Probios Horse Treats - Digestion Support - 1 lb

Probios Horse Treat Digestion is a blend of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to promote digestive health. The treats have an appealing apple flavoring.

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4.5 stars
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Probios Horse Treats - Digestion Support - 1 lb
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What is this product used for: Probios Horse Treats are a lactose-free treat that are a source of direct fed microbials that help maintain digestion and a healthy body.

Benefits: Probios Horse Treats are a source of direct fed microbials in a lactose-free treat format. The direct fed microbials help maintain proper gut flora and help support gut absorption. Probios Horse Treats are for all breeds and all horses. The treats are apple flavored, a flavor horses love.

How it works: Since one direct fed microbial alone cannot provide all the required health benefits, Probios Horse treats contains two species of live Bacillus that can survive the treat manufacturing process: Bacillis subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. As direct fed microbials, they promote breakdown and assimilation of nutrients while helping to maintain proper gut flora.


UPC 794535150544
Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 1 lb
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Digestion Support Horse Treats

Total Live Microbial* Count 5 million CFU**
*(Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis)
** Colony Forming Units

Probiotic Ingredients:
Bacillus subtilus can survive manufacturing processes and help maintain proper gut flora. Bacillus licheniformis can survive manufacturing processes and help improve gut absorption.

Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Soy Oil, Molasses, Carrots, Celery, Beets, Apple or Peppermint, Parsley, Lettuce, Water Cress, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product and Sodium Alumino Silicate.

Crude Protein min12%
Crude Fat min5%
Crude Fiber max4.5%
Water max12%
Total Live Microbial* Count5 million CFU

Good, easy to feed.

4 stars

I give these to a horse that has a gassy problem, and a horse that is recovering from Lymes disease. This product helps them!!

I also give to the other horses when traveling to different places.

Review by Satisfied on 12/28/12

Probios Horse Treats

5 stars

Effective in treating horses with stomach problems. Excellent to give as a snack in between feedings to prevent gas build-up.

Review by Darla on 8/3/12

Best Digestive Support I've Found!

5 stars

These treats are little miracle workers! In the past, our horses always suffered from diarrhea whenever they had to rotate pastures. We've had all three of them on Probios Treats for about six months, and even after multiple pasture rotations they have not had runny stool even once! We add three or four to theiir natural feed, and also use them as training rewards. They love them! Thank you, Probios!

Review by Robynne, New York on 8/3/12

Probios Horse Wafers

5 stars

Recommend the wafers for those horses, like mine, who won't eat powdery supplements well. I have horses off the track that gobble them down.

Review by MintHill on 8/3/12

Love it!

5 stars

Was told about Probios treats several years ago and decided it was worth a try. I have two horses in their mid 20s, and when they came to me they needed some TLC and special feeding. That worked, as far as it went, but with feeding just one treat a day, they just bloomed. They have more energy, move easier, and eat better! They are both used for therapeutic riding occasionally, which gives them a purpose. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that works, and doesn't cost a fortune.

Review by Marsha on 8/3/12

Probios Horse Treats - definitely a hit with our horse!

5 stars

Very palatable and obviously healthy. Our QH gelding can barely contain himself when he hears the bag opening. Ears up and nickering, he can hardly wait to have a treat. The Probios powder was also recently added to his diet as we had difficulty resolving a loose manure problem. His hair coat looks better, the manure is now normal, and his overall condition is much better in a few short weeks since beginning with the Probios product. I'm impressed.

Review by dakota on 8/3/12

Great product!

5 stars

I love these for my "hard keeper" Thoroughbred! He loves the taste and I know that he gets his probiotics regularly. We simply feed them with his grain. The consistency of feeding this product definitely has kept his belly happier.

Review by Cheryl on 8/3/12

Great horse treats.

5 stars

I purchased Probios horse treats because they are recommended by Joe Camp on his website Soul of a Horse. I knew they were a healthy choice from his recommendation. My horse loves them and they work very well for teaching him tricks. He has learned to smile for his treat. I can't wait to teach him more.

Review by Melinda on 8/3/12

Easy to feed, and horses seem to like it

4 stars

This product is easier to feed than the powder, and the horses seem to like it better. Great product

Review by Krista on 8/3/12

Horses enjoy the cookies. The product appears to help reduce/prevent diarrhea.

4 stars

Purchased this product to address diarrhea that the horses developed due to constant changes in the quality of the hay available. Started out giving the horses two cookies at the morning feeding and two cookies at the evening feeding. Then increased the evening dosage to three cookies. After a couple of weeks on this regime the severity of the diarrhea decreased significantly. After a couple of more weeks the diarrhea stopped.

