PSCPets Calming Formula for Dogs - 120 gm Soft Chews for Small Dogs

PSCPets Calming Formula contains a combination of nutrients that support balanced behavior, promotes relaxation, and reduced hyperactivity in a tasty soft chew.

ProbioticSmart PSCPets Calming Formula for Dogs - 120 gm Soft Chews for Small Dogs 794535260366
4 stars
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PSCPets Calming Formula for Dogs - 120 gm Soft Chews for Small Dogs
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When our pets are stressed or overly hyper it wears on owners when we just don't know how to help reduce the stress or anxiety. The idea of not being able to calm your dog down in stressful situations is concerning for all owners and sometimes creating a calming environment just isn't enough. That's when PSCPets Calming Formula is essential.

This product is safe enough to be given every day for dogs that are constantly stressed or overly hyper, or they can be given during the occasional stressful event such as a trip to the vet, fireworks, or when visitors are coming over. The best part is that this product is so easy to give to your dog as they will think they are being given a treat thanks to the irresistible poultry liver flavor and easy to eat soft chew.

UPC 794535260366
Brand PSCPets
Manufacturer ProbioticSmart
Size 60 Soft Chews
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

For Small Dog Soft Chews (120 gm bottle): 1 chew daily.

Provide fresh water at all times.

Guaranteed Analysis Per 4 gm Chew for Medium and Large Dog Chews:

Lecithin150 mg
Valerian Root50 mg
Ginger50 mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)35 mg

Other Ingredients: Dried Poultry Liver, Molasses, Wheat Flour, Soy Flour, Glycerin, Soybean Oil, Corn Starch, Sucrose, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate (a Preservative), Mixed Tocopherols (a Preservative).

Anxiety No More

4 stars

We adopted a mixed breed little pug looking thing from the shelter and it would tear apart the house every time we left. This stuff is like knockout gas for the thing. I dont have to drywall every time we leave I give it a bunch right before we leave and the thing is sleeping when we get home. Thank god, my wife is in love with the trouble maker.

Review by Dave on 6/4/13

Calm and Happy

5 stars

We recently moved from Colorado to Washington and the final leg of the journey was the scariest because we were moving my Irish Setter Jason. He's an excellent dog, he just hates to travel. I didn't dare try to fly him there as I just don't trust flying. One of my friends recommended I get a calming formula and after researching them I chose PSCPets Brand Calming Formula Soft Chews because of there natural components no harsh medicines. Jason was calm and happy our whole trip which in turn made me calm and happy. I would recommend this to anyone traveling.

Review by Jason's Dad on 10/22/12


3 stars

My little schnauser is terrified of the thunder and any loud noises. If we have a thunderstorm she runs all over the house in a panic. We gave her one of these Calming pills when we noticed a storm coming in. It did not take away all of her anxiety, but I do believe that it helped her some as she was not shaking uncontrollably as she usually does. I would say to try this product and see how it works on your dog. It is worth a try.

Review by Lilly on 8/3/12

Seems to be helping

4 stars

We have a Chihuahua that has some issues with storms. If we have a good chance of having storms, we give him one of these and it seems to be helping thus far. A lot calmer and no more shaking. We haven't reached the peak of storm season yet, so we will see how the summer goes.

Review by Danielle on 8/3/12

Different as Day & Night!

5 stars

Isabella seemed to progressively withdraw when we brought her new brother puppy home. We were always careful not to make a difference between the attention we gave to the two.... and tried to encourage Isabella to be a apart of every fun activity we did with the new puppy. Isabella seemed depressed and wanted to spend more and more time hiding under or behind something larger than herself (such as various furniture). She did not engage in play when prompted and did not want to interact with us or her brother puppy at all! The sample of the PSC Pets Calming Formula for Dogs came as a sample in an order from PSC Pets for some other products. I liked the fact that they were all natural so I decided to try them with Isabella. She liked the taste and after a couple of days her behavior was as different as day is from night. She now is happy and playful with both us and her doggie brother. She seems confident and happy. I love seeing her like this. It is hard to believe that this product made such a change but I tested it after a few weeks by not giving it to her for a few days and she was going right back to her old unhappy depressed behavior. I'm very thankful I have found something that makes such a difference in both the happiness of Isabella and our lives as well as we see her happiness!

Review by Isabella's Mom on 7/6/12

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