Brilliant Pet Cat Toys

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  1. FroliCat Bolt


    4 stars
    The FroliCat interactive laser and teaser toys encourage play for your pet. The interactive laser toys, Bolt and Dart, can be hand held for interactive play with you, or set on a timer for play while your away. The teaser toys, Twitch and Sway, entertain your pet keeping them batting at the ball, feather and bell toys.
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  2. Frolicat Replacement Teasers, 3 pk

    FroliCat - Replacement Teasers, 3 pack

    Has your FroliCat Sway or Twitch been used and abused? Make your FroliCat new again and replace your teaser toy attachements with FroliCat Replacement Teasers. The unique and enticing designs are compatible with our FroliCat Sway or Twitch. Each replacement pack contains 3 replacement toys.
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