Dura Doggie

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  1. Dura Doggie Nebo Dog Toy

    Dura Doggie Nebo Dog Toy

    Two-in-One Pet ToyDura Doggie Chews Your Cause Nebo is a fun and entertaining chewing toy made for your canine. Made with durable material, this toy can keep your pet occupied for long hours. It comes with dual benefit that makes it an exciting toy for your pet. The unique food dole out functioning keeps your pet glued to this ball joyfully. Moreover the lovely fragrance acts as a magnetic force that attracts your pet's attention. It aids in keeping your canine’s mind healthy and alert with treats doling out from the toy continuously. It is available in regular and small sizes.Made of durable materialCan be filled with delicious treatsSturdyComes in assorted colors
    Starting at:$5.99

  2. Dura Doggie Beba Dog Toy

    Dura Doggie Beba Dog Toy

    Dura Doggy Beba Toy - Made of non-toxic recyclable material the Beba Dog Toy dispenses food or treats, squeakes, floats & is a long-lasting durable chew toy. Made of FDA approved non-toxic material, bright colors, eco friendly, made in the USA and lots of fun! Remember to bring Beba on your next trip to the beach - your dog will love you for it!
    Starting at:$9.79