Zymox Otic Ear Drops with 1.0% Hydrocortisone - 1.25 oz

Zymox Otic is used in dogs and cats for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections.

Pet King Zymox Otic Ear Drops with 1.0% Hydrocortisone - 1.25 oz 667334311259
5 stars
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Zymox Otic Ear Drops with 1.0% Hydrocortisone - 1.25 oz
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Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution provides and effective, non-toxic way to manage problem ears. The addition of Lactoferrin and Lysozyme, which have natural antibacterial properties, make Zymox Ear Cleanser perfect for maintenance and prevention.

UPC 667334311259
Size 1.25 oz
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Brand Zymox
Manufacturer Pet King

Directions:Apply liberally to dirty ear, filling ear canal. Gently massage and work into infected area. Wipe to remove excess. Treat once a day for 7 days, 14 days for chronic infections. Safe for extended use on persistent cases. Post treatment flush is recommended to remove any residual product and accumulated dead skin cells.

Do not clean ears before or during treatment. Do not use in conjunction with other topical ear medications or cleaners. Do not allow water in or near ear during treatment. If condition persists or worsens, consult your veterinarian.

Ingredients:Glycerin, Deionized Water, Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Iodide, Hydrocortisone, Dextrose, Propylene Glycol, Glucose Oxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin.

Great Medice

5 stars

My dogs ears cleared up quckly.

Review by Larry on 8/13/13

Fastest working ear drops!

5 stars

We have two cockapoos that have chronic ear infections and these are by far the most effective drops we've found. They work within a couple days and are only needed once daily.

Review by Tori on 5/18/13


5 stars

My OES has the worst problems with her ears! This stuff clears it up so fast and gives such relief! Makes us both very very happy! Im ordering the ear cleanser on my next order too!

Review by Jessica on 4/25/13

Recommend to anyone!

5 stars

I love this product! More effective for ear infections than the expensive vet visit and antibiotic! If you have problems with ear infections...treat the infection with this product then use the Dr Golds Ear Therapy to clean the ears once a week. I did this and have had absolutely no problems since!

Review by Jamie on 4/11/13

Best Drops Ever!!!!!!!

5 stars

Our Rottie has chronic ear infections and we have used every ear cleaner out there so after reading the reviews we decided to give Zymox Otic with HC a try and it was absolutely wonderful!!! On day 6 and her ear is clear, no smell and no itching but we will use for 7 days as recommended. This is just great and works better than antibiotics. I would recommend every one give this a try:) This is the only ear cleaner we will use in the future!

Review by Lisa A on 4/8/13

it is terrific!

0 stars

rangers ear infection was bad ! i just got it today,and it gave him instant relief!! the ear canal has already lost some of the swelling.he has a hemotoma from this but i know how to deal with it,for he has had this before.he is so relaxed.it will take a while but his recovery will be a relief.i like your prices.i got the free sample of probiotic for his food .i will give him some tonite.thankyou!! psc pets!!

Review by dennis on 3/9/13

Best so far...

5 stars

After trying 2 other products I researched on the internet, I was starting to get discouraged as the infection in my Yorkie ears just kept coming back. After trying different products, it would look like it was starting to get a little better and then return with a vengence. I was extremely reluctant to begin a course of antibiotics offered by the Vet as that's what I believed set off this allergic reaction in the first place. My Yorkie has problems with allergies, and both yeast and bacterial infections. When this problem arrived I used it immediately following the directions closely. Within 24 hours I saw a fading of the red inflammation. 72 hours and 3 days of treatment later, her ears were beautifully clear and the redness
is history. I'm delighted with the quick response. It has now been almost 3 weeks and her ears remain free of any inflammation and no more shaking of her head. What a relief for her and for me.

Review by bonnie on 3/3/13


5 stars

Great product. Works as well as the shots and meds they where giving one of our cats for his ears. No more trips to the vet once a month..

