Duralactin Feline L Lysine Gel 250 MG

Used for Feline Herpes Virus

Duralactin Feline L Lysine is a tasty supplement used for Feline Herpes Virus in the eyes. It is safe and very effective, also containing Microlatin and Omega Fatty Acids to boost your cat's immune system.

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5 stars
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Duralactin Feline L Lysine Gel 250 MG
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Duralactin Feline L Lysine is a vet recommended supplement that is a safe, effective way to treat your cat for Feline Herpes Virus in the eyes. This gel supplement can be used as a long term treatment without undesirable side effects, unlike other drugs, and it utilizes Microlatin and Omega Fatty Acids to boost your cat's immune system. Duralactin Feline L-lysine is highly palatable and studies have shown that cats prefer it one and a half times over the leading L-lysine product.

The amino acid L-lysine helps maintain respiratory and ocular health in cats that are physically stressed. Healthy cells do not use much of an amino acid called arginine, while cells that are infected with Feline Herpes Virus use a lot of it to make more copies of the virus. The process in which the cells use arginine is limited by the quantity of L-Lysine available in your cat's body. A daily supplement increases the quantity of L-Lysine available for the cells, so that the cell uses more arginine for its natural functions, leaving less arginine available for the production of the virus, which slows the growth of the infection. The respiratory form of feline herpes is uncomfortable, but the ocular rhinotracheitis infection is even more unbearable for felines. By choosing to feed a daily L-Lysine supplement, you can help slow present infections in your cat and also prevent him from contracting future infections.

MicroLactin is an immuno-nutritional aid, which helps to manage chronic inflammation. It comes from the milk of hyperimmunized cows, which means that these cows possess very large quantities of this specific antibody. It contains factors that appear to block substances that are produced during allergic and other inflammatory reactions, called cytokines, that amplify inflammation by modifying the functions of cells. This reduces both the inflammation and also white blood cell participation in the inflammatory response, helping to prevent subsequent tissue damage caused by excess neutrophil accumulation ,the most abundant kind of white blood cells found in mammals, they form an essential part of the immune system that responds to substances released at the locations of inflammatory reactions. 

Duralactin Feline L Lysine also adds the benefits of Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, providing important support for the immune system.

UPC 764464059324
Brand Duralactin
Manufacturer Veterinary Products
Size 32.5 ml
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Adult cats:. 2.5 ml (one notch or line on syringe) twice a day

Kittens: . 1.25 ml (1/2 notch on syringe) twice a day

Using the Syringe:

Each line on the syringe corresponds with a notch that fits the wheel. The ring should be placed towards the wider part of the syringe. If the ring is at the top of the plunger, turn it to meet the wider part of the syringe, closest to the cap.

Turn the ring to the next line or notch on the syringe to deliver 2.5 ml. If 1.25 ml is desired, turn the ring between the lines or notches.

Remove the cap and press the plunger of the tube to dispense the paste into the cat's food. The paste may be mixed with food.

Some cats may prefer the paste directly from the tube. If the cap is difficult to remove, wrap a cloth around it and pull. Some paste may continue to come out of the syringe after the ring is flush with the syringe. This is normal and will stop once the cap is replaced.

When turning the ring for the last dose, it may be necessary to turn the ring firmly to get to the end of the plunger.

Active ingredients:

MicroLactin200 mg
L-lysine250 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids162 mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids72.5mg

Worked like a charm!

5 stars

I bought this product for my kitten that had a bad case of eye herpes. After about 6 days his eyes almost completely cleared up. At first I didn't think it was going to work, but just like that his gross eyes became beautiful and healthy! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone searching to heal an eye issue with their cat or kitten!

Review by Emily on 10/15/12

Great Product-Less Expensive than at Vet

5 stars

This product really helps my cat with FHIV. Bought it at Vets office for a lot more money than Probiotic Smart sells it for. I highly recommend this product.

Review by Snoopyfan on 3/29/12

Duralactin also reduces inflammation

5 stars

Cats can carry many viruses and the L Lysine in the product is very necessary to stop the replication of the herpes virus. Many cats suffer for upper respiratory issues and many dollars have been spent without a resolution. It's also important to give the product on a consistent basis and don't expect it to work overnight. It is not a medication. The duralactin is very important to help reduce the inflammation associated with the upper respiratory condition. Inflammation is a component of many disease conditions in the body in general and needs to be addresses.

Review by elaine on 3/15/12

Dont be without it.

5 stars

In cat rescue, we have many cases of weepy eyes due to herpes virus. L-Lysine has been known to help so we decided to try the Duralactin brand from Probioticsmart. Instant results. In every case used so far, the condition reduced greatly or disappeared. Herpes never cures, by L-lysine does treat it. One older kitty with a bad case will clear up with Duralactin, but when it is stopped, it comes back. Put him back on Duralactin and it clears up again. We know the product is producing the results.

Review by taniak on 3/8/12

Duralactin with L Lysine syringe

5 stars

My 8 year old cat used to sneeze up yellow mucus and she does not sneeze as much, and no yellow or any mucus with this product. She has herpes simplex virus in her nose and eyes since she was a newborn. Her eyes used to water constantly and they have stopped have stopped watering. This product has helped my cat a lot. I plan on giving to her constantly at my vets recomendation. It has no side effects with long term use my vet says.

Review by Al on 10/19/10

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