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Azodyl for Dogs & Cats

Azodyl - Helps Treat Feline and Canine Kidney Failure

Azodyl is a supplement that helps treat feline and canine kidney failure. Azodyl uses probiotics to reduce the toxin buildup in the intestines and bloodstream of pets with chronic kidney disease or renal failure.

Azodyl is stored cold in our facility. Cold probiotics are generally packaged with extra microorganisms and can be exposed to heat for a period of time before degrading (we've beeen told up to 72 hours at 80 degrees by the manufacturer of Azodyl). We can't control the environment of the product once it leaves our facility. Consider upgrading your shipping and packaging.

Orders ship Monday and Tuesday only. Please contact Customer Service at 1-888-873-9719 to upgrade shipping if you would like it shipped on Wednesday or Thursday, in order to assure delivery before the weekend. This item does not ship on Friday. 

We do not guarantee cold delivery and will not issue any refunds or exchanges for cold shipping items.

This product is sensitive to heat and may benefit from expedited shipping. The product will come shipped in a complementary thermal envelope (see photo) with one 3 oz ice pack per bottle to extend the length of time the product is cool during transit time. We also offer insulated foam boxes for an additional fee that include either one 8 oz or one 16 oz ice pack to further extend the length of time the product stays cool in transit. Depending on transit time, packaging choices, and external circumstances such as weather, your product may still arrive warm; please refrigerate immediately upon receipt. We do not guarantee cold delivery and will not issue any refunds or exchanges for cold shipping items. Review our cold shipping policy.

Vetoquinol Azodyl for Dogs & Cats BUN103
5 stars
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Azodyl is a veterinarian recommended supplement for the kidney that utilizes beneficial, naturally-occurring bacteria to break down and flush out excess nitrogenous waste from the intestines. It is used to reduce the buildup of toxins in the bloodstream of cats and dogs with azotemia.

Azodyl uses probiotics to draw the toxins out of the bloodstream and into the digestive tract. The consequences of reduced kidney function are minimized by slowing down the toxin buildup, thereby helping to prevent further damage to the kidneys. Use of Azodyl has been shown to significantly improve blood creatinine and BUN values in animals who suffer from chronic kidney disease.

This supplement is ideally suited for dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease, specifically those with 33 to 10% renal function remaining. Symptoms of early to mid-renal failure include hypokalemia, hyperparathyroidism, anemia, metabolic acidosis and bone pain.

Azodyl capsules need to be administered whole and not opened or crushed because it is meant to be absorbed into the intestines. Stomach acid will destroy the ingredients if they are exposed. It may be necessary to put the capsule inside your pet's favorite treat. Greenies Pill Pockets also work well for almost any animal.

There are 60 capsules per bottle. Pets weighing up to five pounds should receive one daily. Those weighing between five and ten pounds should get two capsules, one during each feeding, and pets over ten pounds should be given two capsules with their morning feeding and one with their evening meal. The manufacturer recommends keeping Azodyl refrigerated because it contains live bacteria.

 *Since this product contains live cells, the manufacturer suggests it be kept refrigerated for best results.

Brand Vetoquinol
Manufacturer Vetoquinol
Size 60 & 90 ct bottles
Size Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Animals weighing up to 5 lbs: Give 1 capsule daily

Animals weighing 5-10 lbs: Give 2 capsules daily (1 capsule A.M., 1 caplule P.M.)

Animals weighing greater than 10 lbs: Give 3 capsules daily (2 capsule A.M., 1 caplule P.M.)

Capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a peice of the animal's favorite food or treat, or purchase Greenies Pill Pockets.


Kibow BioticsĀ® [E. thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophilus (KB 27), B. longum (KB 31), Psyllium husk].


5 stars

This a great place to buy all your pets medication and also great people to talk too!

Review by Ray on 10/14/13

A 'Must-Have' for Senior Pets!

5 stars

Five years ago my cat's veterinarian sat me down for a discussion on kidney disease and renal failure in cats. JetCityKitty's bloodwork indicated that she was right on the borderline of concern, or in a 'pre-renal' zone. So the vet suggested we try Azodyl until it was time to start exploring aggressive kidney management procedures. Only, it's 5 years later and we've never had to have that discussion. Jet's levels are holding steady, just inside the safe-but-elevated zone. At 15 years old, she has amazing spunk and energy. And, we've gotten so used to taking the pills twice daily that its a non-issue, especially since they reduced the pill size last year! If you've got senior pets, this product should definitely be in your daily routine. Azodyl has literally stopped kidney disease in its tracks for my cat.

