Canine FortiFlora - Nutritional Supplement

Helps Manage Dog Diarrhea

Canine FortiFlora is a supplement used to manage dog diarrhea and encourage gastrointestinal health in dogs by creating a strong immune system through the use of live probiotic cultures. It also includes antioxidant vitamins and can be used for the dietary management of dogs with digestive system disorders. FortiFlora is easy to use because of it's palatability.

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5 stars
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Canine FortiFlora - Nutritional Supplement
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Try IntelliFlora!

FortiFlora® is a registered trademark of Nestle Purina Pet Care Company. Comparison based on information available on the product label.

Canine FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement used to improve and maintain the balance of your dog's intestinal health by improving microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Many dogs have intestinal problems, manifested as diarrhea, that can be caused by several factors, such as the use of antibiotics, the introduction of a new food, and stress, caused by either environmental or physical hardship. It has been recommended by veterinarians to be used as a dietary supplement to manage diarrhea.

This highly effective supplement is made with a guaranteed amount of live active cultures from a strain of probiotic that has been proven to help balance dogs' intestinal health, Enterococcus faecium (1 X 108 CFU/g). The beneficial bacteria in FortiFlora nourish intestinal cells and protect against unhealthy bacteria. This particular microorganism was chosen because of its history of being both beneficial and safe for use in humans and animals. FortiFlora is safe for use in puppies and pregnant dogs.

FortiFlora contains high levels of antioxidants, including Vitamins A, C, and E, making it an excellent choice for all dogs, and especially those also suffering from low immune systems. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision and is also used by the body as an important hormone-like growth factor for cells. Vitamin C is necessary for many metabolic reactions and is important for the healing of wounds. Vitamin E is not only an important antioxidant, but is also involved in immune function.

It is generally recommended to give FortiFlora once a day for 30 days. Although the probiotics offer immediate effects on the gastrointestinal tract, results may not be seen for several days. The longer your dog has had diarrhea, the longer it will take to clear up. Dogs with acute diarrhea will show results sooner than dogs suffering from chronic problems.

Because of its excellent palatability, FortiFlora is easy to use, even on picky eaters. The recommended feeding is one meal a day. It can even be added to canned food, and tests have shown that the microorganisms can live for up to 24 hours while mixed with the food. If the supplement is used to counteract the negative side-effects of antibiotics, it is most effective when fed at a different time than the medicine, such as at the beginning or end of a meal. It is recommended to begin the supplement before the antibiotics are started and then continue with it once the dosage is finished.

FortiFlora is also easy to store. While extensive heat will shorten the life of the cultures, the packets may be stored at room temperature.

UPC 0038100119315
Brand FortiFlora
Manufacturer Purina
Size 30 - 1 gram packets
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding .57
Product Condition new

Feed 1 packet to your dog daily under the supervision of your veterinarian.

Animal digest, Enterococcus faecium, L-ascorbyl- 2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, beta-Carotene, salt, manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite. B-4582

Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Excellent product

5 stars

My dog was having a lot of digestive issues and this product actually helped him!

Review by Maryann on 3/29/13

Excellent Product

5 stars

I highly recommend this product to anyone whose dog has some digestive issues. We rescued a Beagle and he was placed on FortiFlora due to his giardia and his stool. After a few weeks, he was cleared of the giardia and his stool has started turning solid. Besides getting too graphic, after the first box from the vet was gone I ordered another from PSC and his stool has only improved.

Making this a part of his diet seems to have helped a lot and can only be helpful for him.

User and approver of this product.

Review by Naomi on 3/26/13


5 stars

We have a 13 1/2 year old pitbull who has always had a sensitive stomach. Recently she underwent a laryngeal tieback. Suddenly she had her entire way of eating interrupted and changed completely. She has been on grain free kibble with fresh baked chicken all of her life . Because of the new mechanical function of her throat, we were told she had to be on canned food! Canned food and doing it "cold turkey" was a lethal mixture for her sensitive stomach...no good at all! For three months post surgery, we have struggled with loose, and very loose bowels...she was run down and exhausted. I decided that doctors might know medicine, but I know my Phoebe. I put her on Forti Flora and make her food fresh in my kitchen daily. She is now thriving and bouncing around like a 5 year old! Forti Flora is extremely tasty to them so, even the pickiest of all will gladly consume it. I now have my other 2 younger dogs on it even though their kibble is supposed to have probiotics added, I want Forti Flora as well.

