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  1. Hide-a-bee

    Plush Puppies Hide-A-Bee - Large

    Plush Puppies brand toys are designed specifically for dogs. Plush Puppy toys feature attractions for dogs that love to play. Plush Puppies toys work in reverse, requiring your dog to take out the toys. The puzzle toys help develop your dog's intelligence and problem solving skills. The Plush Puppies Hide-a-Bee toy contains 3 plush bees and 6" hive.
    As low as:$15.29

  2. Replacement Squirrels

    Plush Puppies 3 Pack Replacement Squirrels

    Plush Puppies Replacement Squirrels replace or add to the Hide-a-Squirrel toy.
    As low as:$6.51

  3. Egg Baby, Alligator

    Plush Puppies Egg Babies

    Plush Puppies Egg Babies provide "hunting" enrichment for your dogs. Egg Babies hold 3 eggs that can be removed through a single slit in the bottom of toy. Egg Babies entertain dogs that love to chase balls. Each toy comes with 3 eggs packed tightly in the belly and 2 replacement eggs (5 eggs total).
    As low as:$7.32

  4. I-Qube Puzzle, Junior

    Plush Puppies I-Qube Puzzle

    Plush Puppies I-Qube Puzzle keeps pets occupied while developing intelligence and puzzle-solving skills. Insert the plush balls inside the plush cube for interactive, challenging fun.
    As low as:$6.75

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