D-Zyme Powder

D-Zymes is an all- natural, plant-based enzyme supplement that helps replace naturally occurring enzymes found in food that are destroyed during processing.

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D-Zyme Powder
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Enzymes are necessary for numerous processes within the body. Cooking destroys enzymes, which are found in abundance in raw foods, so supplementation is recommended for pets who consume cooked foods. These enzymes can be used in different formulas to treat specific ailments. D-Zymes are helpful for animals with pancreas problems and are also highly recommended to help relieve allergies and immune disorders and solve digestive problems such as vomiting, gas, and stool-eating.

Plant-based enzymes are the most common and popular enzymes found in natural food supplements because, out of all the choices, plant-based enzymes are the most potent. They contain the highest active units and break down more carbohydrates, fat, and protein than any other source. These enzymes are effective in the development and maintenance of a healthy digestive system, and they also reduce the body's need to produce digestive enzymes, allowing it to produce more metabolic enzymes.

The enzymes used in D-zymes are considered food by the FDA and have been shown to be safe. They can be taken between meals to fortify the body as a whole, or with meals to aid in the digestion of all foods.

UPC 093766740150
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Manufacturer Solid Gold
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Directions: Add 1/4 teaspoon to each cup of food.


Lactose, Dried Asperigillus Oryzae Var. Fermentation Produc, Dried Asperigillus Niger Fermentation Product, Dried Bromelain derived from Pineapple, Basil, Sage, Green Apple Flavor

Very happy with the product.

4 stars

My cat, Molly had a lot of digestion issues. She was throwing up all the time. So much that she started losing weight. I switched her food 3 times, and it would seem to get better and then come back. Finally I found a high quality lamb based food and also started her on these Dzymes. They have really helped. She doesn't have any more problems throwing up, and she also gained back all of her wieght. Her hair is shiny and ahe looks really healthy. I can tell she feels good too.

Review by Doyle on 5/2/11

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