Probios Feed Granules

Probios® Feed Granules are an easy-to-feed probiotic supplement that is beneficial for livestock and poultry. Probioitcs help the digestive system to break down and assimilate nutrients effectively, and they also support the immune system.

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Many studies have been done on the use of probiotics for livestock, and several benefits have been shown. Certain cultures of probiotics have been shown to exert inhibitory action toward salmonella in the intestinal tracts of  chickens. The daily use of probiotics on kids and piglets have shown results in increased growth and feed efficiency. Other studies indicate that feeding select cultures of L. acidophilus helps to increase milk yield in dairy cattle.

Probios® Feed Granules work to maintain the proper intestinal flora of your livestock, which supports healthy digestion and  the efficient assimilation of nutrients. The granules can be used on cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and other livestock. Gastrointestinal illness is a primary concern for many livestock owners, and also one of the most expensive conditions to treat. Some of the conditions probiotics can help treat are skin and coat problems, as well as diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Feed Granules are a diverse source of live, direct fed microbials, because one microbial alone does not provide all of the desired health benefits. This supplement contains four species of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria: three species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, casei, and plantarum) and Enterococcus faecium. Lactobacillus acidophilus helps to improve gut absorption of nutrients and maintain proper intestinal flora. It has also been shown to help prevent yeast infections in the upper digestive tract, especially those caused by  Candida albicans. Lactobacillus casei complements the growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus and works to propagate desirable bacteria, while Lactobacillus plantarum is necessary for the production of lactic acid. Enterococcus faecium promotes intestinal well-being, and all four of theses bacteria ferment lactose into lactic acid.

Feed Granules also utilizes calcium carbonate, which is a supplement used when the amount of calcium taken in the animals' diet is not enough. Calcium is necessary for bone health and development, and it also helps to ensure the proper function of muscles and nerves. Young animals need the proper amount of calcium as their bones develop, as do adult animals, as a preventative measure against the bone loss that naturally occurs with age. Older animals require extra calcium, because as they age, bone breakdown exceeds formation, and can result in bone loss. Calcium is also beneficial for the nervous system and heart.

Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 5 lb container and 50 lb bag
Size Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new


Mix with normal feed.
Tip: 5 g = 1 teaspoon and scoop is included with product.

Feeding Recommendations

Calves: 5 g/head/day in starter ration
Incoming feedlot/stocker/hospital: 10-15g/head/day in ration
Low intake/stale/Environmental stress: 30 g/head/day for 3 days

Calves: 5 g/head/day in starter ration
Heifers: 10 g/ head/day in ration
Cows: 10 g/head/day pre-freshening though peak lactation
Hospital during environmental stress/heat or cold: 30 g/head/day for 3 days

Sow:  5 g/head/day two weeks prior to farrowing and during rotation
Starter/grower:  2 g /head/day in ration

Sheep/Goats:  5 g/head/day in ration

Foals: 5 g /head / day.
Adult Horses:  15 g /head / day.
Racing or Training Horses:  15 g /head / per day.

Keep away from children.
In the event of overdose: Contact a veterinarian or health official.

Storage and Handling

Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is for improving gut absorption and maintaining proper gut flora. Lactobacillus plantarum helps support bowel health. Lactobacillus casei provides enzymes and factors necessary for proper digestion. Enterococcus faecium is for promoting intestinal well being.

Label Guarantee

Lactic Acid Bacteria* not less than 10 million CFU / gram
*(Enterococcus faecium; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus plantarum;
Lactobacillus casei)

Other Ingredients
Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Alumino Silicate,Sucrose

A Horse's Best Supplement -- Probios Feed Granules

5 stars

This is a GREAT product and the most economical product that really works that we've found to proactively keep our horses feeling and looking good. We have used it for years on our herd of horses. It keeps down excessive gas, bloating, and that awful squirty diarrhea that some horses tend to have. Good digestion means better use of the feed and supplements and a better feeling, better looking, and better performing horse. Why waste money on expensive supplementing when it just goes right through and doesn't get absorbed properly. Better coats, hooves, performance! We love the Probios Granules and find that they are easy to give and palatable to the horses. It is just a good product to help your horse be the best!

Review by Milli Ann on 11/30/13

a MUST for every horse owner!!

