Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs - Allergy Formula (Duck), Tablet Size, 2.6oz.

Feline Greenies® Pill Pockets® Allergy Formula:

Greenies Pill Pockets treats for dogs are a nutritious treat that contain a built-in pocket, perfect for hiding a pill or supplement. Dogs love the taste so much – they won't even notice there's medicine inside! This special allergy recipe is for dogs sensitive to common food ingredients by using Roasted Duck and Peas.

S&M NuTec Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs - Allergy Formula (Duck), Tablet Size, 2.6oz. 642863045813
5 stars
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Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs - Allergy Formula (Duck), Tablet Size, 2.6oz.
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The idea is simple. If you put medication inside something dogs actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making Greenies Pill Pockets a stress free pill delivery treat. This special allergy recipe is for dogs sensitive to commonly used proteins & carbohydrates often associated with itching and skin problems (usually an adverse reaction to a particular protein ingredient in the food or treat, such as beef, dairy, chicken wheat, eggs, corn & soy).

UPC 642863045813
Brand Greenies
Manufacturer S&M NuTec
Size Approx. 25 treats
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

3 simple steps can make pill time a happy time for your pet:

1. FIll: Hold Pill Pockets® treat with thumb and forefinger. Insert tablet or capsule.

2. Pinch: Using the same hand holding the pocket, squeeze the top half closed.

3. Give: The Pill Pockets® treat is now sealed. Feed to your pet.

Important: To prevent transfer of medicine smell or taste, do not touch Pill Pockets® treat with the hand that held the medicine.


Duck, glycerin, dried peas, natural flavors, vegetable oil, water, salt, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), Xanthan gum, Citric acid, preserved with mixed tocopherols (a source of Vitamin E).

Calories (calculated): 2,689 kcal/kg

kcal/treat: 8 kcal

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein minimum12.0%
Crude Fat minimum6.5%
Crude Fiber minimum1.0%
Moisture maximum29.0%


5 stars

My dog loves pill pockets. She takes pills each day with no problems wuth this product .

Review by Holly on 5/5/13

Improved appetite too!

5 stars

Our beloved pooch has kidney disease and often doesn't feel like eating. He'll sniff his freshly special diet dinner and just walk away. Heartbreaking because he looks interested in eating but then won't touch his food.
Besides all the poitive kuddos on using these pockets to give him his capsule meds, we found these actually entice him to eat. After giving him his liquid phosphate binder, we give him a pocket. It either covers that taste or at least he remembers there is some tasty food out there - and he eats his meal. Liverwurst, peanut butter, cheese doesn't work but these do. THANK YOU Greeenies!

Review by david on 1/1/13


5 stars

We have 4 yes 4 dogs 3 have allergies and it was not only difficult to find a way to give them their pills twice a day but, they all have limited diets. Greenies Pill Pockets thankfully solved our problems with Greenies Allergy Formula- the duck and pea formula. It has been a true god send! I would recommend these Pill Pockets they are great!

Review by JULIE on 8/3/12

Makes giving meds a breeze!

5 stars

These are awesome for giving dogs meds. My dog has a pill that i have to split so i pour the powder into the pill pocket and put another tablet on top, put 4 of his anxiety drops inside and squish it all together and he LOVES them!!

Review by Mandy on 8/3/12


5 stars

I recently adopted a shih tzu who needs medication twice per day. She loves pill pockets so she takes her medication gladly. I found Probioticsmart with Googles' help. They have great prices and great employees who will answer any questions you might have. Products are shipped immediately. I have ordered from them three times. It is a pleasure to deal with such a great company.

Review by Greytlover1 on 8/3/12

Greenies Pill Pockets - Great Product.

5 stars

Greenies Pill Pockets are a great product. My dog is on long term daily medication. The pill pockets make life so much easier. I just hide the capsule in the pocket and he gobbles them up like he would a treat. I would definitely recommend trying them.

Review by Dog Mum x 3 on 8/3/12

Thank goodness for pill pockets !

