Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

All dog-people like to guess what kinds of breeds might make up their mixed-breed companions. People are always guessing...

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test 896285002019
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Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test
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All dog-people like to guess what kinds of breeds might make up their mixed-breed companions. People are always guessing...”Well, this part of his face looks like a lab, but his coloring is more like a collie...”  Beyond satisfying curiosity, knowing your dog's ancestry can be helpful. Certain physical traits, as well as behaviors, such as barking, digging, and herding, can many times be explained by knowing your dog's family tree. Knowing the tendencies that have been bred into your dog can help you to develop an exercise plan that will fulfill his or her needs and can help stop unwanted behavior.

DNA-based answers can help to explain your dog's unique personality traits, behaviors, and also their wellness needs. The knowledge of your dog's breed mix makes it easier to work with your veterinarian to develop a successful health plan for your dog. Certain breeds have specific health traits, and learning those will allow you to be proactive about your dog's physical well-being.

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test is a one-time investment that will help you feel confident that you are providing your companion with the best possible care. This test has been shown to be extremely reliable, and requires only one main component for the testing from you, and that is a proper DNA swab.

Mars Veterinary spent years analyzing different dog DNA to identify the most useful markers to distinguish between different breeds. Using those and a large number of DNA samples from each breed, their researchers have discovered patterns that are specific to each breed. The Mars Veterinary database of breed signatures is the largest in the world. It covers over 190 different breeds, and it is being continuously expanded. The large database helps to insure more accurate results.

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test is easy to use and covers more breeds than any other test available. Other tests that do not check for certain breeds obviously cannot find that breed in your dog, which means you may miss something insightful, or even critical. The accuracy of the Wisdom Panel Test is unmatched by all other breed identification tests on the market.

UPC 896285002019
Brand Wisdom Panel
Manufacturer Mars Veterinary
Size 1 test
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*NOTE: Send all completed DNA tests to Wisdom Panel Laboratories.


It works and I got free samples

5 stars

This is a great product if you've got a mixed breed dog to learn more about it, what kind of exercise and training it needs, etc. Every breed has its own tendencies and this helps you understand your dog a little better. I bought this from ProbioticSmart and got the product within a few days with free shipping, and they included a bunch of free treat samples, so that was a cool bonus. With the loyalty points system I technically got a 5% discount (store credit for future purchases).

Review by MrDogMan on 4/1/13

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