Review by Debi on 1/17/13

Works great!

5 stars

I've tried this on my dog in the past and it worked!

Review by Josie on 12/31/12

Grerat product / great price

5 stars

This product works great for my 10 pound poodle. She loves the taste and it makes her feel better. The price is fair and the shipping time is very reasonable.

Review by Charles on 12/30/12


5 stars

My 13 yr old schipperke was having loose stools all the time. She's been on fortiflora since September and no more loose stools!

Review by Jamie on 12/1/12

Vet recommended, and it works

5 stars

Our girl wasn't eating, had raspberry jam like stools and vomit and was miserable. After many tests, we started using this and she was back to normal in a couple days. If we even miss a day or two, her symptoms return so we use it religiously.

Review by Bihl on 9/28/12

Great product and excelent service customer

5 stars

I ordered it and got it in 5 days.My dog is doing great. It is easy to order and price is better that get it with the veterinarian.

Review by Rebe on 9/11/12

Great Product!

5 stars

Our German Shepherd has been on long term antibiotic treatment so using Fortiflora to keep digestive system healthy.

Review by tt on 9/10/12


5 stars

This product has saved the day more than a few times in my dog's life. She (8.5 year old Mini-Pin) has used FortiFlora since her sister (used it too) was at the end of her life a few years ago. ANY trauma, stress, surgery, antibiotics or just plain soft stool from eating "OFF MENU" things, you can count on FortiFlora to make a BIG difference. It is very cost effective at THIS site ONLY!! I shop & they have the BEST prices & ship rates.... Sure helps in this economy! Don't forget to use the REBATE!

Review by maryb on 9/6/12


5 stars

I have threee dogs, and this product has been recommended by my vet. Purchasing this product from your wewbsite is quick. convenient and less expensive.

Review by CAROLANNE on 8/30/12

enticement to eat

5 stars

My fur-girl is anorexic for reasons unknown. Lots of testing by the vet didn't give us any clues. Tried all sorts of different foods and psychology, but it seemed she preferred losing weight to eating! After a few months of this, she went from lean to alarmingly thin.

So the vet and I decided to try this product. Not sure if it is the probiotics or just the great taste, but now my fur-girl will eat as long as a little of this powder is sprinkled on the food. I have an itsy-bitsy measuring spoon that allows me to split one pouch for all her meals that day.

Buying from this website is more than $30/box cheaper than buying from my vet, so you know who'll get my repeat orders.

Review by poodle mom on 8/23/12

Great for my dogs well-being

5 stars

My poodle had gastro problems for about three years, but since I started giving her FortiFlora once a day, she has had such a wonderful improvement. It's easy to order and also a great price as compared to the veterinarian's price.

Review by Dianne on 8/3/12


5 stars

When your dog gets soft stool from eating the WRONG things....this product gives he/she the correct probiotics they need to get back on track. I have used for over 2 years with wonderful results. Ask your Vet for dosage for your pet.
PLUS they like the taste of the powder...just sprinkle on food & down it goes!

Review by South Florida on 7/31/12

We LOVE this stuff!

5 stars

My boxer/lab mix puppy, Finn, was having stomach issues with any food we tried. He was gassy and had really loose stools even on the grain-free foods suggested by our vet. Then the vet mentioned FortiFlora. It took only 2 days in a row of adding this to his breakfast, and finally Finn's finnicky tummy settled down! My white schnauzer, Danny, has food allergies and must be on a special diet due to his history of having had pancreatitis and bladder stones. He was always itchy and that made him lick his paws a lot, which gave him rusty red fur. I couldn't change his food, but my sister read up on FortiFlora and found out it helps with yeast infections too. After 2 weeks his red feet faded away and he hardly licks at all. Now Danny only needs his FortiFlora every other day. This stuff is fantastic and the dogs absolutely love the taste! Re-ordering is a breeze when you set up an account, and earning points to get discounts is always a plus!

Review by Finnicky tummy and itchy allergies on 7/23/12

Great stuff

5 stars

My Brittany has a "sensitive tummy" and FortiFlora helps keep his tummy settled so he doesn't vomit so much. I really see the difference by using this product.

Review by Kathleen on 7/20/12

It works!

4 stars

My vet first recommended this some time ago and I give it at the first sign of a problem. It keeps chronic diarrhea under control and prevents flare ups.
I love that it's cheaper to order it from here and it comes in the mail and saves me a trip to town.