5 stars

As the owner of an ill pet, greenies pill pockets have made my dogs life (and mine) easier. My 4-legged best friend takes 5 pills a day and she doesn't know it thanks to pill pockets. She sees a pill pocket and can't wait to gobble it up. She never realizes that a pill (or two) is there with that tasty treat.

Review by Greenies Pill Pockets on 8/3/12

What dog wouldn't love greenies pill pockets??????

5 stars

My little dog sugar (recently adopted) had to have greenies pill pockets for her pills and now I give them to her as a treat. She just LOVES them and begs me so much for them. I give her dog bisquits for her teeth but she won't eat them till she gets her greenies. I just ordered 6 more so she will be very very happy. Thanks for offering them at such a reasonable price!!!

Review by Patty on 8/3/12

What dog wouldn't love greenies pill pockets (for a treat)???

5 stars

My little Sugar loves these so much that I now give them to her as a treat. I save a bag for pills but this is what she prefers over all other products one would call a "treat".

Review by Patty on 8/3/12

Excellent product

5 stars

My GSP, Annie, suffers from seizure disorder and has to take medications twoice daily. Pill pockets are an intergral part of helping Annie to remain compliant with her medication needs. We simply announe "time for Pill Pocket" and she immediataly takes her medication.
This web site offers the best price for Pill Pockets, and since we use so many, we order in bulk to take advantage of the free shipping offer. WIth the free shipping, we save aproximately $20 when we purchase 10 packs of the Pill Pockets for tablets. Annie loves both flavors equally. This is a must have if your per requires medications.

Review by Annie the GSP on 8/3/12

Pill Pockets save the day!

5 stars

Horray to Pill Pockets for disguising the daily pills that I have to give to my 18-year-old Chihuahua. She loves the taste of the beef Pill Pockets and has no idea that there's a pill in the "snack". I generally try to buy the larger sized Pockets (for capsules vs tablets) because, while they are the larger size, they are soft and I can break them apart into smaller sizes and get more quantity out of the bag for dispersing pills. Great product!

Review by Bonnie C on 8/3/12

great product

5 stars

My dog will not take pills. These work great. My dog always eats the pill everytime.

Review by T on 8/3/12

dog loves them

5 stars

Our dog thinks he is getting a treat. He will not take pills and greenies work.

Review by AST on 8/3/12

Pill Pockets save the day!

5 stars

If it wasn't for Pill Pockets, I would have a hard time giving meds and vitamins to my picky small dogs. They especially love the taste of the beef flavor and readily take their meds inside the pocket, thinking that it is a treat.

Review by Bonz on 8/3/12

tremendously helpful product!

5 stars

I love this product, i have an awesome Chihuahua that was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Pill Pockets for capsules makes it so much easier for my pet to take all of his meds! And he absolutely loves pill pockets! :-)

Review by M&M on 8/3/12


5 stars

This is a great product at a great price. My dogs love them and always take their medication without any problems. Wouldn't be without them!

Review by Chris on 8/3/12

Can't pass up this deal!

5 stars

These pill pockets have saved my dog's life! I have been using them for 18 months, twice a day for my dog with kidney disease. He takes the pills because he loves the taste of the pill pocket. He has never missed a dose. My second dog-spat out every pill regardless of what it was wrapped in. Not the pill pocket-he loves the taste. Can't beat the price either!

Review by Lynn on 8/3/12

Takes the stress out of administering meds & supplements

5 stars

Greenies take the stress completely out of administering meds or supplements to pets. Most pets love them, too. There are several flavors to choose from, so there's probably at least one that your pet will like. Our 'crew' includes several special needs animals who are doing well, but take multiple supplements twice daily to stay that way. Greenies have become part of our routine and have made supplementing so much easier. Thank you. PSCPets for extremely competitive pricing on Greenies and amazingly fast regular shipping to our area. I'll be back regularly to stock up.

Review by Petitzoo on 8/3/12

BEST product in the world!

5 stars

Greenines Pill Pockets are a miracle! My dog was the worst pill taker. He would always locate his pill in whatever food I gave i to him in and spit it out. Not anymore! I just stick it in a Pill Pocket and he gulps it down without even knowing it's in there. They are so easy to use too. Brilliant product!

