Carlson Flexi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door Simple

This tall wall-mounted gate is perfect for irregular or off-set openings because it can conform to any shape that is required.

* Simple wall mount system makes installation and removal easy
* Durable all-steel construction and extra tall (38") height is great for large pets
* Patented pet door allows small pets to pass while containing larger ones
* Easy and convenient one touch walk-thru design
* Can expand up to 13 ft. with additional 24" extension panels (sold separately)
* Safe for pets – lead free and non-toxic

Carlson Pet Products Carlson Flexi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door Simple 891618115107
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Carlson Flexi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door Simple
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Flexi dog gates cover really wide openings and irregular shaped spaces. Small door allows access for cats to their litter box and food while excluding your larger dog...

* Extra Wide Flexi Pet Gates (with door) Features:Sturdy, all-metal, durable, attractive. Baked enamel finish.
* Simple wall-mount system.
* Convenient walk-thru door with one-hand operation.
* Conforms to any shape that is required.
* 30" or 38" tall
* 3" space between the bars
* Includes (3) 24" interlocking panels. Expands (using additional panels) up to 13 feet to fit really wide openings.
* Patent pending adjustment system makes positioning easy.
* Simple wall mount system allows for easy installation and removal.
* Folds compactly for easy storage
* New light Beige color compliments most decors
* New patent-pending design allows small pets to walk through while containing your larger dog.

UPC 891618115107
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Size 38
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Brand Carlson Pet Products
Manufacturer Carlson Pet Products


1. Measure the opening you would like to secure.
2. If necessary, add individual panels to create a gate of sufficient length.
             a. First, unscrew the Screw-tight Tension Hinge on the end Panel.
             b. Fit the Screw-tight Tension Hinge on each of the Extensions (sold separately) and the Gate.
             c. Tighten each Hinge together via the Screw-tight Pin.
3. Place the Gate in the desired opening.
4. With a Pencil, mark the approximate height of each end Panel's Gate Mounting Tabs.
5. Remove the Gate from the opening.
6. Hold one Mounting Plate against the previously made pencil mark.
7. With a Pencil, mark each of the three Screw Holes.
8. Repeat Steps #6 and 7 for the second Mounting Plate.
9. With a Hand or Electric Drill, drill a small pilot hole for each of the six screw locations.
10. Using a Phillips Screwdriver and the included Metal Screws, affix each Mounting Plate to each side of the desired opening.
11. Once secure, reposition the Gate in the opening.
12. Slightly lift each Gate end to align the Plastic Tabs on the end Panel with the Notch on the Mounting Plate.
13. Once aligned, firmly press downward on the Gate to secure the end Panel to the Mounting Plate.

Cleaning Your Flexi-Gate
If necessary, hand-wash your gate with soft, wet cloth and a mild soap. Ensure the gate is thoroughly rinsed and towel or air dried before returning to your pet's environment.

All-steel construction is sturdy, durable, lead-free, non-toxic and chew-proof.

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