Holiday Toys

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  1. Kyjen Bell Collar

    Kyjen Holiday Bell Collar

    Ring in the holiday season with Kyjen Bell Collars! Now your pets can sport holiday fashion and greetings with these festive collars.
    As low as:$2.99

  2. Kyjen Antler Bell Collar Combo

    Kyjen Antler Bell Collar Combo

    Your furry friends provide joy to all with these fashionable Antler Bell Collar combo sets. Kyjen Antler Bell Collar combos allow your pet to join in the festivities by sporting antlers and bells.
    As low as:$4.77

  3. Elf Hat

    Kyjen Elf Hat

    Is that Santa's little helper? Kyjen Elf Hats provide laughs to everyone. These comical creations show that Christmas has arrived.
    As low as:$3.70

  4. Kyjen Santa Hat

    Kyjen Santa Hat

    Kyjen Santa Hats provide your pet a fun fashionable look for the holiday season. Your furry friend sports Santa's look and keeps the children having fun. 
    As low as:$3.04

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