Review by Dan on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

I take one of these pockets and use only the amount needed for the particular medication I am administering to my dog. Then I save the rest for the next pill. If he doesn't swallow it right away, I very gently hold his mouth nearly closed - he gets the idea, and swallows it.
The prices here are the best I've ever found. I've been buying these at a pet supply store for much more $.

Review by carolyn on 8/3/12

stress relief!

5 stars

Pill-giving was a misery for human and dog at our house, until a friend told me her dog likes pill pockets better than food. They are wonderful! So great to treat the dog's ailments with a treat.

Review by Melissa on 8/3/12

A constant in my house

5 stars

I've been using Pill lPockets since they first hit the market. I have eight dogs and use these constantly. So much easier than hot dogs or cheese (and I'm sure better for them.) I order the largest size and break them up to the size I need to save a little bit of money. And the dogs LOVE them! PSC Pets price is almost half of what the local pet store sells them for.

Review by Dyanna on 8/3/12

Practical and dogs love them

5 stars

My dogs all love the taste of these. You can pinch off an amount to cover the pill or capsule, without using the entire pocket. No more forcing a pill or capsule down the dogs' throats!

Review by carolyn on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

My dog is going blind so he needs to take 2 pills a day to prolong his vision. Due to his skin allegeries the Allergy Formula is great and my dog loves getting his medicine every morning.

Review by Denise on 8/3/12

Pill Pockets Are Great

5 stars

Pill Pockets make giving medications a breeze.

Review by B Sue on 8/3/12

Absolutely Wonderful

5 stars

We have been using Greenies Pill Pockets for quite some time now and wouldn't be without them for our dogs. These are the best thing going for giving your dog pills. An absolute must!!

Review by Renes on 7/5/12


5 stars

These are wonderful. I was having trouble finding new ways to hide medication until I found these. I am fostering a dog and he's on pain medication twice a day and I have to hide his pills to get him to take them. He was pushed from a car and got hit and now he's has a broken elbow. He's so smart that he quit taking any treats from me, until I found these little pill pockets. Now medication time isn't so bad.

Review by Cathy on 6/24/12

Best place to buy!

5 stars

This is the cheapest place to buy the pill pockets!

Review by Megan on 6/10/12

Better than any dog treat

5 stars

My chuhuahua has seisures and needs twice daily medication. My vet was using Greenies as a treat and he loved them. Since he only takes a capsule, I break them in half. His little sister (by adoption) also gets in line and she gets a small piece. They both know when it is 8:00 (AM & PM) and come and stand waiting on their meds. I alternate monthly between chicken and beef but it doesn't seem to matter, they love both.

Review by RetiredGI on 6/4/12

Annie loves them!

5 stars

My GSP suffers from epilepsy and has to take medication three times daily. Before I discovered Greenies I was resorting to cheese, lunch meat, anything to get Annie to cooperate. WIth the affordable pricing offered by ProbioticSmart.com I am able to use the pill pockets for every dose and Annie looks forward to receiving her pills. Thanks for a great product at an amazing price

Review by Avid dog lover on 5/16/12

Pill giver

5 stars

I use these every day since we have 2 dogs on medication twice a day. Definitely would buy again. Customer service was great. Thanks!

Review by Bobbi on 4/8/12

best way to give medicines

5 stars

It works especially well with finicky dogs that have a problem with pills/capsules.

Review by doggymother on 3/22/12

The best method to give your pet medication in a palatable form!

5 stars

I recently discovered pill pockets last fall when I had to give my mini-schnauzer some antibiotic tabs. He loved the beef pockets and I loved NOT having to push the tablets down his throat!!!
Now my other dog is on tablet form chemotherapy and we'll continue to use pill pockets with Ollie.

Review by Ollie's mom on 3/18/12

These make giving meds much easier!

5 stars

We really like using these capsule pill pockets in order to give our dog her meds. She loves the Pill Pockets and takes them with her meds in without any problems--thanks goodness! Well worth it.

