Cinna-Bone - 2.5 lbs

New and improved formulation - Barley, Spelt Canola Oil, Rolled Oats, Cinnamon, Lamb, Fish, Flax Meal, Garlic and Sea Vegetation.

Solid Gold Cinna-Bone - 2.5 lbs 093766740532
5 stars
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Cinna-Bone - 2.5 lbs
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New and improved formulation - Barley, Spelt Canola Oil, Rolled Oats, Cinnamon, Lamb, Fish, Flax Meal, Garlic and Sea Vegetation.

UPC 093766740532
Brand Solid Gold
Manufacturer Solid Gold
Size 2.5 lbs
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Barley Flour, Spelt Flour, Canola Oil, Rolled Oats, Cinnamon, Lamb Meal, Fish Meal, Flax Meal, Garlic, Sea Vegetation

Guaranteed Analysis

ProteinMin. 9%
FatMin. 7.5%
FiberMax. 1%
MoistureMax 5%
biscuit36 kcal

Cinna-Bone for healthy treats

5 stars

This product has been chosen for out 2 adopted dogs - Addie who has an old injury to her hip and femur as well as surgically repaired luxated patella plus allergies and Charlie who was diagnosed with multiple inoperable liver shunts - because of the benefits of cinnamon plus the treats have no added sugar, no artificial ingredients and no by-products. Cinnamon can lower cholesterol, improved joint and muscle movement because of the anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamon, improved heart health, lower blood sugars, improved blood circulation due to the blood thinning effect of cinnamon so this treat was a "no - brainer" as an addition to aid in their health issues.

Review by Cathrynn on 8/3/12

Cinna-Bone is a great treat

5 stars

My picky-eater small dogs love the Cinna-Bone treats. They are a great flavor and easy to break up into small pieces for little dogs.

Review by Bonz on 8/3/12

Biscuits.. great!

5 stars

Only biscuits I use.. dogs never tire of them, they SMELL GREAT, good healthy biscuit.. easy to break in half without crumbling... only "full size" biscuits I always keep on hand.

Review by Kathy on 8/3/12

Cinna-Bone for health

5 stars

We have been treating our rescue Beagle mixes with the Cinna-Bone's for almost 2 years. The dogs love them: high quality ingredients and cinnamon is good for proper blood sugars. I was glad to see a smaller serving version of this same product so we won't have to break the big ones in half anymore.

Review by chikg33k on 5/7/12

Cinna-Bones were a favorite!

5 stars

Whenever I order a new brand of baked dog treats, I have no idea if my picky-eater senior Chihuahuas will like them. However, Cinna-Bones were a huge favorite of my dogs. I decided to order Cinna-Bones because I try to feed my allergy-prone dogs grain-free and holistic products. Not only did my dogs love Cinna-Bone, they are easy to break up into small bites and are no problem for my senior dogs to chew. I will definitely order them again!

Review by Bonnie C on 1/2/12

Healthy Treats...good for diabetes

4 stars

These treats smells like cinnamon graham crackers, and my dogs love them. One of them has diabetes, and I was so excited to find a treat that she could eat, especially when I saw how much she enjoys them. I give them to both of my dogs, and I feel good about giving them something healthy that they also want to eat.

Review by Charlene D on 5/27/11

Great biscuits!

5 stars

Have used these for years; dogs REALLY like them; biscuits smell heavenly with cinnamon.

Review by Kathy on 4/9/11

My beagle loves em!

5 stars

When I got these treats, not only did the dog absolutely love them, it does wonders for doggy breath! I break mine apart and use them for training as well. Good price for the product.

Review by Christopher on 1/13/11

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