Probios Dispersible Powder - 25lb Pail

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Probios Dispersible Powder is a soluble source of beneficial bacteria to promote healthy digestion and gut health in all species of animals.

Vets Plus Probios Dispersible Powder - 25lb Pail 078631731372
5 stars
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Probios Dispersible Powder - 25lb Pail
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Probios® Dispersible Powder is used for horses, beef, dairy, sheep, goats, swine, dogs, cats and other animals as an oral direct fed microbial source to help maintain proper gut flora and improve gut absorption.


Probios® Dispersible Powder contains a source of live (viable) direct fed microbials. Since one direct fed microbial alone cannot provide all the required health benefits, it contains four species of live naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria including three species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, casei) along with Enterococcus faecium. It helps support proper digestion and bowel health in all types of horses, dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, exotics and other companion animals in a convenient powder.

How it works:

Since one direct fed microbial alone cannot provide all the required health benefits, Probios® Dispersible Powder contains four species of live naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria including three species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, casei) along with Enterococcus faecium. Live Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei and Enterococcus faecium all ferment lactose into lactic acid. As direct fed microbials, they promote breakdown and assimilation of nutrients while helping to maintain proper gut flora.

UPC 078631731372
Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 25 lb Pail
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new


Mix with normal feed or fluid.
Tip: 5 g = 1 rounded teaspoon (tsp). Teaspoon scoop included with product.

Feeding Recommendations

      Calves:  5 g/head/day
       Adults:  15 g/head/day

      Nursery: 2 g/head/day
      Adult:   5 g/head/day

      All 5 g/head/day

      Foals: 5 g per head per day.
      Adult Horses:   10-15 g per day. 

Dog/Cat/Rodent/Bird/Exotic/All other pets:
       For animals under 1.0 lb give ¼ tsp/pet/day
       For animals 1.0 to 10 lbs give ½ tsp/pet/day
       For animals over 10 lbs give 1 tsp/pet/day

Keep away from children.
In the event of overdose: Contact a veterinarian or health official.

Storage and Handling
Keep lid tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is for improving gut absorption and maintaining proper gut flora.
Lactobacillus plantarum promotes breakdown and assimilation of nutrients.
Lactobacillus casei is for providing enzymes and factors necessary for proper digestion.
Enterococcus faecium is for supporting bowel health and help improve gut absorption.

Label Guarantee

Lactic Acid Bacteria* not less than 10 million Colony Forming Units / gram
*(Enterococcus faecium; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus plantarum; Lactobacillus casei)

Other Ingredients
Whey, Corn Starch, Sodium Alumino Silicate, Sucrose


5 stars

great price, great size. i give it to all the animals. no more runny poops since.

Review by evelyn on 1/25/13

Works well, a lot of product for the price

5 stars

I think this works better on my cats' loose stools than other probiotics I have tried. And great price!!!

Review by Krista on 12/10/12

Excellent Product!

5 stars

We have Miniature Horses and a Haflinger... The Miniatures have been on it for a couple years now... We have NOT had a colic episode since! They love the taste - they will eat their food without it, but they prefer to have it! I have been recommending this to my friends and they have tried it and are very grateful that I recommended it to them! We used to have issues with loose bowels during the season change, but using this on a daily basis - it has stopped that as well! This is an excellent, well worth the price product!

Review by Barb on 9/1/12

Great product

5 stars

I've been using Probios for several years now for my senior horse, my hens and my dogs. We were have problems with my horse having persistent diarrhea and weight loss. At the recommendation of our vet we added a daily top dressing and we saw improvement in a matter of days. It's part of the daily routine now.

Review by Spiritwoman on 9/1/12

Great product

5 stars

I've been using Probios for several years now for my senior horse, my hens and my dogs. We were have problems with my horse having persistent diarrhea and weight loss. At the recommendation of our vet we added a daily top dressing and we saw improvement in a matter of days. It's part of the daily routine now.

Review by Spiritwoman on 9/1/12

Great product!

5 stars

I use probios in my cats drinking water daily. I never have sick animals, they are so healthy thanks to this product, so glad I found it. Very reasonable too.

