Probios Daily Digestive Dog Tabs - 45 tabs

Daily Digestive Dog Tabs are a stabilized source of lactic acid bacteria along with inulin to be used during times of stress, including traveling, kenneling or training to help maintain proper gut flora and improve gut absorption.  It can be used after antibiotic therapy, deworming, digestive disorders or diet changes.

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5 stars
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Probios Daily Digestive Dog Tabs - 45 tabs
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Daily Digestive Dog Tabs are a stabilized source of lactic acid bacteria along with inulin to be used during times of stress, including traveling, kenneling or training to help maintain proper gut flora and improve gut absorption.  It can be used after antibiotic therapy, deworming, digestive disorders or diet changes.Digestive Dog Tabs

Daily Digestive Dog Tabs are a chewable tablet that contains a source of stabilized live (viable) direct fed microbials. Since one direct fed microbial alone cannot provide all the required health benefits, it contains four species of live naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria including three species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, casei) along with Enterococcus faecium.   As direct fed microbials, they promote breakdown and assimilation of nutrients while helping to maintain proper gut flora. It also contains inulin for added support of the direct fed microbials.

UPC 794535150216
Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 45 tabs
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Directions: Give puppies 1 tab per day.  For adult dogs, give one tab per 20 lbs of body weight.  Can be mixed into food.

Tip:  Can be used as treat.

Caution:   For animal use only.  Keep out of the reach of children.

In the event of overdose:  Call a veterinarian or health official.

Storage and Handling:  Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.

Active Ingredients Per Tablet

Lactic acid bacteria* 10 million CFU/tablet.
*(Enterococcus faecium; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus plantarum; Lactobacillus casei)

Probiotic Ingredients:   
Lactobacillus acidophilus strains are for improving gut absorption and maintaining proper gut flora.

Lactobacillus plantarum promotes breakdown and assimilation of nutrients.

Lactobacillus casei is for providing enzymes and factors necessary for proper digestion.

Enterococcus faecium is for supporting bowel health and help improve gut absorption.   

Label Guarantee
Lactic acid bacteria* 10 million CFU/tablet.

*(Enterococcus faecium; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus plantarum;
     Lactobacillus casei)

Other  ingredients:
DiCalcium Phosphate, Dextrose, Poultry Liver, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Alumino Silicate

works for my girl

5 stars

Been using Probios tabs on a daily basis for several years with my 9 year old Aussie, who travels a lot for agility and obedience trials. Really does help keep her eliminations regular and of a normal consistency even when we are away from home and she is eating at different times. Has stopped her previous compulsive-seeming grass eating at times and her regularly straining to go. Feel Probios has really been beneficial!

Review by Margaret on 1/24/13

Super product! Helps keep your dog super regular!

5 stars

We have been giving my yellow lab these tabs to her since she was a puppy. If she misses a day we can tell. This is a great product to help maintain solid bowel movements.

Review by Shelly on 8/9/12

excellent product for daily digestive stability

0 stars

We have two collies that occassionally had uncomfortable digestive upsets that we were never able to attribute to any particular cause so we were not sure how to relieve their discomfort and the related loose stools. After trying various very high quality foods (changing slowly over time) we started them on this product to see if we could stabilize their systems. It did exactly that and they have had no further problems (for over a year now). They are now comfortable and happy and we have no more loose stools to deal with.

Review by Linda on 8/3/12

Outstanding product for "fixing" dogs with sensitive stomachs

0 stars

We have four dogs - two German Shep., one golden/English Creme mix and one German Shorthair Pointer. It seemed as though the dogs always had stomach trouble - despite the same food, no treats, no table food, and only indestructible Nylabones.

I was so frustrated and went to my local Pet store chain for help. I couldn't possibly boil any more hamburger, chicken or make any more rice - even the instant kind!

Finally, I settled on the Probios tablets and started gradually with one per day per dog and then added accordingly. The dogs weigh between 55 - 85 pounds and they all get 3 - 4 tablets per day.

We couldn't be happier - correction - I couldn't be happier. I would pay twice the price for this product just because of the outstanding results!

Thanks for making this product.

Finally, I noticed in my last email that there's products for humans. I'm adding those immediately to my order!

Review by No Longer Frustrated! on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

My Newfoundland had very soft stools no matter what I tried. I took him off all food with any grain but it still didn't seem to firm up. I also had trouble with grass eating and tape worms. Once I started him on this product, his stools firmed up, no tape worm problems this season and very little grass eating. This product has done a lot for my Newfie! Great Product!

Review by Dog Nanny on 8/3/12

quickly put an end to too soft or too hard stool for young dog

5 stars

I bought a bottle of Pro-bios at a Wal-Mart while traveling with my young dog. He readily chewed the easily broken half a tablet in the morning and the other half in the evening. His bowel problems from change in diet and routine and added stress were quickly "eliminated". Unfortunately, Our local Wal-Mart does not stock this product.

Review by CoopersMom on 8/3/12

Great for travel

5 stars

My dogs do a lot of traveling and competing in agility events. The Probios Tabs are VERY convenient to take along and they help prevent the digestive upset that sometime accompanies a change in our schedule. Our dogs have gotten the Probios Tabs on a daily basis for the last 3 years, and I dont' think I'd ever switch to anything else.

