Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats - Salmon Flavored (fits most capsules or tablets)

Greenies® Pill Pockets® Treats for Cats are a nutritious treat that contains a built-in pocket, perfect for hiding a pill or supplement. Cats love the taste so much – they won’t even notice the medicine inside!

S&M NuTec Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats - Salmon Flavored (fits most capsules or tablets) 642863021428
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Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats - Salmon Flavored (fits most capsules or tablets)
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Make giving pills a positive experience.
The idea is simple. If you put medication inside something cats actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making Greenies® Pill Pockets a proven stress free pill delivery treat.

Veterinarian designed and recommended.
Greenies® Pill Pockets® treats for cats and dogs were designed by vets and experts. So it not only helps with the delivery of medication, it also contains vitamins C & E to promote a healthy immune system.

Two tempting flavors.
It's easy giving medicine when you have two tasty flavors to wrap it in. Choose between chicken and salmon.


UPC 642863021428
Brand Greenies
Manufacturer S&M NuTec
Size approx. 45 treats
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

3 simple steps can make pill time a happy time for your pet:

1. Hold Pill Pockets® treat with thumb and forefinger. Insert tablet or capsule.

2. Using the same hand holding the pocket, squeeze the top half closed.

3. The Pill Pockets® treat is now sealed. Feed to your pet.

Important: To prevent transfer of medicine smell or taste, do not touch Pill Pockets® treat with the hand that held the pill.


INGREDIENTS: Natural salmon flavor: Rehydrated chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, wheat gluten, hydrolyzed salmon (source of salmon flavor), vegetable oil, natural flavors, dried corn syrup, dried cultured skim milk, sodium bisulfate, xanthan gum, preserved with mixed tocopherols.

Do Gives Pills Without a Pill Pocket

5 stars

Excellent way to give a pill to your cat, they think they are having a treat!!!!
Be sure to push pill deep into pocket and smoosh it closed, so pill is disguised.

Review by Girlie on 8/3/12

Makes giving pills a breeze!

5 stars

Our older cat needs several pills twice a day and it was difficult to get them all into him. We now use Pill Pockets - all the pills fit into 1 Pill Pocket and our cat is good about swallowing it.

Review by SScats on 8/3/12

great product

5 stars

Great price on pill pockets, they are a life saver if you need to give medication. I needed a large quanity and this fit the bill. Highly recommend pill pockets - most cats and dogs love them.

Review by llg on 8/3/12

Pill time is treat time

5 stars

My cat gets so excited at pill time. He loves his pill pockets and can hardly wait to take his daily medication

Review by Christine on 7/19/12

A HUGE Help for Mom!

5 stars

Several of my cats need to take medicine each day, and giving it to them is so easy with these Pill Pockets. My cats think these are treats so there's no stress when it comes to meds time. One of my cats who doesn't take daily meds loves them, too, and always begs for one. When she recently had to take a 10 day course of antibiotics, she was thrilled!!! I'd suggest trying a second flavor if your cat doesn't care for the first one--that made a big difference for one of my cats. And although they aren't sold on this site, look for the duck-flavored ones, which are particularly good for cats with allergy issues.

Review by Eileen on 7/19/12

Medicine time is now treat time

4 stars

Before I knew about pill pockets, I had to wrestle my cats into a blanket or towel whenever one of them needed medicine. Now that I've been using pill pockets, all I have to do is wrap up the pill, put it down, and the cat eats it all on their own! I have several cats at once that need to take pills at least once a day, and what I do is divide each pill pocket into 3 or 4 portions and each divided section is all it takes to cover a small pill. I'm not sure how well it would work for larger pills.

Some cats are more finicky than others and won't eat the pill even with the pill pocket. I still have to resort to a similar wrestling procedure, but with the pill pocket covering the pill it must taste less awful and the cat doesn't mind as much. If nothing else, it gives you a second (and third and fourth...) try if the cat spits it out, as the pill doesn't dissolve.

I've only had a problem once when I first bought the chicken flavor, as they were a little dry. Perhaps the store I bought them from stored them too long, but in any case I haven't had any problems with the salmon flavor.

Review by Mary on 6/18/12

Don't know what would I do without it

5 stars

My cats see it as a great treat and ready to eat as much as they can. So they never realize that there was a medication inside. They run over me when they see that I am opening cabinet (I keep pill pockets in same place with medications). So it's easy for me and pleasent for kitties.

Review by Zoia K. on 5/31/12

These work great!

5 stars

We actually use these for our dog. She has to take a 1/2 pill which ends up being very small so we use these pill pockets and it fits just fine and she LOVES the taste so she takes her pill with NO problems! There are also more pockets per bag than the pill size for dogs so that helps too.

Review by Pill Pockets for Cats/pills on 3/14/12

best way to give a cat a pill

5 stars

I struggled for weeks trying to give my cat his daily pill. Then I found greenies pill pockets, it is no longer a struggle! My cat loves them and I do too!

Review by buddy on 1/27/12

No more fighting Fluffy!

5 stars

With these I no longer have to fight my cat to take the medicine that she needs for occasions infections. Holding down a 12 lb cat may seem easy, but without these pill pockets I was the one who came out with scratches! These make my life so much easier and my cat enjoys them too!

Review by S2 on 9/26/11

love these

5 stars

Pill Pockets make it so easy to pill my cats! They gobble them right up.

Review by Mary T. on 2/11/11

Trump takes his medications now!

5 stars

My cat, Trump, is 13 and has CRF. I have to give him medication and supplements every day. It was so hard that I almost gave up. My vet recommended these pill pockets. I didn't think anything would work, but he actually likes them. It's also nice that I can get more than one pill in a pocket, so I save some money on that. He uses two a day.

Review by J.G. on 1/24/11

GREAT way to give pills! Couldn't do without them.

5 stars

I've used Pill Pockets for about two years for Ragnar's Azodyl, Denamarin, and antibiotics when needed. An Azodyl capsule (which is large) will fit into one pocket, and he will often swallow it without chewing. One pocket, torn in approximately 1/3 and 2/3 pieces, will hold a Denamarin rablet in the large piece and his 1/8 Prosilec tablet in the small - and he gulps these down readily.

If he's unwilling to eat the Pill Pocket, I roll it in a powdered soft Whisker Lickin's treat, Salmon flavored, and he loves it! This is kitty junk food, I know, but his doctor says it's well worth it to get him to take his pills.

Giving Ragnar his pills without Pill Pockets would be a nightmare! With them, it's like giving him a treat - for him and me. Thank Heaven for Greenies Pill Pockets!

Review by Ragnar's Mom on 12/27/10

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