Probios Dog Treats

Delicious peanut butter-flavored treats made with probiotics to support digestive health.

Available in Digestion Support, Hip and Joint, and Soft and Shiny Coat Formula.

Probios Digestion Support Dog Treats in a 12.5 lb plastic pail are AVAILABLE NOW!

Hurry! Supplies are Limited.


Vets Plus Probios Dog Treats CHR-952G
5 stars
  • canine
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Digestion Support - 1 lb
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Digestion Support - 12.5 lbs
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Hip and Joint - 1 lb
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Probios Digestion Support Dog Treats in a 12.5 lb plastic pail are AVAILABLE NOW!

Probios Dog Treats are a tasty and healthy treat that dogs love to eat. They are formulated with beneficial bacteria to help maintain and support gastrointestinal health, and are perfect for lactose-intolerant dogs because of their lactose-free composition. The peanut butter flavor appeals to even the pickiest pet, and the crunchy texture is good for your dog's teeth and gums.

All Probios Dog Treats are formulated to support a healthy diet and maintain your dog's gastrointestinal health. They should be used in conjunction with other Probios products to help resolve acute or chronic digestion issues.

Digestion Support Formula is the base for all Probios dog treats. It is made with probiotics to maintain bowel health by sustaining your dog's microbial balance. 

Soft and Shiny Coat Formula includes the beneficial ingredients found in the original Digestion Support Formula and also helps maintain skin and coat nutrition because of the omega-3 fatty acid found in the ingredient flax seed. Flax seed is also a good source of fiber and has been shown to be beneficial to heart health.

Hip and Joint Formula also utilizes the benefits of the Digestion Support Formula and contains chondroitin sulfate, which is a structural component of cartilage, and glucosamine HCI, an amino sugar closely related to a major cartilage component, to help maintain tissue and joint function and strong bones.

Brand Probios
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 1lb bag or 12.5 lb pail
Size Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Directions: Give as a treat. Can also be mixed in with food.

Feeding Recommendations: 3 - 6 treats daily.

Cautions: Keep away from children. For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

In the event of overdose: Contact a veterinarian or health official.

Storage and Handling: Keep bag tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place for maximum stability.

Active Ingredients:
Flax Seed,Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product not less than 5 million CFU* per treat

Bacillus subtilis can survive manufacturing processes and help maintain proper gut flora. Bacillus licheniformis can survive manufacturing processes and help improve gut absorption.

Label Guarantee:
Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product
Not less than 5 million CFU* per treat

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min)19%
Crude Fat (min)5%
Crude Fiber (max).5%
Moisture (max)12%


Total Live Microbial Count:
5 million CFU* per treat

*Colony Forming Units

Other Ingredients:
Barley Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Flakes, Flaxseed, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product, Peanut Butter Flavoring, Sodium Alumino Silicate, and Preservatives.


5 stars

My dog loves these peanut butter flavored treats, she has bacteria issues and can eat just anything. I've been feeding them to her for years:)

Review by April on 9/10/13

Easy to give my dogs love them.

5 stars

My 11 yr. old Chocolate Lab loves the peanut butter flavor of the hip & joint treats and they are so much easier to give than tablets,and my Siberian Husky just gobbles up the digestion support treats.

Review by Jeffery on 9/7/12

Probios treats are amazing!

5 stars

My chinese crested has had problems with diarrhea and gas since I got her. I had her on a probiotic for people and it helped, but was expensive and she didn't like the powder. She recently switched to a high protein grain free food and was having horrible bloody diarrhea. I found these treats and decided to try them, even though she is a picky eater and I wasn't sure she'd eat them. First of all, she likes them and will eat them which is amazing, and secondly they really work! No more diarrhea at all! She eats two a day and has perfect poops. Thank you so much Probios! You are a life saver!

Review by Snortlepup on 8/16/12

good treats good health

0 stars

i am excited about trying this treats for my dog, anything that can help with her health is a good thing.

Review by cheri on 8/3/12


0 stars

I can't believe it! I received my sample of Probios Digestion Support and it worked immediately! My 10-1/2 year old maltese poo has had BAD diarhrea since I got him when he was a year old. Twelve hours after his first Probios Digestion Support (which he ate eagerly), his stool was "normal". Now he gets one with each meal. I am thrilled! Can't wait to try the hip support item for my other dog.