Review by SSCats on 8/3/12

seems to have really helped with digestive issues!

5 stars

My Chesapeake Bay Retriever had frequent digestive upsets, bouts of vomitting, poor appetite and had trouble maintaining weight. I started him on the Probios tabs daily and gradually his digestive troubles disappeared and he gained weight. Plus he loves them- he thinks he's getting a treat!

Review by Laura on 8/3/12


5 stars

My dog has been diagnosed with small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome. He also is a poo eater. This product has worked wonders keeping his stool formed (usually soft but not liquid). If I know he has just eaten stool and give him a tablet, it prevents the next am runs. One in the evening and one-half in morning daily keeps him from having his frequent bouts of diarrhea. If I use less or try to stop he returns to previous soft to runny state. As long as it works, I'll keep using it.

Review by BW on 8/3/12

excellent product

5 stars

We have been using this product for a few years and are completely happy with the results. One of our dogs had an ongoing digestive problem which is partially addressed with this product.

Review by rcp on 8/3/12

Probios Daily Digestive Dog Tabs

5 stars

These are great for puppies and older dogs. In our puppies I like to use the tabs to help prevent diarrhea and keep the puppies regular. With my older lab, the tabs help him from having digestive problems especially since he has a lot of other issues.

Review by Claudia M on 8/3/12

Great for Sensitive Stomachs

5 stars

I have collies which tend to have sensitive stomachs. Using this product daily, their stools stay solid. Now I am able to add different fresh foods to their diet. Where before any change in diet was sure to give them loose stools. I just toss them in their food and they eat them with no problem.

Review by Sally on 8/3/12


5 stars

My Dalmatian has separation anxiety that frequently results in loose stool has had noticeable improvement since starting him on this product. I will continue to have him on it!

Review by Danielle on 8/3/12

Powder is better

1 stars

I bought this in addition to the powder to see which my German Shepherd preferred. The powder is wonderful, easy to add to his food. The tablet seemed to make his stomach upset and give him loose stools. I stopped it and have stuck with the powder instead. It's easy to give him, he seems to tolerate it well and has helped his digestion. I don't recommend the tablet form.

Review by Lisa on 8/3/12

Easy to use

5 stars

These tablets are very convenient and easy to use. I like them better than powder for traveling and they also work well for dogs that "free feed". They do seem to have helped with "tear staining" on my small dogs.

Review by PATRICIA on 8/3/12

Welcome Probios alternative

5 stars

I have used ProBios digestive aid in powder form for the last 1 1/2 yrs. It makes an amazing improvemtn to my dogs digestive system-when nothing else worked. This pill is another form I can use when he doesn't finish the food with the powder on it. It's important to give every day to see results and keep his stomach from all the acid/pain/gas. I would recommend this for any dog to try. Other digestive aids have too many preservatives to help.

Review by Lynn on 8/3/12

Prioibios daily digestive tabs

5 stars

Our dogs has a fungal infection and these are helping her so much their coats are finally nice and no more itching and chewing. I will be back for more. Just wish they had a larger tab for big dogs. Our big girl is 200lbs so it takes about 5 tabs a day to keep her on track.

Review by Jackie on 8/3/12

Nice to find a probiotic in tablet form

5 stars

I give these tablets to my CAT because he will not eat the powder form. He gobbles up the tabs after I have brofen them into smaller pieces. They really seem to help and more importantly, my cat will eat them.

Review by Joseph B on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

These have helped my dog so much she now has a beautiful coat.

Review by JACKIE on 8/3/12

great product

5 stars

We have been using these tablets with our small dogs and puppies for some time and really like them. They are easy to use and the dogs all gobble them down just as they are, without disguising them. Since we started using them, my small dogs no longer have tear stains and our puppies are growing well and utilizing their food efficiently.

Review by PATRICIA on 8/3/12

Wonderful product

5 stars

Great product fast shipping

Review by Rockydog on 8/3/12


5 stars

Have used the probios for years & found it to be staple at our house.

Review by Bullmastiff Lady on 6/9/12

Couldn't have dogs without Probios!

5 stars

We now have 5 dogs! 2 German Sheps, 2 German Shorthairs and one Polish Creme/Golden mix.

I had ALL sorts of problems - diarrhea, eating grass, eating YUCK stools, etc.
I cannot begin to tell you how many pounds of hamburger and rice I boiled. Nothing helped. UNTIL THE SECRETARY AT THE VET RECOMMENDED PROBIOS! I can't say enough positive things. I recommend them to every dog owner.

I take people probiotics as a result of the great success with the dogs.

We give each dog 2 tablets minimum per day. Their weights range from 50-85 pounds. In times of stress, groomer, vet, antibiotics, family on vacation (although the dogs are still home), etc. we increase accordingly.

Review by Otter Lover on 5/1/12

Great product that can be used daily

5 stars

I keep a supply of Probios daily tablets on hand at all times. All my dogs receive some daily and then I increase the dosage if any of the dogs are taking antibiotics. This has helped decrease the negative impact that some antibiotics can have on their digestive tract.