Review by Heather and JetCityKitty on 7/24/13

Azodyl is a life-saver. Best Price at ProbioticSmart

5 stars

Azodyl has helped my cat's kidney failure. I buy it from ProbioticSmart and it usually arrives still a little cold, but depending on the time of year and shipment conditions it can arrive warm. It has never made a difference to Sidney -he still keeps on trucking just fine so I know it's working. I was worried at first but a veterinarian friend said I can buy it online because it can be warm for a few days before it starts to lose effectiveness. So much cheaper and easier buying it online. Thanks so much for keeping my cat healthy and happy!

Review by Greg on 4/12/13

Great Product

5 stars

Used along with Epatikin it has given our cat a new lease on life. 1 year and counting. We also get 200ml saline IV drip from the vets once a month as an added precaution and this combo really seems to help.

Review by Mitchell on 2/26/13

great product-great price

5 stars

On advice of our vet for our dog with Kidney disease, we have been using Azodyl. PSC shipped it quickly, packed perfectly, and at an affordable price. We couldn't be happier with our pet's improved quality of life.

Review by david on 1/1/13

Such a Life Saver

5 stars

My wife found this product online and it has worked wonders for our Louie. We may not have that many days left with the old guy, but it's better than having him gone already.

Review by tsdogs on 10/4/12

Cheaper than Vet

5 stars

Half the price my vet was charging, arrived quickly and packaged correctly just another great experience I've had with PSCPets.com

Review by Miguel on 10/4/12

Best Product Ever!

5 stars

My vet recommended Azodyl for Bigsbee my 14 yr old tabby. I found this product on ProbioticSmart.com for less than half what my vet was charging me. Needless to say, my vet was right and Bigsbee is doing excellent!

Review by Sasha & Bigsbee on 10/4/12

Wouldn't Trust Any Other Product

5 stars

My beloved Whites was suffering from kidney failure this product truly changed her outcome. She's my little romper again. I can't believe how well this worked for her and the price on PSCPets.com was so good and their customer service was so patient, helpful, and committed. It's great to see people who sell great products who actually care about pets more than they do the dollar.

Review by Devin on 10/4/12


5 stars

Jypsy was nearly dead and her kidney function practically nil...this product saved her and has improved her kidney function greatly! Saved my precious ones life thanks a million!!!

Review by cherie/jypsy on 10/2/12

No Brainer - Great Product

5 stars

I highly recommend this product. My dog was at death's door a year and a half ago when I started giving him Azodyl. He is still going strong, active and happy. It is definitely worth a try.

Review by Larry on 8/28/12

Excellent product

5 stars

We have a Silky Terrier who is now 18 years and two months old. Over a year ago she was diagnosed as being in renal failure and started on Azodyl. This product helps to remove the toxins from her body since her kidneys are no longer able to effectively perform that function. I am extremely pleased with the product. Our old gal, Jazzy is still eating very well, and drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot, letting me know the Azodyl is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Yes, she is old. She doesn't see well or hear much anymore, but she enjoys her food and eats enthusiastically and still has a comfortable life and is not sick or suffering the effects of renal failure. I'm not sure she'd be in such good shape if she weren't on Azodyl. With this product and a lot of love, we hope she'll be with us for some more quality time. Each day is a blessing.

Review by Cindy on 8/17/12

U wont regret buying this for your pet

5 stars

I tried this med out on my young 3 yr old choc lab who has chronic kidney failure and the improvements were amazing. Her hair was less course, and became more shiny. She had much more energy and her lab values improved!! The price of this product at my vet was close to $50 a bottle and was so glad to find it on PSC pets website. It is half the cost!! I have recommended this product to other for thier pets with kidney issues and they too have been amazed at the lab values improvement and the increased energy, My dog loves to take her pills with the pill pockets,( which I also get thru the site in bulk and ends up being 1/2 the price of pill pockets locally) NO other place gives you points for buying from them that you can later use to discount the price of the Azodyl.

Review by Lynette on 7/30/12

Great product!!

5 stars

Our 15 year old pit X is doing great on this product, and it is all natural and live so there are no side affects.

Review by Jon on 7/25/12

Great Product!!

5 stars

I believe this product has definitely extended the life of my dog with chronic kidney failure. I would highly recommend it. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't be able to tell my dog is sick. He has lots of energy and seems to feel great all the time. Give it a try. You won't be sorry.