Review by Joy on 8/3/12

They are a Godsend!

5 stars

My 14 year old Yorkie adores your Digestion Support treats. He's had pancreatitis issues for a long time and can't have treats. This is the first thing that hasn't hurt his stomach or cause further problems. He is so happy and so am I! Thanks so much for your free sample and I definitely want to order some more. They are a Godsend!

Review by Lydia & Spanky on 8/3/12

Been a blessing!

5 stars

I received the free sample, my 11 year old lab has colon problems, liver problems, etc. On top of that, she has taken to eating worms (yes I said worms!) in the yard, will dig her teeth into the grass/ground to get them. Which tears up her stomach later, and she can run us out of the room with her gas! Literally leave the room! We aren't running out of the room anymore, and she seems to feel better. I am ordering today!. Thank you so much for the sample!

Review by Renee on 8/3/12

A blessing

5 stars

Thanks so much for the free sample, I am ordering today. My dog's gas has run us out of the room it's so bad, and the samples seem to have really helped with that. Thank you!

Review by Renee on 8/3/12


5 stars

I ordered a sample of this products, and I want to thank you so much for it. This product is fantastic! My dog used to have a really bad diarrhea for several years, but now it's not as bad as it used to be. Also, my dog loves the flavor! (I got the peanut butter one)
I am so ordering more! :)

Review by Ponch on 8/3/12

Probios Digestion Support is the only treat for my dog.

5 stars

I got a free sample of these treats in the mail one day and was a little leary about using them with my dog but after reading the package and learning more about them on the website I decided to try them on my dog. She has always had a problem with diarrhea and was eating more than usual. After I began giving her these treats she does not have the problem with diarrhea anymore and she does not eat nearly as much as she used to. I recommend these treats to my friends for their pets and I fully intend on continuing to use them with my dog.

Review by Liz on 8/3/12


5 stars

I would highly recommend this product to anyone! My dog can not get enough of them. I reach for the bag and he starts sitting pretty. They have really helped him in the area they claim to as well.

Review by Casper's mama on 8/3/12

Probios Hip & Joint Treats are absolutely fabulous!

5 stars

My little man Rocco just wasn't able to get around the way he did when he was young (that makes two of us!) so I tried out these treats. He's taking me for walks all the time now! My stars, I would absolutely recommend these treats to anyone with a pet like mine- in the later years of life, but young at heart. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Review by Bertha Christ on 8/3/12

loved it

5 stars

my dog only gets these treats and he loves them he goes crazy everytime i get them out!!!!!!!!!!

Review by kpetty on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

My 11 yr old huskie loves these treats - and hopefully they are helping to make her joints less sore.

Review by Shelley on 8/3/12

Proof Positive

5 stars

My two dogs love this treat. I bought this with their digestion system in my concern, one of my pets is a new puppy and he is a English Bulldog. I have to be extremely careful where he is concerned , my intentions are to use him as a stud, therefore he needs to stay in a very healthy condition. This is a good choice and I am happy with this product and as time goes on I will introduce some of the other products.I highly recommend this to all pet owners.

Review by Roses View on 8/3/12

Dogs love these snacks and are better than the stuff in the stores!

5 stars

Fantastic small snack size treats for the dogs! Both enjoy them, great for training, and good for GI flora. Highly recommend them!

Review by Jean on 8/3/12

Great treat

5 stars

My Papilion really goes for this treat. She gets three every evening and when the hour gets near, she starts begging! I have given them to her for several weeks now and can see a difference in her coat...much smoother and no shedding.

Review by Barry on 8/3/12

Problem Solved

5 stars

Before using Digestion Support my Boston Terrier would get bloody stools. Since I started using these treats and switched to duck and potato dog food the problem has been solved.

Review by Gerald on 8/3/12

Probios Dog Treats - Digestion Support

5 stars

This product is "treat" for our adopted dog who was diagnosed with multiple inoperable liver shunts and serves as additional support to his dietary needs. He loves the peanut butter flavor and his digestive system can tolerate the binding ingredients, too.

Review by CLMcDan on 8/3/12

Probios Dog Treats - Hip and Joint

5 stars

This product is a "treat" for our adopted dog who has an old injury to her hip and femur as well as just having surgery for a luxated patella. This treat serves as additional support to her dietary needs. She loves the peanut butter flavor and her digestive system can tolerate the binding ingredients, too.