Review by Lorrietrev on 7/20/12

Great Product and Customer Service

5 stars

We have a soon to be 4 yr old Rottweiler who was having some digestive problems and our vet recommended a probotic. Since being on Fortiflora she has had no problems at all. We feel like it just keeps her system as healthy as it should be. We are very happy with product and your customer service. Very fast shipping as well and like the PSCPoints program, every little bit helps.

Review by Mary DE on 7/20/12

Fantastic Product!

5 stars

FortiFlora has been a life saver for my German Shepherd, Bella. She had severe diarrhea for a long time - one vet even diagnosed her with EPI disorder! Finally found a vet that specialized in GSD's and she prescribed FortiFlora and Metamucil to be put in her food to control it. Something so simple has completely eradicated her stomach issues! And thanks to PSCPets.com for making it so easy to order and providing a competitive price on the product!

Review by Fantastic Product! on 7/19/12

Great product!

5 stars

good price...good for my dog

Review by spaskow on 7/19/12

Miracle Product

5 stars

I've had German Shepards my whole life. I'm 55 years old. This is my 1st Lab. A wonderful English Black Lab Puppy, now 7 months old. One thing I discovered...they will eat ANYTHING! They are "garbage cans", and cannot distinguish what they put in their mouths can be either good or bad for their digestive systems.
I was turned on to this product by my Vet, and it has worked wonders. I use it every other day, but during those "problem times", I change the dose to daily, until his stool is back to normal (usually within only a few days). No further meds or antibiotics are required.
At first, I thought it was only available thru prescription, but by googling it, it found this was not the case. The Vet charges double as opposed to how much I can purchase it on-line from PSCPets.com.
I highly recommend this product for those dogs with a sensitive digestive system. I compare it to what we humans benefit by eating yogurt.
Good Luck!

Review by Wingding on 7/19/12

This product does as advertised

5 stars

I use it with my Miniature Schnauzer's to control diarrhea problems, I use it on my puppies and my adults, with great success.

Review by wayne on 7/18/12

small remedy, big impact

5 stars

My vet prescribed Forfiflora as a remedy for our large dog's flatulence. I was skeptically that such a small amount of product could have any impact, but Fortiflora is highly effective. One packet, once a day, and our noses aremuch happier. I'm sure my dog's feeling much better too.

Review by Donna on 7/15/12

Good Product and Excellent Service

4 stars

My dogs issues improved with the Forti Flora and went away completely when combined with a food change.
My dog eats it sprinkled tight on top of her food.
This company provides best prices and excellent/fast service. It is nice to get a bit of a price break with the PSC Point program. Thank you .

Review by Barbara on 7/15/12

Great product

5 stars

My 85 lb. Doberman had constant diarrhea problems--not pretty when I was at work and he was loose in the house all day! My vet recommended this, and I give it to him everyday. It has completely solved the problem. Needless to say, I think it is more than worth the price of a daily packet.

Review by Shaq on 6/27/12

Excellent product and excellent customer service

5 stars

This product was vet-recommended for my two dogs and I have ordered it for some time now. I use the product in combination with the canned Purina EN Gastroenteric dog food. I am always amazed at the speed in which I receive my order after it has been purchased. Dogs love the product and I love the fast service! Probioticsmart.com has great prices and fantastic customer service - a win-win all around! Wouldn't shop anywhere else. Shirley B.

Review by Shirley B. on 6/23/12

The best for digestion!

5 stars

My Weimaraner has major stool problems to keep everything solid, the fortiflora works!!! He has solid stool and it's so easy to sprinkle in his food bowl every morning. I love the individual packets.

Review by Tex's mom on 6/18/12

Good for the tummy

5 stars

My dog Koda is 14 and is starting to have some digestive problems. The vet recommended this product and I have seen less problems occur. She is picky with her food, but seems to enjoy the flavor of this stuff. I want to keep her in good healt for as long as possible and I believe FortiFlora will help. Thanks you for your quality supplements.

Review by Laura on 6/17/12

Excellent Results

5 stars

For months my dog has had terrible gas/loose stool problems. As SOON as I began using fortiflora the gas stopped. Incredible. He is a happier pooch now!

Review by Susan on 6/16/12

best product ever

5 stars

our aussie has had a very sensitive stomach since birth. We have used fortiflora weekly as a 'sunday treat' on her food to keep the good enzymes working, Highly recommend.