Review by Franklin on 7/22/12


5 stars

Azodyl seems to help. Ordering through PSCPets.com is easy, fast delivery, and when I called, most helpful. Much cheaper than getting it from the VET. I will continue ordering through PSCPets.com for as long as our darling Whippet is with us.

Review by LF on 7/19/12

cold shipping is a joke.

1 stars

Ordered Azodyl for my dog that has kidney disease. I used the best packaging and fastest shipping to the tune of some $60.00 plus. It was shipped at the end of the day and I received it the end of the following day. This is a temperature sensitive product. When I opened the package it was very hot and the ICE pack was hot. I fail to see what benefit was attained by spending more for shipping when there is no benefit for the extra expense. There is no supported study that supports the claim that Azodyl helps with kidney disease. However Aluminum Hydroxide does have supported studies. Check it out for your self.

Review by Robert on 7/15/12

pretty awesome

4 stars

Azodyl is a miracle drug. It gave us 11 wonderful months with our pet after receiving the diagnosis of chronic kidney failure. I would give it five stars if the pills weren't so big! We had to use a "pill gun" everyday. It was an unpleasant minute or so every day, and it took both of us to do it. But, overall, I was so thankful for this medicine. Probioticsmart was great to work with! Excellent customer service. Product was shipped cold, as it should be, which was a huge challenge for the warmer months. It saved us a lot of money, too, which we appreciated.

Review by llillypad on 7/10/12

Works great!

5 stars

Our 19 year old little tabby was slowing down. Her urination was more frequent and large quantities, so knew we needed to do something to support her kidneys. Began looking online and saw that this was a highly recommended product and ordered 1 bottle to try. Began giving it to her for a month, then had her tested. Vet was like, why are you here? she's doing great! Her bloodwork looks good. You're doing something right if she's 19 and still doing this well. I told him I started giving her the Azodyl and he says, Oh, we sell that here. (Why didn't he tell me about it????) But they sell it for $54 a bottle. So I can get almost twice as much by ordering it here! So Vet says, keep giving her the Azodyl and it will help her kidney function, but you headed it off by starting her now. I am very pleased that Missy will feel good for as long as she is here and this little kitty still runs around howling with her ball in her mouth in the mornings! Amazing! Thank you!

Review by Lisa on 6/26/12

Re-ordering is even better!

5 stars

Again, a cold arrival in So. California using next day air. This time the price of the Azodyl was even more competitive as points from the last order brought the price down.

I honestly think the Azodyl is fresher and doing the cats more good than when we were getting it through a pet store. Who knows how long it may have sat on their loading dock before someone got it to the fridge? This way I know exactly where the product has been and for how long.

Review by Patricia on 6/17/12

Excellent for Dogs too!

5 stars

Our Vet charges $70 for this medicine: we found it here 3tines cheaper! We live the "speedy" delivery and the nice packaging!!!!

Review by Picabo Brown on 6/10/12

B.U.N. levels back to normal-thanks Azodyl!

5 stars

My 14 year old Tabby, Buddy, was diagnosed with CRF about 2 months ago. He was prescribed Azodyl and a diet of Purina NF canned food. Although his follow-up vet visit yesterday showed his creatinine level has gone from 3.3 to 3.4 and he lost another 1/4 pound in weight, his B.U.N. levels are back to normal! We have adjusted his diet to try to get his weight back up. I can honestly say I have seen a big difference since he's been taking the Azodyl-he is more active and his eyes even seem to be getting their brightness back. I will be reordering from PSC Pets - their prices are so much lower than the vet and their customer service is fantastic! Thanks!

Review by Dyanna on 6/5/12

B.U.N. levels average thanks to Azodyl !

5 stars

My 14 year old tabby, Buddy was diagnosed with CRF about three months ago. He was prescribed a diet of Purina NF canned food and Azodyl. We had a follow-up vet visit yesterday and although his creatinine level went from 3.3 to 3.4 and he has lost 1/4 pound of weight, his B.U.N. levels are now within normal range. We have adjusted his diet for the weight loss but he seems to be feeling better and is more active and "like his old self." His eyes even seem to be getting their beautiful sage green color back! He will be on the Azodyl for life so I really appreciate PSC Pets pricing and their customer service is great! I WILL be reordering !

Review by dy on 6/5/12

Highly Recommend!

5 stars

If your dog has chronic renal failure, I would highly recommend this product. It has been over a year since we have been giving it to our dog and he is still going strong! Our vet can't believe it.