Review by sue on 8/21/12

Great Product

5 stars

I recently adopted a dog that was picked up off the streets with demodex mange. The only hair on her body was running down her spine. Needless to say, her immune system was shot. The vet put her on Pribios in addition of course to treatment for the mange. Now the mange is gone, her hair is growing back and her stomach issues have resolved. The vet has said she will need to stay on the Probios for life and I am so glad to have found your website and get such a good deal on it. I believe in this product so much, I am now giving it to my 2 Italian Greyhounds. Thank you!

Review by Michele on 7/15/12


5 stars

Great product. Has resolved all of our stomach "issues"

Review by Peewee on 7/6/12

Probios is wonderful!

5 stars

We sprinkle it on our Labradors feed and it helps them so much keeping their digestive track in order. The dogs love the flavor and the 5 pound tub makes it really affordable which is great when you have a kennel like I do with 15 large Labradors

Review by Bonni on 6/14/12

not very effective

2 stars

Not seem to make any difference in symptoms in this cat. Needed to add Forte Flora to increase effectiveness. I was unable to find a specific amount for the ingredients so I don't know if this was part of the problem.

Review by Dorothy on 6/13/12

Not effective

2 stars

When I used Probios, my cat's symptoms returned. (I could not find the exact amount of the ingredients either.) I had to add several packages of Flora Forte to the Probios in order to increase the effectiveness so not a total waste. Not happy with this product for this cat. Doesn't mean it is a bad product but it does not work in this particular situation.

Review by dacmspd on 6/13/12

I have come to depend on ProBios

5 stars

I have come to depend on ProBios as an important part of shoring up the immunity of out pets (cats and dogs). I know it is particularly important for our geriatric cat and dog and gives me peace of mind.

Review by Robin on 5/22/12

I use this on my German Shepherds daily

5 stars

I've been using this on my GSDs for years and have been pleased with the results. No need to refrigerate. I just sprinkle it on their food once a day using the scoop provided. I don't know if it has any taste or not as no one has ever turned their nose up at it. They don't even seem to know it's there. Although I already use it daily, it is a must whenever using antibiotics.

Review by ohmy on 5/18/12

Excellent Product; Price is Right!

5 stars

We've been using the product for almost 2 years. This product has helped alleviate digestive issues for both my rescue dogs. The 25lb. Beagle mixes have responded well; it took about 30 days of daily use but they are regular, no straining, and no gas! Now they get it once a day and the Probios treats in between meals.

Review by chikg33k on 5/7/12

Excellent Product And Price!

5 stars

First let me say that our cat was extremely weak and could barely walk. Her kidney weren't functioning properly (as in many elderly cats) and she was literally wasting away because the nutrients aren't able to be absorbed into the bloodstream as they would if the kidneys are working as they should.
She was very bad and did not look like she was going to be able to last much longer as I searched online for something we could do!
I came across many articles and people recommending Azodyl, and Epakitin. So, we decided to try it. Well, to say it worked extremely well would be an understatement! Miraculously would be more accurate!
The NEXT DAY we saw improvement! Every day she seemed a little stronger and within a month she was trotting around again!

NOW to my review on Probios Dispersable Powder.
I didn't know about this product until I came across it here on the the site, and to tell you the truth, I only decided to purchase it because it would just get my order up to the 50 dollar mark for the free shipping. I figured it's like getting it free anyways right?
Well when we got the product, I saw that it actually has some of the properties of the Azodyl, which is much more expensive.
So, even though we are completely satisfied with how well the Azodyl and Epakitin has been working, I thought well, now that our cat was doing much, much better, maybe we could use the Probios Dispersable Powder one day, and the Azodyl the next, and see how that works.
Well, we noticed no difference in our cat, and infact it's easier to give to her because you just sprinkle it into their food...NO pill for one day!
PLUS the Azodly will now last you twice as long saving quite a bit of money!
Buy the Azodyl, Epakitin, and the Probios Dispersable Powder and get free shipping!
You can't go wrong with these products if you suspect that your cat has kidney problems, and 95% of all elderly cats have progressively diminishing kidney function, because these products work.
They literally saved our cats life!
Dave & Sue

Review by Hunter on 4/20/12


5 stars

Probios stopped my catahoula leopard dog, from chewing himself up! As a former professional pet groomer, I would recommend using this for your dog!

