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  1. Azodyl, 90 ct

    Azodyl - 90 Count Bottle

    3 stars
    Buy 2 for $57.68Buy 3 for $56.99 Buy 6 for 55.46 Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria (Kibow BioticsĀ®) that metabolize and flush out uremic toxins that have diffused into the bowel. It is the first veterinary product that specifically focuseson the reduction of toxin buildup in the blood of dogs and cats with azotemia.Renal care supplement for pets. Shipped in thermal envelope with an ice pack, or upgrade your packaging for more protection.Please consider the day of the week you order cold shipping products. We can hold your order until the following Monday, and will do so at your request only. This will help reduce exposure to heat until delivery. We do not guarantee cold delivery and will not issue any refunds or exchanged for cold shipping items.Want it shipped Cold? Click Here for More Options.
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  2. KidniBiotic


    Provides herbal dietary support for optimum urinary tract function and is an effective antibiotic alternative. Great for long-term treatment and supportive to crisis care; can be safely used with veterinary antibiotics when needed.
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  3. KidniFlow


    Kidni Flow stimulates proper flow and support for the urinary tract through an herbal extract which soothes irritated membranes and acts as a general restorative to the entire urinary system. This product is especially beneficial during fasting or cleansing periods to encourage elimination of catabolic wastes and bladder crystals.
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  4. Azodyl Caps for Cats & Dogs

    Azodyl for Dogs & Cats

    5 stars
    Azodyl - Helps Treat Feline and Canine Kidney Failure Azodyl is a supplement that helps treat feline and canine kidney failure. Azodyl uses probiotics to reduce the toxin buildup in the intestines and bloodstream of pets with chronic kidney disease or renal failure. Azodyl is stored cold in our facility. Cold probiotics are generally packaged with extra microorganisms and can be exposed to heat for a period of time before degrading (we've beeen told up to 72 hours at 80 degrees by the manufacturer of Azodyl). We can't control the environment of the product once it leaves our facility. Consider upgrading your shipping and packaging. Orders ship Monday and Tuesday only. Please contact Customer Service at 1-888-873-9719 to upgrade shipping if you would like it shipped on Wednesday or Thursday, in order to assure delivery before the weekend. This item does not ship on Friday.  We do not guarantee cold delivery and will not issue any refunds or exchanges for cold shipping items. This product is sensitive to heat and may benefit from expedited shipping. The product will come shipped in a complementary thermal envelope (see photo) with one 3 oz ice pack per bottle to extend the length of time the product is cool during transit time. We also offer insulated foam boxes for an additional fee that include either one 8 oz or one 16 oz ice pack to further extend the length of time the product stays cool in transit. Depending on transit time, packaging choices, and external circumstances such as weather, your product may still arrive warm; please refrigerate immediately upon receipt. We do not guarantee cold delivery and will not issue any refunds or exchanges for cold shipping items. Review our cold shipping policy.
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