Review by Fork on 6/4/12

Azodyl - Effective Product, Economical Buy thru probioticsmart.com

5 stars

I first purchased Azodyl for my 17 year-old spitz-mix from my veterinarian whom I trust implicitly. After using Azodyl for a month, blood tests from a return visit to the vet showed that my dog's kidneys had not worsened - which is really the best that you can hope for when dealing with aging/(failing) kidneys. Since you cannot improve kidneys, your approach is to prevent kidneys from getting worse. Because Azodyl has helped slow down and possibly prevent further kidney failure by effectively supporting the kidney function of my dog, I highly recommend Azodyl as it has proven to me to be a very good product. However, because Azodyl is a very good product, it is expensive. After much research one Saturday afternoon, I found that purchasing Azodyl thru probioticsmart.com offered the best price. I plan to continue purchasing Azodyl from probioticsmart.com as they have offered the best economical option for me which is especially helpful in today's tough economy. Thank you, probioticsmart.com.

Review by Lawrence on 5/27/12

Excellent product

5 stars

Our elderly Silky Terrier was diagnosed with chronic renal failure almost a year ago. At that time she was put on Azodyl at our vet's office. It was quite expensive to purchase it through the vet, at about $62 a bottle for 60 capsules. But she's worth it and the difference it made in keeping her healthy and feeling well is amazing. She will be 18 years old in a couple of weeks. She is mostly blind and almost completely deaf but still has a strong heart and eats very well. Our vet was quite impressed with how well she's doing at her last checkup a couple of months ago and I think it's due in part to the Azodyl which helps to remove the toxins from her body that her kidneys are no longer able to process on their own. I'm glad to see our old gal doing so well and very happy to find PSCPets to order the Azodyl at less than half the price I was paying for it at the vet's office. Our dog will live out her days, hopefully in comfort with Azodyl to support her kidney function. Thank you for helping pet owners be better able to afford the medications and supplements that their pets need to keep them healthy.

Review by Cindy on 5/15/12

A Remarkable Product!

5 stars

This IS truly a remarkable product!
When we used the Azodyl in combination with Epakitin, (both of which are available here and for the best price too) the results almost seemed miraculous!
To repeat what I said in my review of Epakitin, our cat was so weak that she could barely walk.(without exaggeration!)
She looked to be at death's door as we waited for the Azodyl and the Epakitin to arrive. We really thought it was too late for anything to help. even if we had the stuff already. But, everything arrived within a few days of ordering, and we immediately gave her the first doses.
The NEXT DAY she seemed a slight bit better, and within a week she was on her feet again!
So, if you have a cat that you suspect has kidney problems, try this.
And I've shopped around and this is the best deal, especially if your total purchase is 50.00, because then the shipping is free.
The Epakitin, and the Azodyl will put you below the 50 dollars by about 5 bucks, so I recommend a product called VET's Best Urinary Health Tablets. At just over five bucks, this is another great product that WILL help bladder infections practically overnight, (I will review that as well) Plus, it's like getting the product for free, because now your shipping is free!

Review by Hunter on 4/20/12

Excellent Product and Service

5 stars

My two cats (littermates) were diagnosed with CRF four and a half years ago, when they were six. They have been on Azodyl from the beginning. For the first few years Azodyl was all they were given, along with switching to Hill's k/d and Pepcid AC. They are now both on amlodipine, and the male has begun benazipril and Renal K, but they are in fantastic condition. Very active. I realize the science is lacking on Azodyl, but we have used it from the beginning and never expected to have them with us in such good shape at this point in time.

Ordering from PSC pets could not have been easier or more cost-effective. I ordered nine bottles using the cold pack and next-day air to Southern California, and the package was quite cold when it arrived. Still, I think I am going to stock up before the hot summer weather kicks in. I am so pleased to have this alternative to the local pricing, and now that I think about it, I am more certain that the temperature has been maintained on this product than on what I was using before. Who knows how long a package may have sat around before someone got to it at the vet's office?

Review by Patricia on 4/19/12

Very Helpful in Stabilizing Compromised Kidneys

5 stars

I am currently using Azodyl with one dog and 2 cats at my home, all of whom have compromised kidneys, 2 of them severely. It seems to be extremely helpful in stabilizing B.U.N. (blood urea nitrogen) levels in all 3 of these pets. It is easy to give & the results are worth it. It's a relief to know that using this product daily will help my pets' kidneys and there's no beating PSCPets' pricing anywhere.