Review by CLMcDan on 8/3/12

Probios Hip & Joint Treats Are Working

5 stars

My 11 yr old boy was starting to have trouble going up and down stairs and I also noticed that he appeared to be experiencing more joint stiffness. Since starting these treats, which he looks forward to getting before bed time, he now conquers the stairs on his own without waiting for/demanding me to carry him. Hope his progress continues! Thank you!

Review by Barb on 8/3/12

Probios Works!

5 stars

I use almost all of the Probios treats and they do work well for my small dogs with sensitive stomachs. They love the taste, too!

Review by Bonz on 8/3/12

Highly recommend these treats.

5 stars

These treats have helped my Pugs diarrhea. I highly recomment them!

Thank you so very much for your product.

Review by renee on 8/3/12

Awesome Results!!

5 stars

My 15yr old dog has kidney failure, causing painful upset stomach with digestion of anyfood. These treats are the only thing that has significantly decreased both the stomach acid and pain. He loves the flavor, it is an easy way to get the probios into his system. So glad I found these. Extra perk: ingrediants top notch-no unnecessary preservatives for his kidneys to filtrate.

Review by Lynn on 8/3/12


5 stars

Love giving my girls a treat that will treat them as well!!!

Review by Georgie on 8/3/12

5 stars

5 stars

I have Bulldogs who as they age, are prone to hip and joint problems. I found your product advertised in an animal catalog that I received and thought I would try them. My Bulldogs love them....and they think it is a treat. They are the right size and "treating" my Bullies more than once a day - they haven't put any weight on which is really good for their hips and joints. The $2 refund is my bonus from you. Thank you!

Review by Kris on 8/3/12

My dogs like these

5 stars

These are a good and healthy treat. Our dogs love them.

Review by Angela on 8/3/12

Callie loves them

5 stars

Callie my Great Pyrenees has tons of hair and the Probios treats really help to keep it silky and smooth.

Review by Bill S on 8/3/12

Great product!

5 stars

We purchased these treats for use with one of our dogs that gets easily stressed leading to tummy troubles - they work great to help control his tummy troubles! Our other dogs love them too, of course... :)

Review by Christine on 8/3/12

excellent product

5 stars

Giving my three Shiba Inu a treat that is actually good for them is wonderful. I was giving them the probios in the tube and that was a bit messy. This is so much easier and they really love the taste.

Review by jopi on 8/3/12


5 stars

My dog had a fungi infection in here skin and digestive system these helped clear her up. and she loved them

Review by JACKIE on 8/3/12

Good alternative to powder form

4 stars

Good alternative to the powder form for inappetent dogs but wish these treats were bigger for larger dogs.

Review by Myra on 8/3/12

ol' dogs

5 stars

great product, all the old dogs in my neighborhood come wriggling,and wagging their tail to get these healthy treats from me!

Review by marty on 8/3/12


5 stars

I am so glad my mommie keeps getting these treats for me. Imagine, something so tasty is also good for me.

Review by Kuma on 8/3/12

Good Product-could be less expensive

4 stars

This is the second time I have purchased these in the l2.5 pound container. All of my dogs like them from the oldest(over l6) to the youngest(puppies) They also come in a good container. I would think the price could be a little lower if you made the container a little less pricey but just a suggestion

Review by Andi on 8/3/12

No more tummy troubles!

5 stars

We feed these regularly to our two small chihuahua crosses, and it really helps their digestion. Also makes "pooper scoop duty" a breeze!

Review by Kimberly on 7/26/12

No complaints fron Fido...

5 stars

Although my Lab has a wonderful coat already, whatever I can give him to keep his beautiful coat enhanced is simply a bonus.
Nothing beats a healthy diet and healthy nutrition, but I feel I'm doing no harm to my pet by rewarding him with this tasty treat. Why do I say "tasty"? Because my dog loves 'em!
For the price offered from PSCPets.com, and the nutritional breakdown of this product, I'm doing no injustice to my pet by making this one of his routine (and favorite) snacks!

Review by Wingding on 7/19/12

My dog loves these!

5 stars

My dog loves these. Since she has skin allergy's, giving these to her has helped her a lot. The fact that she loves the taste, makes it easier on me also. Getting her to take traditional medication has always bee a chore.

Review by Terry on 7/15/12

My dog loves these!