The product worked and was very palatable to the horses.

Review by Bill on 8/3/12

Easy to feed, and the horses seem to like it

4 stars

These treats are easier to feed than the powder, and the horses seem to like it better. Great product!

Review by Krista on 8/3/12

Horses Loved These!

5 stars

I always carry treats in my pocket (or saddle bags when riding) because whenever I'm with my horses we are always in training mode. These are a healthy reward that my horses love.

Review by Kimberly on 7/26/12

Great, easy to feed product!

4 stars

Love that it comes in this treat form! A couple of my horses wouldn't eat the powder. They eat this with no problem! :)

Review by Krista on 4/14/12

We appreciate the convenience and saving of ordering online and our horses love them

5 stars

We started using the Probios treats when we adopted a standardbred rescue mare about a year ago. The foster family had been giving them to her and felt they had helped her. We do not use this mare but are just giving her a good few last years as her previous lives as a racehorse and Amish horse took, their toll on her legs. She was purchased from a kill lot by the rescue group and was very much underweight. She is beautiful and sleek with a shiny coat now, even the winter coat shines. We also give these treats to our 25-year-old Arabian gelding and our pony. It is an easy way to give these supplements and the horses love them.

When we applied for our first rebate, we got the information about ordering online which saves a lot of money, and we always order enough to get free shipping. This way we not only save money but have the convenience of always having the treats on hand.

Review by john & sue on 1/9/12

Best Treats for Training!

5 stars

Not only do I give these treats as a daily supplement, but I use them for training treats. I break each one in half, and keep several in my pocket. When I get in the saddle, they each know to flex both ways for their treat before we head out on the trail or begin training. I think these are absolute genius!

Review by Easy Does It Horsemanship on 7/30/11

The perfect probiotic treat for horses on pasture!

5 stars

I have two horses which honestly, beg for these treats every day. Everyday when they see me pull in they run to the barn and whinny until i give them their Probios Treats. I use Probiotics for myself and I am glad that these treats are so easy to give to my horses since they do not get daily grain and are predominately pasture horses. I can even feel good about using these treats as training treats while breaking our youngest horse. He is very open to doing just about anything, but at the end of each session he always looks for his Probios Digestion Support Horse Treats!

Review by Shannon on 7/14/11

very good treat and great digestive results

4 stars

my horses consider these treats but i consider them a part of their daily digestive health program. they love them and eat them willingly.

Review by michelle on 7/13/11

Use in Rabbits

5 stars

We use these biscuits or our foster bunnies at our shelter and I use them for my personal elder bunnies and it keeps them from going into statis as often and they LOVE them . They are good for keeping weight on the older bunnies also .
Thank you !

Review by Nancy on 3/28/11

Best of Show!

5 stars

I have a 20 year old Colorado Ranger Horse. I help him maintain his zest for life by giving him Probios Horse Treats with Glucosamine in his Amazing Graze toy every day. On no other supplements, he is as limber and willing as he was years ago! Thanks for a Great Product!!

Review by Debi on 2/28/11

Great for House Rabbit Digestion

5 stars

This product is terrific! My rabbits adore it & beg for their "cookie" every morning. It really seems to help keep their "funny bunny" digestive system in great working order. I absolutely cannot run out! Disapproving rabbits can ruin one's day!

Review by Rabbit Mom on 1/13/11

No more diarrhea

5 stars

My filly Dee had diarrhea over a whole weekend so I had my vet come out to look at her. She's had a few episodes before, but this one was the worst. The vet said it might be irritable bowel syndrome because this had happened a few times before and recommended switching her to hay and adding a probiotic. I found these treats and they're really easy to use, so I've been giving them to her every day for a couple weeks. I definitely saw an improvement and decided I'm going to keep adding them to her feed.

Review by K. Misner on 12/30/10

Definitely works for my horses

4 stars

My 26 year old gelding loves these treats, and they seem to be helping him. I started him on the treats about 2 months ago, and his joints appear to be improving. He definitely seems to have an easier time moving around and getting into the trailer. i have 4 horses and I want to start feeding these to all of them.

Review by Jim Carter on 12/30/10

Best Treat Since Apples

5 stars

My horses go crazy for these treats. It is amazing that they can hear me open a bag all the way across the pasture. They come running. Not only do they love them, but they are wonderful for their digestive system as well. They would rather have these instead of an apple or carrot.

Review by Julianne on 11/24/10

Excellent product. Easy to feed and the horses gobble them up...

5 stars

I would highly suggest the Probiotic treats. Especially, if you are like me, and have horses that don't like powdery supplements. My horses love these...

Review by MintHillFarm on 7/28/10

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