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  1. Star Spinner

    Dog Games Star Spinner Treat

    The Star Spinner contains 10 chambers to hold treats. The Star Spinner encourages your dog to spin the toy's levels to find treats.
    As low as:$16.41

  2. Treat Wheel

    Dog Games Treat Wheel

    The Dog Games Treat Wheel motivates your dog to search out treats. Treat Wheel's hidden chambers with scent holes excite your dog's sense of smell, triggering play and 'hunt' at the same time. Your dog will have fun learning to raise treat covers and spinning the wheel to find hidden treats.
    As low as:$9.92

  3. Agility Starter Kit

    Dog Games Dog Agility Starter Kit

    The Dog Agility Starter Kit provides you with all the equipment needed to train your dog. Race against the clock training your pet in going through this course. Agility tests keep your dog's senses sharp, exercised and focuses the brain, while bonding with you at the same time. The Dog Agility Starter Kit includes a 24" open tunnel, pause box, high jump, poles for weaving, start/finish line, a stop watch and awards.
    As low as:$47.68

  4. Backyard Obstacle Course

    Dog Games Doggie Obstacle Course

    The Doggie Obstacle Course allows your dog to take part in a mini version of the dog agility equipment used in official dog shows. The Doggie Obstacle Course provides interactive fun for you and your pet, helping to building a strong bond. The kit includes a 20" open tunnel, rest box, high jump, poles for weaving, start/stop line, timer and awards.
    As low as:$42.01

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