Review by Kay on 4/9/12

Wonderful product

4 stars

ProBios has really helped my dog with his stomach problems. They help in decreasing stomach acid and pain. Work wonderful.

Review by Sissy on 3/24/12

excellent product

5 stars

I've been giving this to my German Shepherd for years now and it is incredible. He hates thunderstorms, fireworks or anything like that. When his nerves would get bad before I started using this product, he would get the diarrhea but now that he takes the Probios he is fine which is great for me too!

Review by Jamie on 2/6/12

Great product!

5 stars

I started using the Probios tabs for one dog with digestive issues, and they worked so well and were so easy to use that I started using them for my foster dogs too. I think it really helps them cope with the stresses of new homes, adjusting to new feeding programs and really start to thrive. Plus the dogs really seem to love the taste- they think they're getting a treat!

Review by Laurea on 1/31/12

Excellent Product

5 stars

I had been using Fortiflora/Canine with good success but it was killing me cost wise. Probios works faster and she licks everybit of the bowl up and the cost is sooo much less. Thank you.

Review by Donna S on 8/3/11

Excellent Supplement

5 stars

George, my Golden, has been taking these for two years now. They were highly recommended by my Vet after George suffered a major illness. They work well with his diet and I totally trust my Vet.

Review by Susan on 7/23/11

helps with gastric upsets and dog loves them!

5 stars

This product really seems to help reduce both the frequency and severity of my dog's gastric upsets, plus he loves the taste and will eat them readily.

Review by Laurea on 3/2/11

Definitely Recommend

5 stars

I have 2 Aussies. The 6 year old has allergies and digestive problems. I started giving him a tab twice a day. His stomach issues have cleared up. I mentioned this to our vet. She said to give them to the 7 year old, also. Both of them now take them twice a day. No more diarrhea for either of them and they love them. I use them as a morning and evening treat, which also cuts down on the calories given to them each day in treats. I would recommend this product to anyone to try!!!

Review by Sydcher on 2/25/11

Low Price - Great Probiotic Product!

5 stars

Our dog has diarrhea. He is a cocker spaniel with some fairly serious digestive system problems. At one point he had an infection. The veterinarian recommended that we put him on antibiotics for nearly six weeks. Because of the fact that the veterinarian felt that his "good bacteria" would be depleted because of the antibiotics, he recommended that we find a good probiotic.

At this point, he was demonstrating a complete lack of appetite, a reduction in energy, and frequent intestinal upsets (including loose stools).

We tried a few different products (including yogurt). The results were mixed...some were messy and difficult to administer while others were just simply difficult to tell if they were helping. Then we tried Probios Tabs for Dogs. He seemed to take a liking to the liver taste right away (he thought they were treats...I wasn't going to tell him anything different!). We began by giving him a single tab...believe it or not, we noticed an instant change for the better. Soon we noticed that his diarrhea and doggy farts (gas) were gone. Within a week he was symptom-free.

Upon reading more about probiotics in animal/pet health, we've decided that we will make Probios Dog Tabs a regular part our puppy's diet. I feel that it's improved his overall health and well-being. Now, I will never let this

Review by Tabitha on 11/24/10

probios daily digestive dog tabs

5 stars

I love this product! I have two great danes (Marley and Vegas) that I feed this product to. My male was very gassy and had frequent bouts of diarrhea. After feeding this product the gas and diarrhea stopped. I highly recommend this product!

Review by Heathor on 11/16/10

Pro-Bios Daily Tablets really help with the gas!

5 stars

I have 3 black labrador retrievers.
They love to eat.
They'll eat whatever they can get and as much as they can and as quickly as they can.
And they get really bad gas.
We've used an anti-bolting bowl, so they do eat more slowly now, but they still have gas.
I tried the Pro-Bios daily tablets and the dogs loved them, as if they were treats.
The tablets also really helped their digestion and I would say that their gassy-problem is at least 90% improved.
We have also tried the Pro-Bios powder (to add to their food) and it works well too, but the tablets are easier to give to the dogs.
It's a great product!

Review by Black-lab owner on 11/4/10

Daily Digestive Dog Tabs are Grrrreeaatt!

5 stars

Our boy Doofy (a 14 year-old cock-a-poo) has had gas and loose stool since the day we brought him home. We're happy to report that he's been eating Probios Daily Digestive Dog Tabs for the last 3 years and hasn't had a poop he couldn't control since! Here's to Doofy's anal health and to your great product!

Donna and Dick Diffendoerfer

Review by Dick and Donna Diffendoerfer on 9/15/10

I would recomend this product

4 stars

I give this to my German Shepard, he is about 2 years old and suffers with upset stomach and diahrria . This product settles his stomach, and helps with his diahria.

Review by chief on 8/2/10

Very good product

5 stars

I am owned by a 3 lb 11 oz, 2 yr. old Biewer with gastric problems. I purchased the Probios Daily Tabs and it seems to help her. The episodes are not gone, but they are fewer than before. I would highly recommend trying this product.

Review by Peggy on 7/31/10

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