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  1. Gingerbread House, Hide-A-Toy

    Kyjen Hide-A-Toy Gingerbread House

    The Hide-a-Toy Gingerbread House occupies your furry friend. Keep your pet's mind active with this holiday based puzzle toy. Gingerbread House puzzle toy helps to increase your pet's problem solving skills.
    As low as:$12.08

  2. Orbee-Tuff Mint

    Orbee-Tuff Mint

    Orbee-Tuff Mint keeps your four-legged friend happy with bouncy fun. Orbee-Tuff Mint provides a durable minty toy for your pet.
    As low as:$6.41

  3. Kyjen Santa Bandanna

    Kyjen Bandanna Santa

    Santa bandannas create the ultimate holiday accessory for your pet. The bright red velvet and plush trimming keep your pet looking festive during this holiday season.
    As low as:$3.79

  4. Kyjen Antlers - Group

    Kyjen Antlers

    Kyjen Antler headbands make your pet the life of the party. Your pet will be the life of any party with these bright, festive colored antlers.
    As low as:$0.00

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