Port-A-Poo Waste Carrier

Created by dog-owners, Port-a-Poo is an easy, hands-free way to clean up after your dog while on walks.

Mind Body and Paw Port-A-Poo Waste Carrier PET305G
5 stars
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Port-A-Poo Waste Carrier
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Everyone loves taking their dog for a walk, but cleaning up him is always a pain, and with more than one dog, it gets even worse. Port-a-Poo makes everything easier with their hands-free way to carry waste bags. It is simple to attach and works with virtually any leash. It only takes a flick of a finger for the latch to open and close around the waste bag.

Port-a-Poo was created by a husband and wife team who have eight dogs of their own. They understand the needs for durability and ease, and tested their product over and over on their dogs until they got it just right. No matter how many dogs you have, Port-a-Poo will enhance your dog walking experience. You will be able to enjoy the experience more when you're free of carrying the waste bag.

It's simple and sanitary and comes in fun colors, like Classic Black, Passion Pink, Regal Purple, Royal Blue, and Ruby Red.

Brand Port-A-Poo
Manufacturer Mind Body and Paw
Size 1 each
Size Options N/A
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

1. Unscre your Port-A-Poo with a phillips head screw driver.

2. Lay the leash across the inside of half of your Port-A-Poo waste holder. (Hint: the closer you place the Port-A-Poo to your leash handle the easier it is to use)

3. Place the other half on top of the leash and recoonect the screws.

4. To use simply open the latch, lay the poop filled bag across the teeth and close the latch. (Hint: the closer the poop in the bag is to the clamp the less likely the bag is to sway and swing on the leash while you walk.

Boyfriend isn't grossed out any more!

5 stars

I got my boyfriend one of these because it always irritated me that he wouldn't pick up after his dog. He would just get too grossed out about carrying it around. This makes it so much easier, and you don't have to carry a thing. Now I'm not embarrassed to go on walks with him and his dog.

Review by Angie on 6/6/11

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