Review by lily on 6/11/12

Great for nervous tummies

5 stars

Our 1 year old rescue doggie has had bowel issues off and on; he has not had an episode since we've had him on Fortiflora. He likes the taste, too

Review by Susan on 6/8/12

My dog loves it!

5 stars

Vet wants my lab to use this daily. He has stomach issues. I didn't think he would eat his food, but he likes it so much, I use half with am feeding and half with pm feeding. It is sooooooo extensive at the vets office, but at these prices, I can afford it and hopefully he will feel better and I will keep him out of the vets office! Thank you PSC!

Review by Marcia on 6/6/12

Canine Fortiflora

5 stars

I have been using this product on one of my rescue dogs that has some severe stomach issues due to his early abuse. It is excellent and has really helped him with some of the infections.

Review by Andy on 6/1/12


5 stars

This was exactly as ordered by our veterinarian, by brand name. Our dog, Bingo, licks his plate clean and seems to enjoy his FortiFlora. We hope it is helping his gastrointestinal tract and we have seen less diarrhea since he has been taking this probiotic. Thanks, Purina!

Review by Pat on 5/24/12

What a Great Deal

5 stars

I already like this product because of how good it is for my puppy but my vet charges DOUBLE this price so when I found this website it made me love the product even more!

Review by Lauren on 5/17/12

Works as Advertised!

5 stars

My rescue collie Mulligan has a very sensitive digestive system. Any unusual foods cause him severe problems for days. A friend that has several dogs recommended I try FortiFlora. Mulligan has been using it daily for about a month now and has had no problems. We are both very happy with FortiFlora!

Review by Mulligan on 5/17/12

Good supplement and affordable.

5 stars

This product was first introduced by my Veterinarian for my Doberman rescue. She had many issues, one of which was diarrhea. This product is wonderful for helping with that problem. Her immune system needs help, yet, as she is only a little over a year old, now. But, I will keep her on FortFlora, most certainly.

Review by K9 Lover on 5/14/12

Rascal loves this product; and it is good for him.

5 stars

My dog will not touch his food until I sprinkle Fortiflora over the top. He loves this product and it has helped him with his digestive problems. What more can I say? It's great.

Review by RASCAL on 5/13/12

A great benefit for my sick dog.

5 stars

Our rescue dog, Misty, was diagnosed with intestinal infection and bleeding. Evidently after our other dog died she missed her more than I thought. She became very stressed after we left for Europe for 2 weeks. Our friend and dog sitter noticed that she was not feeling well and took her to our vet. He said the stress (and other factors) had caused some intestinal bleeding. After being on the FortiFlora for a few weeks, she is already beginning to heal. On the advice of our veterinarian, I am going to keep her on it for some time to keep her intestinal health stable.

Review by Maria on 5/13/12

good stuff, good price

4 stars

My picky eater loves this; it's the only probiotic he'll eat.

Review by Kathryn on 5/12/12

great price

4 stars

This is the best price on the internet, at least what I could find. My dogs love the taste (and they don't like some probiotics). This is my preferred brand.

Review by bernerz on 5/12/12

Love this stuff!

5 stars

I adopted a dog who came from a puppy mill. She had a lot of digestive tract issues. She was getting diarrhea all the time, etc. So a friend of mine told me to try Canine FortiFlora and it was like a miracle! I LOVE this stuff!!

Review by Jean on 5/9/12


5 stars

My Old Friend "Doc" is 15 yrs young and grazes in spring! My veterinarian has been a life safe saver with this product.


Review by Old Friend on 4/30/12

Excellent product - so glad vet recommendd

5 stars

After battling low grade diarrhea in my dogs the vet recommended. This completely fixed the loose stools in my dogs. So grateful to have found this product and your company -which has the best deals. Half the price I pay at my vet's office.

Review by Basset Lover on 4/28/12

Good Product - Great Price

5 stars

Helped with poor stool consistancy and vomiting problems. Add a change of food and problem solved.
Service ie excellent. Prices are much less than the vet charges and best on the market.
No complaints or issues. 11 yr. old sheltie very happy.

Review by BR on 4/18/12

Good Product - Great Prices

5 stars

Helped the problems of poor stool consistancy and vomiting -- with a change of food solved the problem.

Excellent service - quick delivery. Much less es

Review by BR on 4/18/12

Saves $ in vet bills

5 stars

Our recently adopted dog turned out to have potentially serious digestive issues. We had no idea when we adopted her how sick she was. Fortunately, along with extensive treatments and medications to get things under control, the vet suggested adding Canine FortiFlora to her food each day. The difference has been amazing. Since we started giving her FortiFlora five months ago, she has had no further digestive problems and she is now in wonderful health. We plan to keep giving it to her for the rest of her life. It's a small price to pay for a healthy, wonderful dog.

