Cat Dancer

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  1. Cat Dancer

    Cat Dancer

    5 stars
    Cat Dancer is used in millions of homes worldwide providing housebound cats with healthy play and exercise.
    As low as:$1.86

  2. Cat Dancer Compleat

    Cat Dancer Compleat

    5 stars
    Cat Dancer Compleat includes a soft paw to attach to your wall or other vertical surface so the cat can play alone.
    As low as:$2.99

  3. Cat Charmer

    Cat Charmer

    5 stars
    Cat Dancer is an interactive toy for your furry friend to play with and therefore, never be bored again! This original product is purrfect for every cat in need of healthy play and exercise. It is made out of spring steel wire and rolled cardboard, which creates an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. This toy has been home-tested by over 8 million felines, proving that it is safe for your pet. Purchase Cat Dancer for your cat today…he will love you even more than he did before!
    As low as:$3.79

  4. Catnip Cat Dancer

    Catnip Cat Dancer

    The Catnip Cat Dancer holds the original Cat Dancer lure on one end and the catnip mouse on the other, making this the first double-ended interactive cat toy.
    As low as:$5.00