Dental Fresh Original Formula for Dogs and Cats - 4 oz.

Oral hygiene is a huge part of healthy life, and is just as important for your pet as it is for you.  Help your pet by using this “brushless” dental cleanser so your pet can have whiter teeth, fresher breath, and better overall oral health with Dental Fresh!

SynergyLabs Dental Fresh Original Formula for Dogs and Cats - 4 oz. 736990000125
4.5 stars
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Dental Fresh Original Formula for Dogs and Cats - 4 oz.
Product #: PET387
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It’s the “world’s first toothbrush in a bottle™.” Eliminates plaque, tartar and odor causing organisms. Oral health and hygiene are as important for your pet as they are for you. Because pets don’t brush their teeth, they need regular dental cleanings from their veterinarian. Between visits, pets should be given Dental Fresh every day. “This product is a confirmed winner. It’s proven to help clean and whiten teeth, protect gums, and improve oral health. Every dog and cat in America should have Dental Fresh in its water bowl – every day.” We’re learning that for pets, just like humans, good oral hygiene has a huge impact on overall health and longevity. That’s why daily use is so important and beneficial.

UPC 736990000125
Size 4 oz
Color Options No
Size Options No
Brand Dental Fresh
Manufacturer SynergyLabs

 Daily use is recommended. Add 1 teaspoon (capful) of Dental Fresh

Active Ingredients: Stabalized Cholrine Dioxide….0.1%, stabilized with Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Pretty good!

4 stars

Works well, have been using for about a week now. Dog breath isn't as bad, and it keeps the water bowl less slimy!

Review by Meaghan on 3/1/13


4 stars

I have been using this in our dogs water for over two years and it does make a difference. It makes the dogs breath tolerable.

Review by heavypaws on 8/3/12


5 stars

It works excellent on my dogs breathe

Review by jo on 8/3/12

Great additive to pets water for white teeth

4 stars

I've been using Dental Fresh for about 8 months on my Husky. Add it to her water dish and when I have taken her in for a check-up with her Vet., he was very impressed with how well the teeth were. I bought 2 gallons at a time to get the free shipping. Best price that i have found.

Review by Royal on 8/3/12

Excellent Product

5 stars

I have been using Dental Fresh with my two dogs and it is wonderful. My older dog (11 years) had terrible breath. I had her teeth cleaned and all was well for a while. Then the smell started to come back. Since using Dental Fresh, her breath is great. I am also using it with my new puppy. I hope it will help to maintain his sweet puppy breath or at least keep his breath and teeth in better shape. I highly recommend this product for dogs of all ages.

Review by leontic on 8/3/12

Good Product

5 stars

If you use this daily in your pets water it pays to buy it by the gallon and take advantage of the bulk savings. Works well on my pets and they dont seem to mind the flavor. Their breath is much improved and it is keeping the tartar down. Will buy again.

Review by AnnieM on 8/3/12

OK product

2 stars

I used this for my dog - she really doesnt like the smell or taste (smells like bleach) and worked just OK to reduce her breath odor

Review by scott on 5/30/12

Dental Fresh is Great!

5 stars

Product actually works to eliminate odor and bacteria. And is undetected by my dog in his drinking water.

Review by Gina on 4/29/12

Fantastic Product!

5 stars

My vet wanted me to give a similar product to my dogs, but I noted on the label the ingredient "xylitol" which can cause problems with some dogs. I did some searching and found Dentral Fresh. The first time I put this in their water, the dogs looked at me oddly, but after a bit, they act like it's not even in the water bowl. I also "did the math" to figure out how much to add to their large waterer so they are always receiving it. Their breath is great, teeth are not accumulating tarter and plaque very much, and it is very cost effective! Lots cheaper than a dental from the vet!! I highly recommend Dental Fresh to all my pet owning friends!!

Review by Sheltiemom on 3/7/12

This worked great for my cats.

5 stars

I am just on my first bottle and it has improved my cat's breath a lot and they drink their water just fine with it.

Review by Ebie/Sofie on 3/4/12

Great Product

5 stars

It really works!! We have two small dogs ages six and eight with terrible breath. I tried this product and now when they give us kisses we don't push them away. Buy the large size because you will use it everyday and will need it. I add it to their water bowl and I add it to their dry food which I also add water to.

Review by maribru on 11/29/11


5 stars

This stuff is gr8! It is odorless, helps with the breath and keeps the tartar away. If your pet has a lot of tatar build up, I suggest a cleaning first and then use this stuff to maintain the teeth & gums.

Review by JustACE on 10/31/11

Helps with the breath

5 stars

I have been using this on both of my dogs for over a year and it does really get rid of the rancid breath. I am not so sure how helpful it is for their teeth, but I have noticed that they are whiter. The gallon jugs are the best buy. I get two gallons on PSC for the price I was paying at my local dog market. It is a really good value.

Review by heavypaaws on 9/27/11

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