Berry Balance

Berry Balance is an easy-to-use supplement made with cranberry and blueberry extracts that supports the urinary tract system of dogs and cats prone to struvite crystals and bladder infections.

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Berry Balance
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Berry Balance is a supplement made with natural cranberry and blueberry extracts to help support the healthy functioning of the urinary tract. It also includes marshmallow and Vitamin C.

Cranberries and blueberries have been shown to help inhibit the development of infections because they contain a substance called Hippuric Acid. This substance is involved with antibiotic activity, which helps to prevent bacteria such as E. coli from adhering to the bladder wall. Blueberries also contain powerful antioxidants, which promote good health by cleansing the body of harmful free radicals.

Marshmallow Root is included because its use helps to increase the flow of urine and rids the body of excess fluid. It helps improve kidney function, along with soothing the urinary tract and relieving bladder infections. Marshmallow Root is composed of large sugar molecules, which make up the smooth, slippery substance helps to soothe and protect irritated mucous membranes, providing some minor relief for the kidneys and urinary tract. Marshmallow also improves immune system function by stimulating the immune process in which cells engulf and digest infectious micro-organisms that cause serious disease by attacking healthy cells.

Vitamin C is added as a benefit to support the immune system. It has been found to be helpful in strengthening immune systems weakened from stress, a condition which can predispose pets, especially cats, to disorders of the urinary tract because stress and fear can lead to reluctance to make trips to the litter box or yard and fresh drinking water.

This supplement should be used for dogs and cats prone to struvite crystals and bladder infections. Berry Balance will support the urinary tract by balancing the urinary tract pH. It can help reduce the risk of further struvite formation by dissolving struvite crystals, which can develop in urine that is too alkaline.

This product is not be used for calcium-oxalate crystals or in conjunction with an "acidifying" diet.

UPC 093766740075
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This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. For cats and dogs, feed the following amounts, mixed in with dry and/or canned food, twice a day for the first month. After one month, reduce to giving these amounts once a day only, three days a week.

For Cats and Dogs:
Up to 15 lbs. 1/8 tsp. twice a day
16 to 30 lbs. 1/4 tsp. twice a day
31 to 45 lbs. 1/2 tsp. twice a day
46 to 60 lbs. 3/4 tsp. twice a day
75 lbs. & over 1 tsp. twice a day


Dried Cranberries, Dried Blueberries, Beef Liver, Natural Flavoring, Silica Aerogel, Rice Flour, Ascorbic Acid

Protein, Min.9%
Fat, Min.6%
Fiber, Max.19%
Moisture, Max.7%

EXCELLENT Product!!!

5 stars

My 2 1/2 year old female Maltese was having increasing occurrences bladder infections. I realized I had to do something when she was vomiting every time she was on antibiotics and she started getting infections every time she went off antibiotics. I started giving her Berry Balance everyday after her last infection and round of antibiotics, and within a few weeks, she stopped having the symptoms that were tell-tell signs of another infection. It has been almost six months since her last infection!!!

Review by Cathy on 3/4/13

Infections are gone! :)

5 stars

My 10 year-old cat Clara has battled with struvite stones and bladder infections for the past few years. As soon as one infection cleared up, we would be right back at the vet with another. she was constantly on antibiotics, which made me nervous, so I decided to look into some alternative treatments. I started Berry Balance a couple months ago, right after Clara's last infection, and it's working. I've been testing her urine every week, and the ph strips have been showing lower levels. She hasn't had one since we started sprinkling it on her food.

Review by Meghan S. on 3/29/11

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