5 stars

My dog loves these. Since she has skin allergy's, giving these to her has helped her a lot. The fact that she loves the taste, makes it easier on me also. Getting her to take traditional medication has always bee a chore.

Review by Harley Dude on 7/15/12


5 stars

My 3 dogs love the treats. I love the fact that I know they are not only getting a treat that they like, they are getting a healthy one that is good for them.

Review by Michele on 7/15/12

Great Product

5 stars

Helped my dogs coat so much and they loved them.

Review by Jackie on 7/4/12

too small

3 stars

These treats work as well as any other for joint maintenance, digestion support but they are too small. Our dogs are agressive eaters and I almost always wind up getting my hands bit when giving them to my dogs. Have swithed over to the larger soft chews and it works out better. Dogs love either one.

Review by michael on 6/25/12

Great treat

5 stars

My Weimaraner really loves these treats! I put them in is food, plus it really helps with his digestion!

Review by Tex's mom on 6/18/12

probios treats

5 stars

My dogs love these. and they helped them so much

Review by Jackie on 5/13/12

Wonderful product

5 stars

My 15 yr old Shiba Inu dog has stomach problems and pain for years. After eating taking these treats, which he loves, he no longer has stomach pain or discomfort!!

Review by Lynn on 4/15/12

Excellent product

5 stars

This treat is well accepted by all of my dogs even if they are not feeling great and that is when they need them! I think the peanut butter flavor makes them think they are getting something very special.

Review by Kay on 4/9/12

Barnie loves them!

5 stars

These continue to be the number one treat in our house. Smaller size - but healthy benefits - take away the guilt of giving too many.

Review by petnanny on 3/20/12

Healing treats

5 stars

I like to give my dogs healthy treats that also have added benefits. I have a small dog with digestive problems and she enjoys the Probios Digestion Support treat and my large dog enjoys the Hip and Joint treat. I have just started them, so it is too soon to see how well these treats will help the digestion or hip problems but the treats get an A+ in taste from my pups.

Review by BE on 3/5/12

Dog Treat For joints and tummys

5 stars

I have 4 dogs plus my son's 2 dogs. My 9 year old lab. has leg and hip problems and the 2 little dogs have problems in the knees. This Probios really helps and this helps keeping their tummys healthy.

Review by Breame on 2/19/12

My dogs love these

5 stars

We travel in the winter which tends to give my two dogs upset tummys once in a while. Giving them a couple of these treats once a day has seemed to help with this problem. They also love these special treats!

Review by Margie on 2/2/12

Carrie & Scooby LOVE Probios Dog Treats

5 stars

Carrie & Scooby, our picky-eater senior Chihuahuas (age 18 and 15!), absloutely LOVE both the Probios Digestion Support and Joint Support biscuits. As part of our bedtime ritual with the dogs, they so look forward to their night-time Priobios treats. The formulas have really helped our senior dogs with easing their arthritis symptoms, as well as helping to keep their digestion problems in check: our old dogs still run around like silly puppies! So, yay for Probios! We're going to also try the skin and coat formula next.

Review by Bonnie C on 1/2/12

older dog treat that helps

5 stars

my 15 year old sheltie loves these treats! he has trouble with stairs due to hip problems, but will run quickly up or down them to get these treats. also neighbor dogs want these when they are on walks. nice to see these senior dogs so happy to get a good treat that is healthy for them.

Review by marty on 12/15/11

Great product

5 stars

Great treat!

Review by Candice on 11/15/11

Just the right size

5 stars

We have four labs and they have trained us to give them a treat each time we go outside - and believe me with four - we go outside alot! These are the perfect size to give them alittle something without worrying that they are getting too many. Our Barnie refuses other treats - he will stand there looking at you until you find these in the cookie jar. Highly recommend them.

Review by petnanny on 11/3/11

An Amazing Product

5 stars

I love these treats and so do my dogs. This is one of the few treats that I feel good about giving to them. Knowing that they actually are helping regulate their digestive system makes me feel great too! Plus, you can't beat the service that you get from ProbioticSmart.com!

