Duralactin Equine

Duralactin® Equine is a highly effective and safe anti-inflammatory that works on the cellular level, and is perfect for long-term use and also support for acute conditions.

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Duralactin Equine
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Duralactin® Equine if formulated with a patented dried milk protein, MicroLactin®, which comes from the milk of hyperimmunized cows. This means that the cows possess very large quantities of this particular antibody. MicroLactin® contains factors that appear to block cytokines, which are substances produced during allergic and other inflammatory reactions and modify the functions of cells, thereby amplifying the inflammation. This blocking action reduces inflammation and also works to reduce the white blood cell participation in the inflammatory response, which helps to prevent subsequent tissue damage that can be caused by excess neutrophil accumulation. Neutrophils, the most abundant kind of white blood cells found in mammals, form an essential part of the immune system that is found in tissues. They respond to a wide variety of the substances that are released at locations of inflammatory reactions. Because Duralactin® works to stop chronic inflammation at the cellular level, it avoids inhibiting protective prostaglandin activity.

Duralactin® has proven to be a very effective anti-inflammatory, regardless of the reason for inflammation, and it also works without irritating the horse's gastro-intestinal system.Many laboratory animal models that have been given partially purified preparations have shown inflammation inhibition. Duralactin® is the ideal choice for horses that need management for chronic inflammation, and also is also perfect for acute inflammation, particularly as a result of bacterial infections, environmental exposure, and some cancers. Duralactin® does not suppress the immune system and supports normal activity and wellness.

UPC 764464038282
Brand Duralactin
Manufacturer Veterinary Products
Size 850 grams
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Directions for Use
Give 2 level scoops once a day or 1 level scoop twice a day. Enclosed level scoop holds at least 15 grams total weight. One bucket contains a minimum of 56 level scoops. Horses will more readily accept Duralactin if mixed with food.

Active Ingredients:

Duralactin® Equine pellets contains MicroLactin® dried milk protein, Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate

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