5 stars

Love this product I have been using Probios for the last 8 years with our barn, horses are less gassy and are much happier campers when taken to
shows in the summer! All of the horses love the granules! Would never go without this product!!

Review by Krystle on 10/14/13

Great Product

0 stars

I have been showing cattle for 5 years and have tried a number of products to keep my animals digestive tract in balance. This is by far the easiest and most effective product I have used. I feed this product daily to my cattle and it makes it so much easier to clean and care for my cattle.

Review by Jaimie's Show Cattle on 8/3/12


5 stars

We have 18 mostly elderly horses and mules and use Probios daily for all. We have had two cases of colic in the four years we have been using this product and both times it was caused by a major medical problem unrelated to a stomach ailment. We think that using Probios helps tremendously and the 50 pound bag is economical and lasts us about 70 days. For about a dime a day we are preventing major stomach upsets in our equines.

Review by PAN on 8/3/12

totally love probios

5 stars

I was recommended this product on a website. I was skeptical at first but over time this product has really helped with my horse's coat and eating habits. It also encourages him to eat during our active barrel racing season, such a great product. I would certainly recommend to everyone. Also I really like the granulated ProBios because there is less waste when I add to his feed.

Review by Sydney on 8/3/12


5 stars


Review by ANGOLACOWGIRL on 8/3/12

I put my trust in this product

5 stars

I have been using this product for a few years now on my two horses. I use it as prevention of any problems with digestion. The horses take it without any problems. I top dress on their feed. It is very easy! Great product!

Review by Denise on 8/3/12

probios feed granules for horses

5 stars

I've used this product for 5+ years--- started on it after one of my horses kept getting gasy type colic...... A friend offered this as a help- thinking the next bout "might" not be as bad... But once I started feeding this--- that mare has NEVER as of today infact- has coliced again-- NO colic of ANY type..None ,zero, zippo, goose egg...nope..... I bet she's happier now too. No more vet calls/ & medications/ & shots for her tummy ache..
Try it--- I bet you will be as surpirsed as I was..... Now every animal I own starts THEIR day off with 1 scoop in their feed.... My vet says my horses have never looked better & whatever I'm doing- keep it up! And only Probios has: NO FILLERS--- Just good hard working product. Why pay for fillers you OR your animals DON'T need or have no benefits???? GO PROBIOS!!!!!!!

Review by DONA on 8/3/12

Cost effective, easy to feed, good addition to equine feed

5 stars

We started using Probios Feed Granules several years ago to help keep our guys sensitive equine digestive systems working at their best. A scoop of Probios in the feed bowl daily and we know they've got the support they need to get the most out of their feed. In tough economic times, while we tighten belts, this is one product well worth the money. It's an economical, high quality product and one of those stitch in time things that to help avoid an equine medical situation.

Review by SuznS on 8/3/12

Great product

5 stars

We have fed Probios daily to the 21 horses and two mules we have rescued since 2006. Most of them are law enforcement seizures for cruelty or neglect and were or are in bad shape physically. Most of them are over twenty years old and have medical problems related to either their past treatment or age. People who have horses are amazed when we tell them that we have had only three colic episodes. Two of them were disease related. We believe that the daily feeding of Probios keeps our equines' internal systems regular and since we buy 50 pound bags, the price averages out to about nine cents daily per equine. That is a huge savings over possible vet bills for colic. We recommend this product absolutely and unconditionally.

Review by PAN on 8/3/12

Love it

4 stars

I live in NE Oregon and on occasion I notice my 5 horses, who are on native grass all year - approx. 40+ acres each pasture - eating each other's feces. I'm not sure what causes this, as they get a great variety, plus I supplement with hay (depending on the weather) and a vitamin, etc etc.

Anyway... If I add Probios granules to their vitamin regime for about 2 weeks it clears everything up and they are "good to go" for another year or so. I will slowly taper off the Probios, so it ends up of the horses being on Probios for about 1 month total. I don't feed it all year, 24/7 so their own systems can build up. I use it as a kick start when I feel the horses need extra help. I don't worm often - twice a year - as I am a clean facility (only my horses). I don't have irrigated pasture, only what nature provides -- green spring thru mid-summer then dry fall and then snow in winter.

