Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies for Dogs - 4 oz

For fast relief of allergies affecting the eyes, ears, nose throat and skin of your pet. For itching, scratching and other irritations associated with allergies.

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Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies for Dogs - 4 oz
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Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Homeopathic Allergies Formula is designed to provide fast relief of allergies affecting the eyes, ears, nose, throat and skin of your pet. This formula can also be used when your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms, itching, scratching, excessive licking, allergic dermatitis, fleabite dermatitis, or any other irritations associated with allergies.

Each natural ingredient is selected by its clinical results and safety over the test of time. Natural Pet Pharmaceutical homeopathic formulas are synergistic combinations of the finest natural, homeopathic ingredients. That means that the comprehensive ingredients in a given formula are selected for their ability to complement the other formulas, creating an advanced therapeutic effect that is greater than the sum of the parts.

All Natural Pet Pharmaceutical formulas have a pure water base. There is no alcohol, sugar, or yeast. Alcohol can have can have a negative or toxic reaction in cats and other small animals and birds.

Homeopathy functions very differently from other remedies such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals. While herbs, vitamins and minerals work on a biochemical level to change or support body chemistry, homeopathy works on a bioenergetic level to bring balance to the body’s communication networks. All body functions are controlled and coordinated through energetic communication networks such as the nervous system. Every chemical within the body has a particular charge to it to respond very specifically to our energetic control networks. By balancing our energetic communications with homeopathy, the roots to the body’s biochemical functions can also be restored. The bioenergetic realm of life controls the biochemical realm of life.

About Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Homeopathy

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals are manufactured by King Bio, a USA based, FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to the use of safe, all-natural medicines without side effects. Each Natural Pet Pharmaceutical medicine carries the credibility of being an FDA registered, all natural homeopathic drug product. Each product is manufactured in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the FDA. A National Drug Code (NDC) number is assigned to each Natural Pet Pharmaceutical formula.

Available in 4 oz liquid

UPC 357955384342
Brand Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer Tomlyn
Size 4 oz
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Easy Hassle Free Dosage
Pour the measured amount into the water bowl daily. Repeat as often as water is replaced. Because of the pure water base, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals formulas do not change the taste or smell of the water supply and your pet will not have an aversion to drinking a healthy amount of water.

Add 1/2 Capful to Water Bowl Daily
The size of your pet does not matter with the dosage in the water bowl. The key to correct dosing is frequency. Your pet will drink the correct amount according to their size and cannot be overdosed. There is no problem in households with pets of different species drinking out of the same water bowl. There will be no problems giving this medicine because of the safe history, no side effects, and no known drug interactions with Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals.

Alternative Dosing
In addition to adding the formula directly to the pets

Ingredients - Official HPUS: Ambrosia, Arsenicum Album, Aurum Triph., Arundo, ACTH, Allium Cepa. cAMP, Cortisone, Galphimia, Histaminum, Kali Muriaticum, Mucosa Nas., Naphtalinum, RNA, Glucuronidase, Hyaluronidase, Sarcode Complex, Astragalus, Immunomodulatory Complex, Quercitin, Rutin, Wyethia, Sabadilla,Sulphur,Euphrasia Officanalis ,Nat Mur., Other: Bio-Energetically enhanced pure water base

Inactive ingredients - Citric acid, Potassium sorbate

Natural Pet Allergies

1 stars

Unfortunately, this did not work as well, she was balding around her skin,eyes, ears,and back. I really wanted this product to help, it did seem to make her feel better though

Review by Sam on 6/23/12

Appears to be helping quite a bit.

4 stars

My 4 year old dachshund has always had huge issues with allergic skin disorders. Dermatitis, etc. I have tried absolutely everything without a lot of luck. What works best is to go to the vet and get her on antibiotics, antifungals, and steroids. Nothing else has ever worked. However, I certainly do not want my dog on these strong prescription drugs regularly. The problem seems to be the worst in the summer. I live in SW Florida where it's pretty warm all year. But she does very well during Nov. - Feb. In March, it all starts up again. This is the first time I have tried Natural Pet Pharmaceiticals Allergies (for dogs). So far, so good. It is mid-May now and she is doing quite well. Not nearly so many problems as during other years. The proof will be if she makes it through the entire summer without the usual dermatitis attacks. She's on her second bottle now. As long as she continues to do well, I will keep her on this product indefinitely. If the whole summer goes by and she does well, I will truly be thrilled to death and will tell everyone I know who has a dog with skin issues about this product. Only time will tell I guess. So far I'm very pleased with the product. The only negative is the cost. It's a bit pricey for me. One bottle only lasts one month. I'm not too thrilled about having to buy a bottle every month.

Review by Natural Pet Allergies (For Dogs) on 5/18/12

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