Review by Dawn on 4/13/12

love it

5 stars

I love this product my vet recommended it for my horse as she spent a complete winter colicing. she also occasionally gets a very ploppy manure and if i give her more probios she is normal almost immediately.

Review by probios on 4/6/12

Absolute Must In Everyones Diet

5 stars

Animals and humans should all be on a good probiotic. A friend once quoted a doctor that said, "Life begins and ends in the colon." While the stomach may start the break down, the absorption of nutrients takes place in the GI tract. A healthy balance of good bacteria is needed in the gut to ward off an imbalance and illness. Important to note that probiotics should NOT be given at the exact same time as an antibiotic but definately use a probiotic following an antibiotic round of treatment since antibiotics kill off any good bacteria in the gut. Could possibly avoid a yeast over growth in the body. Just another example of how we and our pets get afflicted by the same symtoms, side effects and illnesses. I first learned of the need for probiotics in 2005 after my dogs were diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer. I wanted to provide them with everything I could that would help support their immune system while not overworking their bodies in an already compromised state. Probiotics is a staple to good health IMO for everyone in addition to a good diet, exercise, digestive enzymes plus a good fast and detox for the kidneys and liver.

Review by ForTheSakeOfAnimals on 4/5/12

Great product!

5 stars

Helped with my dog's and horse's diarrhea problems.

Review by KD on 3/28/12

Is a Good Product for my birds

5 stars

Is a Excellent product for my birds.

Review by budgie on 3/27/12

It works!

5 stars

I've been using the Probios product for over a year now and it has made a huge difference in the overall health of my aging horse. We were having issues with diarrhea and his weight, at the advice of our Vet, we started top dressing his grain daily with the Probios and we've not had anymore issues. I also add it to the feed mix for my laying hens...great product - it works!!

Review by Happy Customer on 3/25/12

I sprinkle in all my cats and kittens wet and dry food everyday!

5 stars

I'm in rescue and when the kittens are weaned and start to eat wet and dry food I always sprinkle some in their food along with Humane Grade Diatomaceous Earth (kills any parasites) and if giving any antibiotics, this product helps restore good bacteria in their gut.
I even add a little powder to pediatite or water and will syringe in directly into mouth if kitten isn't eating well. I use it everyday on all my pets.

Review by dmprisk on 3/16/12

excellent must-have supplement

5 stars

In rescue, we are always looking for particularly beneficial products because almost every rescued pet has some medical problem. Probiotics are high on the list. Probios has proven to be very palatable to cats and very beneficial to the intestinal workings. Diarrhea is so common and this probiotic has noticeably reduced or cleared up diarrhea, plus just give better tone to the cats. One particular cat had been throwing up a few times per day for no good reason. Adding Probios to her food regularly has eliminated that problem. Now it's just standard to add daily to all food for the fosters in our care. Thanks, Stacy, for suggesting this product. And the price is right, too.

Review by taniak on 3/8/12

One of my favorite products!!

5 stars

I have used this product on my dogs & horses for over 7 years & can't begin to tell you how much better my animals perform & look in their overall appearance. Helps to utilize their feed better & helps to boost their immune system. "I Must Have" to keep their digestive system in good working order..Thank You!

Review by Nan on 3/3/12

Best product, great results

5 stars

I run a boarding and training kennel and I give this to all my clients. When dogs are under stress the first thing it affects is their digestive system. Some dogs won't eat the first few days but i just sprinkle this over their food and they eat it all up, licking the bowl clean.
This is a staple in my kennel and has been for many years.

Review by Country Gal on 3/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

We give this product to all of our dogs, Goldens and Shepherds. They are doing great!

Review by Kathy on 2/13/12

Probios Dispersible Powder

5 stars

This is the greatest. It keeps your horse's digestion especially when they are stressed. I give it every day

Review by Gracefule on 2/6/12

Great to use in Chicken Water!