Review by Pill Pocket for Dogs/Capsule on 3/14/12

Pill pockets are awesome

5 stars

Thank goodness for Greenies Pill Pockets. As the owner of a dog that is on numerous pills, greenies pill pockets makes giving my furry best friend her pills so much easier !

Review by Pill Pockets on 3/7/12

Pill Pockets are the greatest invention of all time!!!!

5 stars

BEST product I've ever used! My dog is really particular about what he will eat and he hates pills. I tried every kind of people food to get him to take his medications, but he usually found the pill and spit it out. This was extremely frustrating! He has never spit out his pills when given to him in Pill Pockets. He gulps them right down, no frustration for me and he loves them.

Review by Dan on 3/1/12

Great Product!

5 stars

Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs are the best thing ever made. It's so nice not to have to shove a pill down my dogs throat like in days gone by. I have 4 dogs and only one that has to take a pill every day. They all line up for a taste when I give her the pill each day. They could eat the whole bag I'm sure. My new puppy (14 weeks) barks each day when it's time for the pill. She's learned very fast!

Review by granmaboop on 2/28/12

great product

5 stars

My dog has seizures and takes medicine twice daily. The pill pockets are wonderful. They are easy to use, don't need refrigeration, and my dog loves them.

Review by Cubby on 1/20/12

Thank Goodness for Greenies Pill Pockets !

5 stars

Greenies Pill Pockets have made my life significantly easier. I no longer have to force pills down my dogs throat thanks to the pill pocket. My four-legged best friend actually enjoys taking her medicine now.

Review by Carrie-Ann on 1/10/12

Pill pockets make giving med easy.

5 stars

Greenie pill products are great. My dog likes the flavor and it makes it easy for me to give him his meds.

Review by Patricia on 1/6/12

love these!

5 stars

we use these daily at our kennel. about 85% of the dogs will eat them. they are so much easier to use than the cream cheese, peanut butter, etc. that we used to use, and no bowls or silverware to wash!

Review by marcy on 1/5/12

This makes my life easier!

5 stars

This makes my days so much easier when I need to give my boys medication. With these pill pockets I do not have to fight them to get the pill inside of them. Instead they think I am giving them a treat and they are more than happy to take their medicine. I recommend this to anyone who needs to give the occasional pill!

Review by S2 on 9/26/11


5 stars

As the President of an animal rescue specializing in special needs and senior dogs, we find ourselves medicating animals often and some are not as easy as others.

That being said we find this product makes giving meds so much less stressful on the animal as well as the human

I highly suggest trying them

Review by Joy on 9/13/11

greast thing ever made

5 stars

greatest thing ever made for giving pills

Review by lucy on 8/25/11

Great product for dogs medication!

5 stars

Our dogs don't like taking pills but they love it when they get these as a 'treat!'

Review by David on 6/18/11


5 stars

For years I struggled to give my Springer his meds and it was frustrating to say the least. Pill Pockets are the best. When its time for his pills, he thinks he is getting a treat! Its a win win situation for both of us.

Review by JG on 6/18/11

saved me

5 stars

My dog is able to detect pills in EVERYTHING (hot dogs, cheese, PB, etc) but he WILL take pills in these pill pockets (though he is not a fan of the duck). They have a strong odor, but this is probably why the dog doesn't detect the pill. I've even used this with Flagyl (which stinks) and he still takes it. I give him benadryl each night for his allergies too and it's so nice to not have to shove pills down his throat. Also, I've not found a better price than on pscpets.

Review by K on 5/16/11

My dogs and I Absolutely Love Pill Pokets!

5 stars

They are so easy to use; no mess; no lingering smeill on your hands; and my dogs can't wait to gobble them up!

Review by LisaJo on 1/21/11

Best thing ever!

5 stars

These treats are the best thing ever! I have a four year old bichon named Jax, and I have tried everything with him... peanut butter, regular butter, melted cheese, ground beef, you name it. I used to have to chase him around the house and hold him down. It was awful! I read reviews of these online and decided to try them. Now, he actually runs to me when he hears me open the package! Yay, Greenies!

Review by SJ on 12/28/10

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