Pyridoxine HCI66.66 mg/Kg
Folic Acid13.33 mg/Kg
Vitamin B121.66 mg/Kg
Choline16,666.66 mg/Kg
Biotin*16.66 mg/Kg
Cobalt*4.66 mg/Kg
Menodione*(Vitamin K)100 mg/Kg
Ascorbic Acid*3,333.33 mg/Kg

* These compounds are not recognized as an essential nutrient per AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Other  ingredients:
Poultry Liver, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Fish Meal, Lecithin

Works well

4 stars

Our GSD has very sensitive skin and dry skin issues. This vitamin seems to help a lot with that!

Review by Stephanie on 9/30/13

Best on the Market

5 stars

I've looked all over for a better supplement and there isn't one. This one is the best available.!!!

Review by Randall on 1/10/13

Great Supplement

5 stars

My little dog is very picky about her food and doesn't eat well all the time, so these are a great supplement to make sure she is getting her vitamins and minerals. She loves these!

Review by Ken on 8/3/12

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