Coproban Chew Tabs

Consumption of feces is not something that any pet owner should have to tolerate. CoproBan is a roast beef flavored coprophagia deterrent, conveniently packaged as a 3-gram soft chew tablet. No more messy powder residue, no more uncertain dosing, and no more bad habit!

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4.5 stars
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Coproban Chew Tabs
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There have been many reasons suggested for the reasoning behind pets eating feces. Some of these reasons are a lack of protein or other nutrients, mal-absorption of nutrients caused by food allergies, boredom, distress, and attention-getting. Whatever the reason behind this unhealthy and distressing habit, Coproban has an easy, palatable solution. Their chew tabs contain MSG, which makes the digested waste taste bitter, and cellulase, which has been used to treat this problem by assisting in the animal's digestion by helping to break down fiber, allowing more effective use of the nutrients in their food.

Coproban is a roast beef flavored and comes conveniently packaged as a 3-gram soft chew tablet. It's so much easier and neater than powders, and you will always be assured that your pet is getting the proper dosage.

UPC 685687325624
Size 20 count
Size Options No
Color Options No
Brand PRN Pharmacal
Manufacturer PRN Pharmacal
Product Condition new

For dogs and cats:
Less than 40 lbs, feed ½ soft chew with each meal.
Over 40 lbs, feed soft chew with each meal.
Feed ½ chew for every 40 lbs thereafter.

Ingredients: MSG, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, natural and artificial flavors, Cellulase from dried Aspergillis niger fermentation product, soy lecithin, salt.

Took awhile but worked

4 stars

It took a couple of doses before my springer spaniel daisy decided she was done with her own poop. I would have liked to see it work faster, but hey it worked.

Review by Jerry on 10/4/12

No More Poop Eating!

5 stars

I was desperate to find a solution for my dog Diggins poop eating problem. I tried this and bam! he doesn't want poop anymore!

Review by deveap on 10/4/12


5 stars

This stuff is magic! It's the only product that's worked on my Rottie, Ty. He was always eating Sasha's [...] until I started feeding her these treats. He loves them and I ended up feeding them to both of the dogs because otherwise Sasha gets jealous. It's so funny and worth it though. No more gross suprise kisses!

Review by Andrea Gardner on 4/18/11


4 stars

this is the first think that has stopped my dog from eating poo

Review by stac on 1/30/11

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