Review by Lucky on 4/15/12

Great product very satisfied

5 stars

Hi I order a 90 day supply. Am very please with the fast delivery and the product. We have a 3 1/2 year old female Rottweiler who has had stomach issues and very soft stools, our vet recommended this probotic and we are very happy with it, she has had no issues since taking the product and her stools are always well formed. Would highly recommend this product and will always keep our dog on it.
Much cheaper than what the vet office sells it for.

Review by Mary M on 4/4/12

great product

5 stars

Hi I have a 3 1/2 year old rottie who was having stomach issues and
very soft stools. The Vet recommended Canine Fortiflora and since she has been on it she has had no issues and well formed stools.
I would highly recommend this product and it is much cheaper than purchasing thru your vet. Very fast delivery as well. Will definitely order again and again.

Review by marym on 4/4/12

Excellent product

5 stars

I have a 14 year old sheltie that had loose stools after he was switched to prescription food d/t bladder stone surgery. His vet recommended Forte Flora and it worked. He now has normal formed stool. It is also much cheaper to purchase though you then at the vet. I was paying $30.00 a box from them.

Review by Oreo's mom on 3/30/12

Awesome product and best price out there!

5 stars

I have two Greyhounds and a Whippet, and I add FortiFlora to their evening meal everyday. The Greys both have sensitive stomachs, and this product has helped immensely. None of them are picky eaters and they enjoy their breakfast, but they all let me know when it's time for dinner, and I'd better not be late! FortiFlora must taste as delicious as it smells, judging from my hounds' enthusiasm. Best of all, I paid less than half the price on your site as I did at my vet's office, and with three dogs, the savings is huge. I'll be shopping here from now on!

Review by Carla on 3/28/12

great product

5 stars

This product seems to work well. My dog no longer has stomach issues.

Review by Cheri on 3/26/12

wonderful results

5 stars

one of my dogs needs constant antibiotic treatment and this product has made it possible for him to maintain gastric health- highly recommend.

Review by w on 3/23/12

great product

5 stars

one of my fellows is on massive antibiotics daily, and this has helped to maintain his gastro balence.
Highly recommend it

Review by doggiemother on 3/22/12

Great Stuff - "Activia" for dogs!!

5 stars

My vet recommended this for my tummy sensitive dogs. Works well and they love the taste!

Review by Bella and Lucy's Mom on 3/4/12

Love this product

5 stars

This is such a great product and it really helps my dogs stomach. It is also so much cheaper on this site!

Review by Heather on 2/23/12


5 stars

I have a 12 yr old lab with stomach problems and this product really helps him with digestion and makes our lives easier!

Review by HSeward on 2/23/12

Dogs Like It

4 stars

I add this once daily to the dog's meal. They like it. One of my dogs has had stomach upset which has decreased after starting this.

Review by Shelly on 2/12/12

Great deal, discounted price, Zero shipping cost, & quick delivery-FortiFlora

5 stars

I was paying in excess of $52 for one box of FortiFlora from the Vet's office. I was able to buy 3 boxes for the same total cost (discounted to 16.99 per box and zero shipping cost).

The delivery was through UPS and was very fast.

I will be back for additional purchases.


Review by Mike on 2/12/12

Great product

5 stars

Our dog was having digestive problems with no apparent cause. Our vet recommend FortiFlora and she is doing great now!

Review by Cami on 2/10/12

Great product - really helps

5 stars

My 13 year old Brittany has always had a "sensitive tummy". Since developing a pneumonia aspiration, his sensitive tummy has become more dangerous. The FortiFlora seems to be helping him maintain a calmer stomach and much fewer "eruptions". He loves the taste and it agrees with him better than other probiotic products. Highly recommend it.

Review by KB on 2/10/12

So helpful and best price online

5 stars

After years of fighting loose stool because of picky eating, my dog is doing so much better. Still a picky eater but at last we don't have to clean up after every poop. I am so happy our vet recommended this product, only wish he had earlier.

Review by Linda L on 2/4/12

great company selling a great product

5 stars

my pup had intestinal surgery a few years ago and this was recommended by the vet.It keeps things together!!
Professional,expedient service with the best price..they will keep my business.

