Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy - 4 oz

Let Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel cleanse, disinfect, and nourish your pet’s ears, while alleviating the foul smell caused by yeast and fungal infections.  Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy is gentle enough for frequent use, and contains no alcohol.

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Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy - 4 oz
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Tea-Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Dioctylsodium Sulfosuccinate gently cleans, disinfects and deodorizes the ear canal. Contains no alcohol. Ear Therapy™ is also an effective treatment for fungus and yeast infections – it quickly eliminates the foul smell that yeast infections produce. And, unlike many competing products, it contains no alcohol to harm delicate tissues.

UPC 736990001603
Size 4 oz
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Brand Dr. Golds
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I have a two year old Boxer who has been getting ear infections every 2-3 months since we got him. I was tired of going to the vet everytime to get the expensive antibiotic only to have his infection return. I have been using this cleanser once a week for a couple months and it has been incredible! His ears used to get red, itchy, and extremely dirty....now, they are clean, pink, and healthy! I would recommend this product to anyone!

Review by Jamie on 4/11/13

Best ear cleaner yet!

5 stars

Having been involved in rescue work for a dozen years as well as having my own 'crew', I have to say this is the best cleaner I've run across to date! No alcohol yet it cuts through even the worst crud and makes fungal infections a thing of the past. What I like the best is the gentleness of this cleaner because with really bad ears I need to clean them often until they're healthy and this product is gentle enough that I can do that!

If you're looking for that once in a while cleaner because your dogs ears rarely get dirty, this will do the trick, but it's especially great for those animals that get dirty ears quickly or have a moist ear environment!

Review by Sandi K on 3/5/12

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