Probiocin Oral Pet Gel

Probios Probiocin Oral Gel for Pets is an easy to use, palatable supplement used to support proper gastrointestinal balance in small animals and birds. It also helps to improve and maintain overall health.

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5 stars
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Probiocin Oral Pet Gel
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Probios Probiocin Oral Gel is a probiotic supplement that helps maintain healthy digestive function by supporting the proper bacterial balance in the lower intestine. It also helps to improve overall health by promoting the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients. The gel contains four species of naturally occurring, live bacteria: Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus, plantarum, and casei. There are 10 million CFUs per gram of viable bacteria.

Probiocin can be fed daily to help maintain normal digestion, and it is recommended for use before and during exposure to stressful situations, such as kenneling, travel, and exposure to other new experiences and people. This supplement is safe to use on puppies and kittens. It can also be used on birds when trimming beaks and nails and when clipping wings. Probiocin can be administered for long periods of time, but any health-related questions should always be discussed with your veterinarian.

The gel comes in an easy to use tube dispenser, and most animals love the taste. These qualities make it a perfect choice for picky pets. Probiocin is also easy to store as it does not need to be refrigerated, and only needs to be kept in a cool, dry location.

UPC 794535150117
Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 15 grams
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Suggested Use: Newborn Puppies & Kittens - 1g orally at birth and days 4, 7 & at weaning.

Suggested Use: Adult Dogs & Cats (Post-Weaning) - 1g/10 lbs repeat as needed.

Suggested Use: Birds: 1/4g (size of a small pea) when clipping wings, beaks & nails, pairing up breeding birds & for adults feeding new babies.

Vegetable Oil, Corn Starch, Sucrose, Silicon Dioxide, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Silico Aluminate, and mixed tocopherols, as a Preservative.

very good product

5 stars

5 feral kittens one in need of TLC a runt with severe diarrhea and other issues. Since the humans in this household take probiotics thought I would try. Without this product I am no sure the runt would have made it, but she is thriving and looks forward to her Probiocin Oral pet Gel every day, of course everybody else expects theirs to.

Review by Rebecca K on 8/28/12

Great Product

5 stars

My cat has IBS with blood in his stool. He has been on it about 2-1/2 years now. The Probiocin makes a difference. This certainly helps, but not a cure. He loves the taste and the other cats come around for their "treat" too. I have order numerous times from PSCPets.com, product comes quickly, can't find a lower cost anywhere, and I like earning the points toward my next order. And, I order so much I get low shipping!

Review by TXCJG on 7/27/12

great product

5 stars

we have our dog cinnamon on it twice a day and she loves it keeps her regular

Review by cinnamon's mom on 7/7/12

love it

5 stars

I breed Labradors and we give this to our pups every week to help build the good bacteria in their tummies. I can't imagine what I would do with out it

Review by Bonni on 6/14/12

Works great

5 stars

One of my cats decided after 6 months that he did not what Intelliflora with his food for the time being. Great balls of fire this cat is fussy. One of the phone reps. suggested I try this gel product. I was reluctant at first, Morgan is not thrilled with being pilled or liquid oral treat. So I put some on my finger for him to lick off, no luck, so I just placed my finger with gel on the top of his pallet. know problem. Most of all Probicin seems to work just as well as Intelliflora

Review by Law on 6/10/12

Great Product!

5 stars

I volunteer with a rescue, and have used this product consistently for years. It really helps the kittens develop good bacteria so they have less diarrhea and get over diarrhea sooner. I can't imagine kitten season without it!

Review by Freedom Farm Cats on 5/11/12

Effective, Natural Remedy to Control the "Runs"

5 stars

Effective product in keeping our cat's chronic diarrhea under control. We give it to our cat twice per day.

Review by Wes on 5/10/12

Preferred by our rabbit.

5 stars

One of our rabbits is on long term antibiotic treatment for chronic nasal infection/congestion. Our veterinarian had been providing Probiocin along with the antibiotics; however, the veterinary practice recently changed to another probiotic brand which our rabbit did not like. I went online and found Probiocin, which he looks forward to once again.

Review by Robert on 4/18/12

Cured IBD, cats love taste!

5 stars

My cat had Irritable Bowel Disease for more than ten years (the vets at that time didn't recognize it), and Probiocin Pet Gel, recommended by a new vet, cleared it up in a few days. No more skinny, bloody stools - they are normal now. He likes the taste so much that he goes to the place where I keep the gel and sits there until I give him some. I've had to cut the dosage in half and give it twice as often to keep him happy!

Review by Shirley on 3/19/12

Great product

5 stars

Have been using Probiocin Oral Gel for my long-coated Chihuahua for a couple of years and have started using for our newly aquired cat as well. Both animals have sensitive digestive systems and the gel has been instrumental in resolving the issues we have dealt with--dog used to vomit quite regularly and rarely does so now.

Review by Jwheeler on 2/18/12

Great product

5 stars

When one of my dogs had a diarrhea problem my vet put her on this and in one day she was back to normal. I have used it on other occasions since that and it has never failed. I was so happy to find it available on this website and at a lesser price. I now keep it on hand at all times.

Review by Margie on 2/2/12

Flavorful & Great for controlling IBS (Intetstional Bowl Syndrome) in cats!

5 stars

I learned about this product when I adopted a cat from Best Friends who lost his back legs due to being hit by a car. Since his bladder & colon are expressed due to paralysis, he was on several meds and this product was one of them. I have another cat with IBS and thought I would try him on this, also. Great results along w/holistic food!

Review by Bubba Lu and MoJo on 12/11/11

great product

5 stars

we use it for one of our cats who has loose stool and we use it for the 2 others who have hard stool . It really helps to keep them going regularly.

