Rainmaker Hoof Dressing

Protect your horse's hooves from the elements that can leave them dry and brittle. Rainmaker Hoof Dressing is specially formulated to condition and maintain moisture in the hoof, while retaining strength, texture and elasticity.

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Rainmaker Hoof Dressing
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Cracked hooves are a serious problem many horses face. Factors such as diet, exercise, and weather conditions all play a role with the strength of the hoof. Rainmaker Hoof Dressing is an advanced-formula hoof dressing that leaves hooves stronger and more flexible, while the polish penetrates deep to improve texture and elasticity.

UPC 086621397019
Brand Rainmaker
Manufacturer Farnam
Size 32 oz
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Directions for Use:
Before applying Rain Maker, be sure the sole and wall of the hoof are clean and dry. Pick out the soles and clefts of the frog to remove any foreign matter.

First, using the handy applicator brush provided, work Rain Maker into the frog, the sole and over the bulbs of the heel. Next, apply to the hoof wall to aid in restoration of the periople (protective coating of the horn), to retard moisture loss and give the hoof a natural sheen. Using the applicator brush, also massage Rain Maker into the coronary band to approximately one inch above the hoof wall. Repeat treatment as needed. Most hoofs respond favorably to an application once or twice a week.

Natural Ingredients:
Humectants in Glycerine attract moisture to hoof
Fatty Acid Esters absorb and carry moisture deep within the hoof
Rosins and Petrolatum help retain hoof moisture
Aloe Vera Oil penetrates deep to help keep hoofs healthy looking
Lanolin provides emollient action
Pine Tar enhances color, texture, sheen

My farrier recommended and so do I

5 stars

The hot, dry summer here in the south central part of the country was not kind to many things, including horses' hooves. My farrier recommended I start using RainMaker to help keep my 3 horses' hooves in as good condition as possible. I followed his suggestion and it didn't take long to see improvement. They had normal growth, their soles shelled out well and it made it easier for the farrier to keep their hooves in great shape. We had no contracted heels, minimal chipping and no cracks - I was and am very pleased. I will continue to use this product as needed, irregardless of weather conditions.

Review by Pam on 11/15/11

Recommended by our farrier

5 stars

I had always been skeptical about hoof dressings and conditioners. The farrier recommended RainMaker when the horses' hooves were becoming very dry, cracking and chipping and their frogs were getting hard and not pliable due to the hot dry drought conditions of this past summer.

It didn't take long for a noticeable improvement with regular application. I apply it to their coronet bands and hoof walls three times a week and at least once a week - sometimes twice a week - the entire hoof gets an application; coronet bands, hoof wall, soles and frogs.

On the farrier's next visit he was very impressed with the condition of their hooves and said he hadn't trimmed that much off any of the other horses he had done that week. He commented that he could definitely tell I had been using RainMaker like he suggested. It made me feel really good that such a simple thing could make such a difference in the health of my horses' hooves (no hoof, no horse!). Also made me a believer and I will continue to use RainMaker as part of my regular routine with the horses.

Review by Pam on 10/12/11

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