Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Calming Cat Collar, up to 15"

SENTRY HC Good Behaviorâ„¢ Pheromone Collar mimics the pheromone that the mother cat produces to calm and assure her kittens. A convenient alternative to pheromone diffusers - the collar goes where your cat goes!

Sergeant's Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Calming Cat Collar, up to 15" 0 73091 02101 8
5 stars
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Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Calming Cat Collar, up to 15"
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The Good Behavior collar helps pets reduce their stress and anxiety levels, often the underlying cause of behavior problems. The collars release pheromones, a substance mother cats produce to calm their kittens, over a 30-day period. They help alleviate stress-induced behaviors such as: separation anxiety; and destructive behaviors.

UPC 0 73091 02101 8
Size Up to 15" neck
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Brand Sentry
Manufacturer Sergeant's
Product Condition new


Inert Ingredient94.00%

give it a try

4 stars

These collars help in a stressful situation. And does help with self licking-over grooming. They also help some with aggresion. They are not a 'cure all', but it helps.

Review by krista on 9/20/13


5 stars

i was going crazy with an aggressive cat. she would attack the others and was making life miserable for all of us. she has no problem wearing this and i love the smell. she is at least 70 % better. with only rare interest in chasing the others. she is however in the last week before shes due for a new one. she is still herself and playful and cuddly but no longer mean. friends have tried it per my recommendation and they love them too. deff worth a try!

Review by evelyn on 1/22/13

Excellent Product!

5 stars

As a veterinarian who works a lot with behavioral problems, been using this for almost a year with my patients and my own cats, works very well reducing the anxiety levels.

most important it stays with the cat where ever he goes.

Review by AnimalsChile on 7/1/12

Product really works!

5 stars

I had a cat that ran & hid at any situation or sound that was out of the ordinary.
With the collar, she is less stressed, no longer runs and hides and even comes out when company is over! Her asthma is much better also.
But the vacuum, that's a different story!

Review by BabsCats on 3/7/12

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