Review by Faye on 1/3/13


5 stars

This stuff is amazing! My 8 year old boxer has been suffering from ear infections for 2 yrs and I have tried Evert home remedy there is. Nothing worked until I got this. I used it for 4 days and WOW no more infection. His ears now perk up he is definitely hearing like he should! His demeanor has improved 100%! Please give this product a shot! I swear by it and less expensive than a vet bill!

Review by Cat on 11/16/12

works great

5 stars

We have a springer spaniel that has had chronic ear infection. This product works better than anything else we have tried.

Review by beefarmer on 8/15/12


5 stars

great product...thank you.

Review by happy on 8/3/12

zymox otic ear drops

4 stars

have a lab that the vets can't seem to find a cure for.he has a bacterial ear infections;this medicine does not heal it;but it helps keep it under control.

Review by anita on 8/3/12


5 stars

only the best

Review by samson on 8/3/12

Great product

5 stars

Product works great

Review by Debbie on 8/3/12


5 stars

I used this product on my dog who had yeast infection in both ears and this problem cleared up in 4 days! This was used for 2 weeks as the bottle suggested.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone whose pet is suffering with yeast infections.

What was so amazing is that you only use the drops ONCE a day...

I have this product on hand at all times...just in case my pup starts scratching his ears again...

Review by ginger on 8/3/12

My "GO TO" at first sign of ear infection!

5 stars

I've been through the vet procedures for ear infections that involve an office call, testing, followup testing and even putting under to clean out the ear canal. Looks like my 3 year old standard poodle is going to be prone to ear infections and I'm not going through that everytime! Zymox cleared up a nasty infection he had for a month and has nipped everyone since before it got bad. I ordered the big size so I'm never caught without!

Review by DeAnn on 8/3/12

Finally a product that works!

5 stars

I have two Pugs that have continuous bacterial ear problems. I have tried many different products including some prescribed by Veterinarians. Nothing really worked until I discovered this product. If used as instructed, your dogs issues will disappear.

Review by JSA on 8/3/12

excellent product

5 stars

My dog has allergies and ear issues. This has ended his scratching his ears.

Review by Marilyn on 8/3/12


4 stars

Product works well on our dog's cronic ear infection

Review by RH on 8/3/12

Zymox works!

5 stars

I've used other products, even prescription, and nothing works like Zymox! My shih tzu had persistent red ears and scratched at her ears constantly. After trying many remedies, the only thing that really worked was Zymox. With an initial daily treatment for a week, her ears cleared up to a beautiful white-pink and no more redness and scratching. I apply a maintenance dose about every month for the last year and have had no reoccurrence.

Review by Kluppy on 7/27/12

Zymox the best ear products on the market

5 stars

My golden suffers from food allergies and even though she doesn't get those proteins she is allergic to.. someone is always giving her a treat or something with chicken or lamb.. so of course she gets really bad ear infections if she consumes too much.. my holistic vet is the one who started her on Zymox and it clears her ears up almost immediately.. with no harmful side effects.. I use the Zymox cleanser several times a week as maintenance and these products are fabulous.. I am a dog groomer and I highly recommend this product..

Review by twodogs on 7/13/12

Works great on a springer spaniel's floppy ears

5 stars

I'm so glad to have found this product! My last dog was constantly getting ear meds from the vet, and had chronic ear problems all his life. This time around, when I found this product, my dog's lousy right ear cleared up within a week, and a once or twice a week maintenance application has kept him clear. Very good product!

Review by Corky on 6/20/12

Great Buy

5 stars

This product cleared up both of my dogs ear infections in less than 1 week! No more tilting their heads to scratch, scratch, scratch. Best part is that fact that this is about 50% cheaper than other pet websites!

Review by Daniel on 6/18/12

zymox order

4 stars

Great easy shopping, had everything i needed. And offered several different shipping types. Great place to shop.

Review by Laura on 6/4/12

Zymox good

4 stars

I have used this product on my shih tzus for many years. It seems to do the job when they have yeast infections. It also calms the need to scratch.

Review by Laura on 6/2/12

Zymox good

4 stars

I have used this product on my shih tzus for many years. It seems to do the job when they have yeast infections. It also calms the need to scratch.

Review by Laura on 6/2/12

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