Review by kerry on 12/5/11

great and natural way of treating your pet

5 stars

ghido our cat loves his yogurt (as we call it)
It has stopped his diahhrea. he has been taking it for 2years now.
great product at a great cost .

Review by kerry on 11/3/11

Works for Me

5 stars

I have a small dog with a delicate digestive tract and this works well and keeps him healthy. Probiocin is easy to use and the taste must be good because my papillion will take it with no problem. GREAT PRODUCT!

Review by Bandit on 10/29/11

Probiocin Gel

5 stars

My cat had severe diahrea. After putting him on this product, he still has some diahrea, but is using the litter box once again. Best of all he likes it. He follows me to the kithen each morning and waits to have his daily dose.

Review by Karen on 10/26/11


5 stars

This is the best product for our dogs and guinea pigs. Works so well to help them. We just love it. Only wish it came in bigger tubes.

Review by cdvend@verizon.net on 10/9/11

Probiocin Gel

5 stars

My cat was very ill and his diahhrea was becoming more severe. After using Probiocin, he is like a different cat. He has gained weight and adjusted to a new food quite remarkably. A big plus is that he loves the taste and it is easy to administer daily,

Review by Karen on 8/31/11

I give it to my other chi's too on occasion.

5 stars

I have a chi with a digestion problem. I was always taking her to the vet because she wouldn't eat or she would have loose stools. The vet put her on Probiocin and I don't have problems anymore. I will keep this on hand always.

Review by Teenie on 8/7/11

Great for picky small dog

5 stars

I was told about this gel by a "Yorkie" breeder. This has proven to be everything I hoped it would be and my picky eater absolutely loves it! Not one incident of throwing up since she has started eating. I also give her the treats and she loves it too!

Review by Donamari on 7/15/11

Awesome Product to Restore Health !

5 stars

I love this product. My pets (3 cats , 2 dogs ) had numerous issues and needed antibiotics, one cat numerous rounds.
That being really stressful on a living organism's immune system and digestive system, I heal them with this wonderful product. Their stool is more healthy, and their overall appearance and behavior says "better".

Review by OsiPheoMax on 2/15/11


5 stars

I use this for my beagles who throw up after any type of antibiotics or recently given Panacur for worms. The Probiocin gel given an hour after the meds, always stops them from throwing up later or the next morning. I love it and they seem to love the taste too, which makes it easier to give a sick pet.

Review by Molly Love on 2/8/11

Cured his lifelong IBD! And he loves the taste.

5 stars

My gorgeous 'Wegie, Ragnar, is about 14 years old, and had Irritable Bowel Disease for most of his life, ever since a severe case of colitis when he wasn't much more than a big kitten. The vets at that time said it was harmless (it wasn't!) and just something he had to live with. He must have gone 11 or 12 years with pencil-sized stools with blood and mucus.

After he became diabetic (now diet-controlled) in April 2009, his new vet - an excellent doctor - recommended Probiocin. He no longer has blood or mucus, and his stools are normal size. Probiocin costs $12 at the clinic, and about $12 with postage from most sources, but I buy it here for $5.49, and by purchasing it with his other meds, get free shipping.

By the way, cats love the taste. Ragnar is always asking for more; he can only have a gram twice a day, but I believe he would eat an entire tube if he could have it.

Review by Ragnar's Mom on 12/27/10

Balances the effect of antibiotics

5 stars

I have had to use this product numerous times with both cats and dogs at the shelter. It was very beneficial, especially during times of illness when the animal is on antibiotics, and when they had diarrhea. It helps restore the flora of the intestine and prevents secondary yeast infections. It definitely makes a difference.

Review by Kate Anders on 12/22/10

Saved my baby's tummy

5 stars

I love this stuff. My small Maltese, is so sensitive to everything and also very picky with what she eats. She is always at the vet and on antibiotics and Probiocin helps her to not have runny stools all over the house. It helps her belly not be so noisy and she LOVES it, its like a treat for her to have it everyday. I'm so thankful that I found this product!

Review by Roostie on 11/14/10

Cats love it

5 stars

My cats both have problems with their digestive tracts in their old age. When I give them the probiocin they have fewer problems. Both of them see it as a 'treat' and love it!

Review by Melissa on 10/19/10

My Guinea Pigs Love It!

5 stars

I have been giving Probiocin Oral Gel to my Guinea Pigs for approximately the past three years under the direction of my vet, who told me it helps maintain their proper enzyme level. I have been using it mostly during or after an illness. But my wife noticed a decided decrease in shedding of hair on the Probiocin users. We do not know if this is a known benefit of the medication but it is worknig for us. Now, after checking with our vet, we have begun giving it to all 10 of our Piggies on a daily basis. Most take it readily. One of our Piggies, who has since passed on, love it so much that he would refuse to give up the tube following his daily dose. His last tube sits next to the box containing his ashes. Thanks for an excellent product.

Review by Ric on 6/1/10

Best Product Out There

5 stars

I have been giving this to our 6 year old chihuahua since December, and I will continue to give it to her. This is the best probiotic I can find and I hope you guys don't quit selling it. Our dog used to have problems with her digestive tract--either vomitiing or with loose stools. Since we have been giving her probiocin oral gel, she has not had any problems at all, and she loves the taste! She thinks she is getting a treat, and here it is something good for her. Wow, can't complain on that deal.

Review by Sparky on 5/20/10


0 stars

This product helps my mothers cat with his loose stool.
He gets it twice a day and he comes running to get his dosage.

Review by kerry on 5/11/10

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