Urinary Health for Cats

PetsPrefer Urinary Health for Cats contains a unique blend of ingredients, including cranberry extract and dandelion powder proven to support your cat’s normal urinary health.

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Urinary Health for Cats
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PetsPrefer Urinary Health for Cats contains a unique blend of ingredients that effectively support a healthy urinary tract and bladder function in cats. It also contains taurine for added benefits. This supplement is easy to feed because the tablets can be crushed and given with food.

Urinary Health for Cats uses cranberry extract, rather than the juice, which is less palatable. Cranberries have been shown to work against the development of infections because they contain a substance called Hippuric Acid. This substance is involved with antibiotic activity, and helps to prevent bacteria such as E. coli from adhering to the bladder wall.

Vitamin C supports liver and kidney functions, as well as the immune system. It has been shown to help with strengthening immune systems that are weakened from stress, a condition which can predispose cats to urinary tract disorders because stress and fear of pain can lead to reluctance to make trips to the litter box and fresh drinking water.

Marshmallow Root helps support proper digestion and bowel health, while dandelion works to get rid of toxic deposits in the kidneys and urinary tract. It also acts as a disinfectant to stop microbial growth in the urinary system. This supplement also contains Pyridoxine Hcl, a Vitamin B6 that helps to maintain healthy immune system functions and prevent kidney stone formation.

Urinary Health for Cats also contains taurine, which is an amino-acid necessary for the proper digestion of fats in the small intestine. Cats do not produce their own taurine, so they must injest it through their diet. Taurine is important for many functions, such as heart health and reproduction function. Taurine deficiency can lead to a lack of fertility and also complications and abnormalities in kittens. It is also important for eye health, as a deficiency of it causes degeneration of the retina, and ultimately blindness. Taurine is also necessary for immune responses, nervous system functionality, and protection of respiratory tissue.

UPC 794535090468
Brand PetsPrefer
Manufacturer Vets Plus
Size 90 count
Size Options No
Color Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Directions: The Tablets can be given directly or crumbled and mixed with meal.

Dosage: (Initial) Adult cats 1 tablet daily (1/2 in the mornings & 1/2 in the evening)
(Maintenance) Adult cats ½ tablet in the morning

Cautions: Administer during or just after the animal has eaten to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Do not give to pregnant cats or nursing cats or cats under the age of 3 months. Do not give to cats with a history of urinary stones. This product should not be taken simultaneously with drugs that are absorbed into the intestine, may decrease uptake. Keep away from children and other animals.

Special Precautions:

Active ingredients

Taurine50 mg
Cranberry Juice Extract50 mg
Marshmallow Root Powder50 mg
Dandelion Powder50 mg
Vitamin C35 mg
Pyridoxine HCl0.5 mg

 Inactive ingredients
DiCalcium Phosphate, Fish Meal, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Poultry Liver, and Silicon Dioxide

The one our cats crave

5 stars

We have tried so many supplements - pastes gels - you name it. This is the ONLY one our cats will eat. Not only do they eat it - but they crave it. We have to hide the bottle so the do not get into it. Bravo for this product!

Review by CallaLily's Mama on 4/27/12

Not sure

3 stars

My cat Loxy had a couple of UTIs in the past. I hear about this product as a good thing to use to pre-emptively to stop another UTI coming on. Loxy LOVED this product and I gave it to him every day BUT he still got a UTI. So now I don;t know what to think, I am not sure if this works or not.

Review by Pearl on 2/8/12

Happy with this product - works great

5 stars

My cat Sophie has had a few bladder infections. Every time I took her to the vet they gave her antibiotics, which made her hair fall out, even though it did take care of the infections. This time, when I noticed the symptoms, I decided to try something else, so I looked up more natural remedies. This supplement all of the main natural remedies I found, all in one pill. I started giving it to her, and the symptoms went away. I was a little nervous though, so I took her to the vet to check, and the ph of her urine was fine. I will be using this from now on. I'm so happy to find something easier on her system that doesn't make her hair fall out.

Review by Liz Wade on 5/3/11

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