Dental Hygiene

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  1. PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray

    PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray

    5 stars
    PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray is an easy-to-use spray that works to help keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy, while also fighting bad breath with a refreshing peppermint flavor.
    As low as:$8.99

  2. PSCPets Dental Cleanser Gel

    PSCPets Dental Cleanser Gel

    PSCPets Dental Gel is an effective, pleasant-tasting gel that is designed to be used for brushing your pet's teeth.
    As low as:$8.99

  3. PSCPets Dental Care Kit

    PSCPets Dental Care Kit

    A $36.97 value - Only $24.99 The PSC Ultra Clean Dog Teeth Dental Kit for Bad Breath is an easy to use system that allows pet parents to provide complete oral care for their dogs with bad breath. This Dental care Kit is designed to provide pets with the preventative oral care that they need to stay healthy and help avoid costly dental trips to the veterinarian.  The PSCPets Dental Care Kit contains: One - Dental Cleanser Spray (4 oz),  One - Dental Gel (4 oz) and One - Dental Probiotics (60 day supply)
    As low as:$22.49

  4. PSCPets Dental Probiotics for Cats and Dogs

    PSCPets Dental Probiotics for Cats and Dogs

    5 stars
    PSCPets Dental Probiotics for Dogs and Cats is an easy and hassle free way to help support your pet’s healthy teeth and gums. Daily use of this product helps achieve cleaner and whiter teeth while also freshening your pet’s breath.
    As low as:$15.99