I recommend Probios to anyone who has a horse with minor stomach issues than can't seem to be resolved. Of course, SEE YOUR VET FIRST.

Review by runninfree on 8/3/12

Granules better than powder, good value

5 stars

I'd been feeding ProBios to 3 horses for awhile before I found this site. The price and discounts/free-shipping make it a great place to buy. AND through Probioticsmart.com I discovered the feed granules! This formulation seems much less apt to blow away when it's fed and being pushed around with the grain as the horse chows down. Really like it.

Review by JamieS on 8/3/12

Great Product!

5 stars

I have been using Probios for several years now. I started when I was competing in long Distance Riding and continue to use it for my trail riding horses.

Review by Pryde Prairie on 8/3/12

Great Product, Great Health Benefits and Easy to Feed

5 stars

I have been using Probios Granules for several years now on my horses. I use it as prevention of any type of digestion problems. It's easy to feed, a scoop daily added to their feed and that's it. I believe in this product and will continue to use it!

Review by Denise on 8/3/12

Great product easy to use

5 stars

I use this product for my horses, dogs and poultry. I love the granular type because it doesn't cake up and stays easy to scoop.

Review by Sandy Creek on 8/3/12

Thirty Years Old

5 stars

Have been feeding Priobios to my old horse for several years. He will be 31 in June, 2012 and still going strong. Am also feeding to my new horse and am including granules in my dog's diet. My recently passed Lab was 14 when he died, old for a Lab. His skin allergies were well-controlled with diet and Probios. I am a firm believer in probiotics and Probios. I prefer granules since horses are boarded and you never know where powders are going to fly when barn help dispenses :).

Review by Eileen on 8/3/12

Noticable Difference Fast

5 stars

I own and raise and show quality Horses for all events, we have a 18+ horse barn with boarders, and training horses. I have been using Probios for the past couple of months, and have noticed a huge diffrence in my horses. I have horses from 5-27 years old and everyone of them benifited from this. They were maintaining weight better, coat, and behavior balanced. Highly Recommend to start on your horses or add to your feeding schedule for your boarding barn.

Review by LH Quarter Horses on 8/3/12

Cost effective product for healthy digestion = happy horses

5 stars

We horse owners have a lot to think about to keep our big critters happy and healthy, especially avoiding problems in the crucial and delicate digestive system. One daily dose of Probios feed granules goes a long way to eliminating that worry. Early grass, a change in feed, stress are all handled easily, feed digested effectively. Probios granules are the most cost effective supplement I use and we don't go one day without it. We also give doses to the dogs and cats. Out investment in Probios gives a terrific return in our animal's health

Review by Suzn on 8/3/12

A must for show cattle

5 stars

Our daughter Jaimie has been showing cattle in Florida since age 8, she will be 16 in Aug. With the almost every weekend travel to a prospect show, the cattle digestion can be compromised and cause dehydration and weight loss. This is the best product we have found to keep the animals guts in proper working order. We feed it from the time we buy the animal until their last show. Last year we tried to cut corners and only feed the product two days prior to a show. This almost made us miss a steers weight requirement for the final show, this year we will feed continuously as we have in the past. Great product for show animals !

Review by Jaimie's Show Cattle on 7/3/12

1st one to work!

5 stars

After trying several different products a vet let me know they were not strong enough to work for my gelding. He recommended the granuals and we are starting to see form in his piles. He had a terrible bacterial infection in his gut when i got him. It will take time for his to re-establish his own flora. This is helping him along like nothing else i have tried. I do have to mix with plain yogurt to get him to eat it.

Review by probios granuals on 6/11/12

Great product for a terrific price.

5 stars

I have used probios granules for some time now with my 29 year old quarter horse. Before using probios he was having bouts of colic and soft to runny stool. On probios he has not had colic and his stool is normal. I would recommend this product to anyone. This website offers the best price out there! Thanks

Review by Nicole on 10/4/11

Great Product

5 stars

This is my second order of Probiotics for our horses. We've been very pleased with their improved condition as well as having a peace of mind that their intestinal health is being cared for. I have one mare that is prone to ulcers and feel this product is helping with keeping that in check. The granules are easy to top dress on the grain with no problem of palatability.

Review by MissyR on 4/12/11

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