5 stars

This is the best probiotic to use for our backyard chicken operation. We only have 35 hens so no automatic waterer. So, everyday we just add some of the powder to their water that we change daily. They don't seem to notice it, but we get wonderful eggs and no one ever seems to get under the weather.

Review by S2 on 1/18/12

Easy to Use

5 stars

My vet recommended I give my two cats a probiotic to help with their digestive tracks. I ordered the popular name probiotic she recommended, but neither cat liked the taste. They would smell their food and walk away. A sample packet of Probios was included in the order, so I decided to try it. I used the sample and ordered more, because both cats did not seem to notice anything added to their food and using the Probios once a day as directed resulted in firmer stools and less stinky litter boxes.

Review by Miki on 1/1/12

Great product

5 stars

I have used this product for over 5 years on my competition obedience dogs. It keeps their digestive systems working great and is a great supplement to their raw diets.

Review by Shannon on 11/9/11

Just started using this...

4 stars

So far, so good!

Review by Ginny on 10/19/11


5 stars

This product is easy to use and my dogs like the taste. It helps keep their digestion in tip top shape.

Review by 3tinyponies on 9/22/11

Prevention of ear and urinary tract infections

5 stars

My dog was prone to ear infections and urinary tract infections until I started using Probios Dispersible Powder. She would have one or two ear infections and one or two urinary tract infections every year. It was getting expensive at the vet and I didn't like giving her anti-biotics at all let alone a few times a year. She has been getting Probios Dispersible Powder for almost two years now and has not had a single infection since. The Probios is saving us a lot of money on vet bills and best of all, Probios is now building up her good biotics instead of the anti-biotics depleting them. I started my two newer dogs on Probios as well from day one even though I am not aware of a history of infections with them. I just want them to be healthy and I trust that Probios is doing them good.

Review by Joley on 9/17/11

Probios dispersible powder

5 stars

Crumpler Kennels is a breeder of Labrador Retrievers. Since finding Probios Dispersible Powder we have had amazing results, We sprinkle it on our dogs food everyday they are healthier and have more stamina, they also now have firmer stool which makes for easier clean up. We are in love with Probios Dispersible Powder and for us it is the only probiotic powder we will use.

Review by Bonni on 8/18/11

This stuff really works!

5 stars

My chocolate Lab Cooper has had a hard time with food allergies. He has been sick with IBS since he was approximately 5 mos. old and had horrible diarrhea. His bowels were in constant spasm and he seemed to either be constipated or having very very soft stools. I felt so bad for him! He has been on ProBios for about 3 weeks now and I can say we have poop. Not swish, not runs, not mucus...I never thought that I would be so interested in dog poop until I had a dog with a poop problem. I was glad to find your site and now will order this from you in the future. It's much cheaper than getting from the vet.

Karen & Cooper

Review by Cooper's Mama on 8/5/11

Great for chronic ear infections

5 stars

My golden retriever had ear infections every fall for the first 2 years we had her; terrible redness and brown 'gunk' in her ears requiring daily cleaning. We put her on a dose of probios after she ate something out of the trash and had diarrhea and we noticed her ears cleared up. I have increased her daily dose to 2 tsp per day in her food AM and PM and this fall, NO EAR INFECTIONS! I haven't cleaned her ears out in more than a year. They are pink and dry and beautiful. AMAZING PRODUCT!

Review by Lisa AZ on 6/15/11

Results are in...parasites are gone!

5 stars

We have one horse that is so full of parasites she colicked (something a horse living like ours is never supposed to do). So I started feeding everybody two full tablespoons of Probios powder every day (one morning, one night) while I chase them around trying to catch some poop for tests. Finally after 2 weeks I got everybody but Pocket, the infested one... and got the results today... all totally clean! Totally. I, of course, am going to keep up that feeding (your recommended dose is one teaspoon a day). But it's depleting my supply quickly. The first of two canisters you sent is almost empty. If this keeps up for a while I will be blogging about it whether your scientists like it or not :)

The vet has been telling me the strongyles are out in masses (from all his other clients) because of the wet, and resistance to the drugs available. I can't wait to hear his reaction to this.