* I am also using Epakitin in these pets to stabilize creatinine levels. Both (vet recommended) products are incredibly easy to give and work well together. We're getting very good results, confirmed by bloodwork. (Pricing at PSCPets is unbeatable for this supplement, too...)

Review by Petitzoo on 4/12/12

Improved my cat's kidney function

5 stars

My cat, age 16 now, has had renal insufficiency for about three years. His doctor recommended Azodyl as soon as it showed up, and his kidneys are better than they were then; in fact, they are high normal and considerably better than my own! He swallows the pills easily; he usually takes them willingly in a treat-wrapped Pill Pocket, but if he doesn't want to take his pill, I put it in the back of his mouth and he swallows it without any fuss. I've heard that Azodyl can be sprinkled on food but also that stomach acid destroys it, so I always give him the capsules whole.

Review by Shirley on 3/19/12

Excellent Product

5 stars

We have been giving our 14 year old Jack Russell Azodyl since May, 2011 and his quality of life has been great. If the blood tests didn't show he had chronic renal failure, we would never know. We only discovered this when we took him in to have his teeth cleaned. He will not eat the dog foods recommended for kidney failure, and is now spoiled with eating people food - low fat ground turkey and beef, brown and white rice, and sometimes a scrambled egg. His appetite has been great, and his creatine and BUN levels have come down. I would highly recommend Azodyl!

Review by JS on 3/7/12

blood work improved

5 stars

Raven is in chronic renal failure. With the help of Azodyl and Epakitin, we have been able to slow the progression of the disease. I highly recommend this product.

Review by Raven and Al on 3/3/12


5 stars

I would recommend this product to ANYONE along with ProbioticSmart.com!! It has been GREAT for my "Baby"! We we're told that she had chronic renal failure almost 7 years ago, we immediately started using the Azodyl and within the first full bottle she was acting much better & is STILL here with Us today. Azodyl was getting Very Expensive at my vet's office, ProbioticSmart.com has been a livesaver for not only me, but also Baby! Thank You for all that you do!!

Review by Lori on 2/9/12

Excellent product, and very friendly staff

5 stars

We have an older cat that 4 months ago didn't look like she would make it.
She lost a lot of weight, and with obvious kidney problems. She looked terrible, her coat dingy, lethargic, extremely weak, she could barely walk, and jumping up on the the bed was not possible for her, loss of appetite as well.
We have been rescuing strays for years and have lots of experience with all kinds of feline maladies, so we knew that the vet would have said that at her age there wouldn't be much he could do.
After poking around the internet seeing if there was more we could do to make her as comfortable as possible, I ran across this product, researched it, and ultimately decided to order it, as well as the Epakitin. (more on that in another review)
Well, while the first week show not much change, by the 2nd week she seemed to be regaining her appetite, and by the end of the month she was eating like a horse, her fur was getting shiny, she had definitively gained weight, and was walking, even trotting around the house, and able to jump up on the bed!
She now, 4 months later, is even a heavier than she has ever been, even when she was young!
Don't know if the Azodyl would work on it's own, but from my research, people recommended using it together with the Epakitin, and all I know is in this case, they worked!

Review by DaHunter on 2/8/12

Fantastic Product

5 stars

The results with Azodyl are just fantastic. My 13 year old dog Lucky has been on Azodyl for about 7 months and if I didn't know better, I'd swear that there was nothing wrong with him! He acts cokmpleterly normal, no symptoms at all and his kidney numbers are stable. This completely natural product is like a miracle. The pricing through PSCPets.com id great. Far less expensive than anywhere else. The customer service is exceptional and all of the individuals I've spoken to are quitre nice and helpful.
If your dog has been diagnosed with chronic kideny failure I recommend that you give this a try!

Review by Kathy on 2/6/12

It worked as advertised

5 stars

We put "Snuffy" on Azodyl after discovering that his kidneys had gone into failure. Although we have since lost Snuffyt to kidney failure the Azodyl did what we expected it to do as described on the site.
He, Snuffy, was just too far gone before we started him on Azodyl otherwise he might still be with us.
The blood tests done one month later showed improvement in toxin levels but we were keeping him alive with daily fluids and he was just worn out so we chose to let him go.
Thanks for the added time we had with him. He truly was "one of a kind with his three nostrils and cleft pallet".