Review by S2 on 9/26/11

excellent product

5 stars

we have 4 labs - all 80 lbs - our Barnie is very picky and will refuse treats - these are bite size so you don't feel like you are giving them too many (ours get a treat everytime we go outside and come back in - they line up at the cookie jar). Anyway this is Barnie's favorite - he will sniff each cookie and until you produce this one from the cookie jar - he will just look at you like you are crazy - he will then take this one and go lie down with it under his chin until everyone else is finished and then he will eat his - while the other three are freaking out. I purchased (2) of the 12.5 containers - they make excellent closed storage for all of their other treats. Believe me with four of them I am always looking for something healthy and preferrably veggie based. Would highly recommend these - and then come well packaged and delivered right to your door - what more could you want?

Review by petnanny on 9/15/11

At last!

5 stars

My westie has not had any stomach problems since giving him this product!
I sneak it in his food every morning..Because he is sometimes fussy with his treats,I grind up 3 and sprinkle on his food He loves it and like magic no more stomach gurgles or vomiting!

Review by cheri on 8/9/11


5 stars

Bought these for our dogs while traveling. They were vomiting for no apparent reason and stomachs growling all day long. Went into a Bandon, Oregon pet shop asking for a digestive biscuit. Clerk suggested these. They put a stop to vomiting and stomach disturbances in one day. Great product and cost less than any we have found in our local pet shops. Can't find Probio here so will order them online. They are worth the trouble. Will also encourage our local shop to carry them.

Review by Penwoodsie on 6/20/11

Barnie loves them

5 stars

we have four labs - everybody will eat anything - except Barnie - he is the pickiest eater - but finally he has found his favorite treat - if Barnie likes it - it has to be good

Review by petnanny on 4/20/11

Brie won't eat any other treats!

5 stars

I had tried giving our beagle, Brie, countless treats and all of them either made her sick or she would scratch relentlessly within an hour of eating them. So I thought I would try Probios Dog Treats and not only does she beg for them, but they don't upset her stomach and she is not allergic to them! They are a nice size and best of all they are a very inexpensive quality treat. From now on, Brie will only get Probios Dog treats!

Review by Lora on 2/1/11

great product

5 stars

My cocker spaniels have serious digestion issues, diarhea,allegies and itchyness. Ever seen they have been eating this treats, their poops were firmer. I don't see any more diarrhea. They love this treat anyway.

Review by siang c on 1/22/11

Spinning with Excitement!

4 stars

I noticed that my 12-year-old shepherd mix started to be a little more stiff in his movements, so I decided to try the Probios treats. He gets so excited about them that he spins! He's always loved biscuit treats, but he seems to get more excited about these. I can see a huge difference in his mobility. He goes up and down stairs, gets out of bed and spins, all with more energy than before these treats. I admit that he begs for (and receives) probably double the number of treats recommended a day, but he has no ill side effects. I definitely feel that his increased mobility is worth the price of these treats.

Review by Karen Phillips on 12/22/10

Too good to be true

5 stars

I love to give Maisey treats, but I try to only feed her the healthy ones! She could definitely benefit from a healthier coat and the probiotics themselves. When I saw the Probios Soft and Shiny Coat treats, it was too good to be true! I have been giving them to her for a couple months now and have felt and seen her coat become softer and healthier looking. What a great treat!

Review by Angie on 12/22/10

Treats that actually do something?

5 stars

I can't believe how soon Shanti's digestive issues turned around once I put her on probios digestive dog treats. I got a prescription from the vet, but these treats work better.

Review by Benjamin Atler on 12/22/10

Probios Dog Treats

5 stars

I have bought countless dog treats for our 3 year old beagle, Brie and she either wouldn't eat them or they would cause her to itch or she would suffer with stomach upset after eating them so I was skeptical when I tried Probios Dog Treats. I was pleasantly surprised when I gave her the first one and she ate it right away and then begged for another! She had no allergic reaction and she didn't get sick after eating them. I was thrilled and will order them again!

Review by Lora on 12/10/10

Very good digestion support for our standard poodle

4 stars

Our dog was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease as a puppy. All his life he has been treated with antacids and, at times, prednisone. He has always had very bad breath. At 10 years of age, we finally found a product that has corrected his bad breath, settled his stomach and virtually stopped his vomiting. Highly recommended.

Review by Ranchnut on 12/7/10

Great Product

5 stars

I received a sample of this product for my dogs. The other day I gave them a treat. They loved them. Even my picky girl kept coming back for more. They couldn't get enough of them. They are usually choosy about treats but this is a family fave now.
Poodle Posse approved.

Review by GoofingOff on 11/4/10

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