Kong ZoomGroom Hair - For Dogs, Raspberry

Kong ZoomGroom removes loose hair like a magnet and stimulates capillaries and natural oil product for healthy skin and coat.

Kong Company Kong ZoomGroom Hair - For Dogs, Raspberry 035585511139
4.5 stars
  • canine
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Kong ZoomGroom Hair - For Dogs, Raspberry
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The Kong ZoomGroom is the best grooming and shampooing brush available. It removes loose hair like a magnet, and it stimulates capillaries and natural oil product for healthy skin and a healthy coat. Perfect for removing hair and use with shampoo; Massages while you brush; Made in the USA

UPC 035585511139
Size 1 each
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Brand Kong
Manufacturer Kong Company

Can be used with shampoo to massage and remove loose hair.

Made from durable Kong rubber

Saves me so much hassle

5 stars

My dog sheds A LOT and this comb works really well for her. It doesn't irritate her skin and it pulls the hair out nicely. Of course I always use it outside. It doesn't collect on the brush when I use it, it just pulls it out so it can be blown off. She's a white lab and I recommend this brush to everyone I know. I always have a fur rug by the time I'm done!

Review by Zee on 5/25/13

zoom groom vroom vroom

5 stars

The sports car of grooming materials, this inexpensive tool is the Ferarri of brushes! You might not think so, but it pulls triple duty in the home.. First, it pulls mega amounts of fur off our long-haired Belgian Groenendael, who has a formidable dual coat..
The downy undercoat and the long, more wirey type.
Whatever is unnecessary, simply comes off the dog. The dogs also like it, over pin brushes or rakes, since it is more like a massage tool, which it acts as a second function.. Using it during a bath allows an extra special role for clean up and fur removal, but heres a tip beyond the obvious uses.. Flip it over to use on your own clothes and furniture, as when raked along these surfaces, it is a fur magnet! If you routinely brush your animals, you know how much of their coat you end up wearing when you groom them. This will make sense why its called a Zoom Groom once you try that!
Further, PSCPets has Thee best price on it, ANYWHERE! Now that we know that, it will be where we come back for replacements.
Have given as gifts and they are always commented on, favorably!
Even cats will let you brush them if you use a zoom groom.
Try it once and you'll be SOLD!

Review by Melinda on 8/3/12


5 stars

I was very skeptical when I received this in the mail. By looking at it, it seems like it wouldn't really do much for the fur a husky sheds in the summer. But I am completely amazed with this brush! Hair practically leaps off my dog's back and is attracted to this rubber-material. It works better than any other brush I've tried; cut down on the hair on my carpet and furniture by AT LEAST half.

Review by annelise on 8/3/12

not good for short haired cat

2 stars

My cat is short haired and it don't collect hair very good.My Flea Comb does better.I guess I should of got a comb instead but I will continue using my Flea Comb.

Review by bkosegi on 8/3/12

zoom zoom

5 stars

Kong makes excellent products! This one is also APTLY named.. does the trick, in half (or less time) and you can't beat PSC Pets price either.. having a dog with a dual and Long haired coat, EVEN the dog prefers this method to traditional brushes at multiple X the cost.. again, you can't beat it!
well done!

Review by Melinda on 7/8/12


5 stars

We have tried the furminator, and all metal pronged dog brushes and my dog would squirm and cry. We take him to a groomer and found that she was using this product to get his undercoat out so I scoured the internet and found this website with the best price around! Trust me, spent hours looking! Got it sooo quickly and my dog lays there, sometimes even sleeps while I brush him now! It works amazing! Love this product, love this price!

Review by BigDogOwner on 5/11/12

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