Nutritional Supplement for Cats and Dogs

Nutri-cal is a very effective calorie supplement that provides extra energy in an easily digested, low volume gel for cats and dogs.  Nutri-cal has been proven very useful  for injured pets and pets dealing with a great deal of stress due to whelping, illness, and surgery.  It also helps increase aging pet's daily caloric intake.

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Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie nutritional supplement for cats and dogs. This product provides a source of additional energy for animals that are having a difficult time aqcuiring the calories their bodies need in order to function optimally.  It also works great as an additional energy source for working and hunting dogs. 

Even the pickiest of eaters are typically willing to take Nutri-Cal and will rarely deny it due to taste...it is also very easy to administer due to the fact that it takes a very small amount of gel to provide extra calories for your pet when compared to other energy supplements.

In order to get the animal used to the taste, it is highly recommended that you put very small quantities of Nutri-Cal into their mouth...they generally adapt quite quickly. 

As an added benefit, Nutri-Cal also contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids...other similar nutritional supplements do not.

UPC 0030521067862
Brand Nutri-Cal
Manufacturer Vetoquinol
Size 4.25 oz
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When supplementing an animal/pet's nutritional or caloric intake for additional energy, administer 1.5 teaspoons for every 10 lbs the animal weighs.  In the case that Nutri-Cal is being used to replace calories that cannot be consumed by the animal, administer 3 teaspoons for every 10 lbs of weight on a daily basis. 

There are 338 calories in every 100 grams of Nutri-Cal.

corn syrup, soybean oil (source of LA and ALA), malt syrup, cod liver oil (source of EPA and DHA), cane molasses, methylcellulose, water, gelatin by-products, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E), sodium benzoate (preservative), manganese sulfate, pyridoxine HCL, vitamin A Palitate & D3 supplement, potassium Iodide (source of iodine and potassium), riboflavin 5'phosphate sodium (source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus), folic acid and Cyancobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Great Product!! Highly recommend!!

5 stars

My vet recommended this product (at $15 tube). I used this I on my elderly, infirm cat and FIRMLY believe it gave her another year of life. It improved her appetite greatly. I STRONGLY recommend this product and purchasing it from Probiotic Smart. I received the product in a very timely manner and frequently received a free sample of another product. I just cannot say enough good things about Nutri-Cal or Probiotic Smart. Outstanding product, outstanding service!

Review by Stacey - Houston, Texas on 7/11/12

Love it!

5 stars

My vet recommended this for my elderly cat. It has given him more energy, a better coat and helps things keep moving through him, which was our concern. He licks it right off my fingers. My dogs get what's left over on my fingers and they love it too. The vet hospital charges 3 x's what I can get it for on this site. I have recommended it to several friends.

Review by Linda on 5/11/12

great price

5 stars

My dog has to take this for hypoglycemia and the vet charges three times what I pay for it here.

Review by lisa on 3/23/12

Great Product!

5 stars

My cat's vet recommended to give it daily. His energy levels have been improved. My cat likes it!

Review by Alma on 2/19/12

Miss Sophie's favorite taste

5 stars

I have a little Toy Fox Terrier about 13 years old who has diabetes as well as occassional flareups of pancretitus. Getting her to be still for her painful, twice daily insulin injections was trying until I got a tube of Nutri-cal from my vet which I gave her daily for nourishment when she was really sick. She loved the taste so well that I started giving her a thimble full in the tube's cap which she licks while I give her the injection. She doesn't even notice the stick of the needle any more. I can usually tell from her behavior when her sugar level drops so I give her a little Nutri-cal to get her over the hump. If I would let her, she would eat an entire tube she loves it so much.(posted 5/8/11)

Review by Roman on 5/8/11

She didn't lose an ounce!

5 stars

I have a 5 pound chihuahua that had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. We were concerned that due her lack of appetitie after giving birth, she would lose too much weight due to the lack of calories. We knew we would have to supplement her daily caloric intake (to basically replace the missing calories that she would have gotten in her food).

So...my neighbor (a veterinarian & dog breeder) recommended we purchase some Nutri-Cal. Molly loved it's taste so much that she would get absolutely ecstatic whenever I would reach for the bottle! It was very easy to give to her (because it doesn't take much to get a high number of calories into her system) and her diet & health did not miss a beat!

Review by Susan Richardson on 12/17/10

great product

5 stars

Was given to me at my vet's for a cat that had been injured and he instructed me how to give it to him. No problem! When my cat started licking the opening of the tube because he liked it, decided to just squeeze some onto his plate. Helped to speed up the growth of hair that had to be shaved from my cat's hind quarters and the injury healed well too.

Review by buttercup on 11/28/10


5 stars

my dog stopped eating for a week and Nutri-cal has greatly help to restore appetite

Review by stephane on 6/8/10

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