Review by Joe Camp - Creator & Writer of the Benji Films on 3/16/11

Our Sheltie Got Her Bark Back

5 stars

Last October our 13 year old sheltie started coughing like she had kennel cough. Or vet recommended an x-ray and it turned out it was congestive heart failure caused by a leaking valve. She was prescribed a bunch of new medications that controlled the problem, but she will have to take them the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, all the new meds were upsetting her digestion, causing diarrhea and loss of appetite. Anybody that has a pet that won’t eat knows how stressful it is, and we were especially worried about her taking so much medicine on an empty stomach.

The only thing that would break the digestion problem was a prescription of Metronidazole from the vet. They also recommended Purina Fortiflora. Even though we were giving her Fortiflora, (we have to fill gel caps because she hated the taste) she would slip back into the digestive problem a couple of weeks after she stopped the Metronidazole.

We were running low on Fortiflora so I went to Amazon to reorder. The order ended up coming from ProbioticSmart.com (I was just shopping by price). Fortunately, they included a sample of Probios in the order. When we started running low on the Fortiflora I started adding the Probios. The difference was like night and day. Within two days she was cleaning her bowl and looking for more, and has been eating like normal ever since (going on three weeks, knock on wood).

In short, it worked for us, and I just wanted to share our story in the hope that it might help someone else.

I ordered some teeth cleaning products too. I’ve been told that bacteria and infections in the mouth can cause heart valve infections/problems. It’s too late for me to reverse the damage, but I can try to help it from getting worse, and perhaps help others decide to start cleaning teeth before you end up in our situation.


Review by Rick on 2/12/11

IBD and IBS this helps!

4 stars

Weims can have sensative stomach's and allergies. I have a few that need special diet and even with that still have problems digesting their food and diarhea. When we add the Probios daily to food this helps keep stools firm and gas to a minimum. If we happen to run out it is inevitable that we get tummy/stool problems. Thanks for such a great reliable product!
Dawna and April
PM Weimaraners

Review by PM Weims on 12/26/10

Top Notch Product!

5 stars

Probios is the first time I've given my mare probiotics. I had purchased it because the owner of the stable where my horse stays had recommended it to me when I began keeping her there. The stable owner said that it would help her adjust to her new surroundings and that it would be easy to administer to here (just sprinkle it on her food which was also new). I was positive that she would have diarrhea because of all the changes in surroundings and diet. To my surprise, her manure was extremely consistent throughout and she did not seem to be experiencing any stomach distress or digestive upset. I can only attribute this to Probios. So, I just never stopped giving it to her! I mix the powder in with her food regularly...I believe that she's gained numerous health benefits through it's use. I will continue to repurchase it through you and will also keep it in mind when speaking with other horse owners at the shows that I attend.

Review by Samantha K. on 12/7/10

Fantastic for any stomach upset or as a preventative

5 stars

I have 4 horses and 25 dogs and have been using ProBios for many years. Anytime one of the "kids" has a stomach upset, I give them ProBios. It aids in putting their digestive tracts back on the right course and gives their immune systems a boost. I always use it after worming and during use of any antibotics for both the horses and dogs. I also use it daily with my older animals. I use the human version for myself everyday.

Review by Julianne on 11/24/10

"Should be in every Home for Pet's and on the Farm for all Animal's"!!

5 stars

Probios is a product I have used for years, from my herding dogs,to my horses, sheep and lambs. Keeps my animal's in the top of health by utilizing the feed and grasses they eat. Helps the immune system perform at it's best. And should always be used before, during, and after, antibiotic treatment and worming, to keep the good bacteria in check. Not only are my animals kept on a good bacteria, but my family also is on probiotic made for people!

Review by Nan on 8/19/10

Best things For Horses

5 stars

I have a Arab mare that gets stressed out and it causes her to have stomach problems. She stops eating then she loses weight. THe vet told me that we needed to get something for her or she could get ulcers. We put her on the Probios Powder and she has not had any issues with not eating and she has put on weight. She looks great and the only thing that we have done different is put her on this product. It is a godsend.

Review by Kimberly on 8/13/10

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