Antler Chew for Dogs

Antler Dog Chews are a long-lasting, healthy, and natural alternative to processed rawhide treats and bones that dogs love.

American Antler Antler Chew for Dogs PET405G
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Antler Dog Chews are a perfect treat for both your dog's and the environment's health. The antlers are hypoallergenic, without any added chemicals, hormones, or steroids. They are also safe, as they don't splinter, like some bones on the market. Antlers are a renewable source, and all of the ones sold by this company are naturally shed. Antlers can last for weeks, up to months, depending on your dog's level of chewing, and they are practical for use in your home because they do not have an odor.

The naturally shed antlers from American Antlers are collected from woods and farms. Many of them are collected by the Boy Scouts of America in Yellowstone National Park. Boy Scouts are the only people authorized for antler collection inside the park, and they collect them to raise money for their troops.

Antlers are graded 1 through 4. Number 1's are the freshest and number 4's have spent years on the ground and have lost almost all of their nutritional value. American Antler makes their chews exclusively from number 1's and 2's. This high-grade quality means that each of their treats contains more nutritional value and also does not splinter. In comparison surveys their 'Medium' antlers are as big as competitors' 'Large' size, and American Antler's 'Mega' sized antlers are some of the largest on the market.

Moose, deer, elk diets consists of natural vegetation, which ensures healthy and organic antler growth. After collection, the antlers are cleaned with a very mild, USDA approved, food-grade cleaner as needed, and then the sharp edges are sanded to avoid injuring the dogs. There is only minimal processing so that the antlers are as natural and organic as possible.

Dog Size   Chew Size
<10 lbs   Miniature
10-20 lbs   Small
20-40 lbs  Medium
40-60 lbs  Large
60-80 lbs  X-Large
>80 lbs  Mega

Brand American Antler
Manufacturer American Antler
Size 2 to 12 inches
Size Options N/A
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

To be given as a chew.

Dog Size lbsSize Chew
<10 lbsMiniature
10-20 lbsSmall
20-40 lbsMedium
40-60 lbsLarge
60-80 lbsX-Large
>80 lbsMega

100% Natural Antler


5 stars

My dog received her new antler yesterday and it is her new favorite toy. I feel better about this chew than others that may not be safe.

Review by Jacki on 2/26/12

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