Review by diane on 2/2/12

Excellent product

5 stars

I tried FortiFlora at the suggestion of my vet for chronic diarrhea problems. I keep him on it continuously, and it has solved the problem.

Review by JMB on 1/7/12

Excellent product

5 stars

Controls loose bowels and keeps our dog regular!

Review by Puccini on 1/5/12

Four paws up

5 stars

I LOVE this stuff. I can't wait for my mom to mix it into my wet food so I can gobble it up! I've been taking antibiotics that made me sick. Fortiflora makes my stomach feel so much better, I feel like a puppy again! No more emergency walks in the middle of the night, no need for emergency breaks in the middle of the day. Good, good stuff! Woof!

Review by Tank on 12/20/11

Fortiflora works!

5 stars

Fortiflora works! Two of my three dogs are on this product. One for irritable bowel and the other because of long term antibiotic use. In both cases it has helped my fur kids. I would definitely recommend trying Fortiflora if your veterinarian advises so.

Review by Dog Mum x 3 on 10/12/11

Helps a Diarrhea problem my Dog has had for years

5 stars

Vets have tried all kinds of food etc. but have never helped my Dogs problem with constant Diarrhea. Fortiflora has helped better than anything else.

Review by Jeanne on 9/2/11

works fast and easy to use

5 stars

I have a black lab and she was not feeling well at all within the first two days use of Fortiflora she was feeling much better and back to her old self i give this product 5 stars

Review by budlogan on 8/16/11

great stuff

5 stars

both my shelties had stool problems and since i started using forti flora both of them have really improved. They have more energy and never have liquid or soft stools anymore.I will always keep them on it.

Review by suzy on 3/28/11

Amazing cure

5 stars

My 13 year old, female, lab, has been on this for a year. This is used to treat her very active colitis. On two occasions I tried to not use it due to cost, and two weeks later, her diarrhea would be so bad, she would bleed. 48 hours back on FortiFlora she would be back to normal. Cost through her vet is $50.00. Yet this product is worth every cent. This will be my first time purchasing through this website.
Amazing product.

Review by Taz on 1/30/11

Great Product

5 stars

I have a dog with continual stomach issues. This had dramatically reduced and/or eliminated many of those issues

Review by ala.lady on 1/17/11

Works Great!

5 stars

Our vet recommended we use fortiflora to treat lower intestinal disease in our 9 year old St. Bernard - Buffalo in tandem with the purina veterinary diets he had also recommended. He has had very few episodes of diarrhea & cramping since taking this supplement.

Review by Inez on 12/22/10

Cured My Great Dane's Short Bowel Syndrome!

5 stars

My Great Dane gets 1 packet of FortiFlora with each meal because of her short bowel syndrome. When she was 8 months old (90 lbs), 60% of her small intestine was removed because of an extremely rare condition called intestinal volvulus. Because she only has 40% of her small intestine, she had diarrhea for months. Everything moved through her too quickly. She got down to 80 lbs after her surgery, and the nutritionist at the university vet hospital suggested FortiFlora and some other things. When her weight improved, we narrowed things down to identify the prescription food and FortiFlora as the products that were making the most difference in her health. My Dane likes the taste, so I just sprinkle it on top of her dry food each meal, and there's no fuss. She is 3 years old now, at a slim but healthy weight (105 lbs), and she's able to maintain it. It's better for her to be slim so that there will be less stress on her joints as she gets older. I plan to keep her on FortiFlora permanently.

Review by Jen on 12/22/10

Works well so far

5 stars

We mix this product in with our year old GSD's bland diet. Boiled chicken breast and steamed rice with 2 tbsp yogurt was working but the addition of Fortiflora made firmer stools and a better feeling tummy. Our pup has had bad experiences with pancreatitis, HGE and Giardia. We are hoping this will help reduce the boughts of bloody diarrhea.

Review by Christopher on 11/12/10


5 stars

i have a great dane with horrible food allergies and fortiflora is the only thing that helps her out. I would reccommend this product to anyone who has a dog with cronic diarhea issues

Review by maggie on 11/4/10

Forti Flora really helped

0 stars

Our German Shepard/Keeshond mix has thrown up since we got her as a puppy (5 years ago). we have tried test and every food on the market and was able to reduce it to about once a week instead of every day. Our new vet recommended Fortflora and it has helped immensley. Her shedding has been cut in half, she only throws up maybe once a month and she is a much happier dog. Highly recommend this product.

Review by KC's owner on 4/26/10

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