Review by Wayne on 1/16/12

Great Product - You won't be sorry

5 stars

This is an excellent product if your dog has chronic renal failure. I highly recommend it, and psc has excellent service. Give it a try and you won't be sorry.

Review by LF on 1/2/12


5 stars

Since my cat has been on this his bun and creatinine level have maintained a normal level, and he was very ill for several months with a serious urinary infection that affected his kidneys. Azodyl is a natural way for him to maintain his levels.

Review by Morris on 12/28/11

Azodyl is saving my cat's life!

5 stars

My cat, Mr. Kitty, an 11-year old gray/white tuxedo was diagnosed with acute renal failure about a year ago. Six months later, after having seemingly recovered, he started to go downhill again and we began "juicing" him (subcutaneous fluid injections). He was better of course, but he hated getting the injections and we hated giving them to him. Even with the injections, I could see him simply wasting away.

I was desperate to find something that might make him feel better. After researching the condition and remedies online, and after reading the rave reviews about Azodyl from other cat owners, we decided to give it a try. It couldn't hurt, right? Well, the results could not have been more profound. Mr. Kitty has not been "juiced" in over 6 weeks, he's lively again, his appetite is back, he doesn't vomit, he drinks and eliminates as he should. He's a happy cat.
Azody has given me back the kitty I love!


Review by TB on 3/4/11

Kidney functioning improved!

5 stars

After my vet diagnose my 7 yr old retired greyhound with kidney problems that he claimed would only get worse, I took her to another vet for a second opinion. I am so glad I did. The new vet took her off all food and treats with wheat or corn, which are hard on lower-functioning kidneys, and immediately put her on Azodyl. It took less than a month for her to show improvement. Her blood work is almost normal, and it is only 3 months later! She will probably need to stay on Azodyl for the rest of her life, but I'm fine with that. I love this product because it saved my darling Nika's life.

Review by Janine Walker on 12/28/10

Brought his renal values down to normal

5 stars

Ragnar's renal values were high about two years ago. His vet told me to use Azodyl, and he's taken three capsules daily ever since. After several months on Azodyl, his BUN and creatinine were both in the normal range! Since then, they have only gone above normal when he's had an infection, or once when I'd used a bottle of Azodyl that may have gotten too warm (it was light brown). (I didn't get that Azodyl from PSC Pets.)

I've been ordering each item - Azodyl, Denamarin, Priobiocin, Cefa Drops (now not needed) and Pill Pockets - from a different source, and comparing prices, found it was more economical to pay postage separately for each. Now that I've found PSC Pets, I am buying Azodyl, Probiocin, and Pill Pockets from them together, paying lower prices than before, getting an excellent product and shipping, and getting free postage besides. (They don't carry Denamarin, at least as I write this.) I am going to recommend this source to the Feline Diabetes Message Board as the best on the Web for these three products.

Review by Ragnar's Mom on 12/27/10

Lab Work Came back with IMPROVEMENT

5 stars

6 months ago, my siamese cat Meisha was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Kidney Failure. I gave her one Azodyl each day, and special kidney food...and today her new lab work is ALMOST at normal levels. I am amazed!

Review by Siameez on 10/15/10

Great Product!

5 stars

We have been using this product for a couple months for our 1 yr old choc Lab who unfortunately has had renal complications since her birth. This product has seemed to improve her incontinence issues (which are related to her kidney issues and may not apply to other reasons for incontinence) , has given her so much more energy, improved appetite and she has a much healthier looking coat. We saw the results within a few short weeks! This med is definatley worth the cost, which is much more affordable on this site versus our vet's office. We are very happy with this product!!!

Review by Lynette on 9/23/10

Best Delivery of Azodyl

5 stars

I live 4 hours from the nearest vet/retailer that carries Azodyl which is not very convenient. After trying many different websites and ways of shipping it, I've found that this website not only has the lowest price for Azodyl for dogs, but is also the best way to have it shipped while keeping it at a cool temperature (as recommended by my veterinarian as well as the manufacturer - Vetoquinol).

Baily, my 13 year old Golden Retriever (has kidney troubles) is a happy and healthy pup thanks to this great product.

Review by Adrienne Mendez on 9/16/10

What a difference Azodyl can make

5 stars

Azodyl is a lifesaver for our little Cockerspaniel, Candler. He is fourteen and in good shape for his age but in the beginning stages of renal failure. This product has rejuvenated him. His energy is back and he's acting like a puppy again. Thanks Azodyl!!!

Review by Judy Guy on 7/26/10

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