Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy


The Hurley Dog Toy is a versatile chew toy made from extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind Zogoflex material.


Red Hurley Toys limited availability for the holidays while supplies last.



West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy PET485G
5 stars
  • canine
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Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy
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The Hurley Dog Toy is a guaranteed-tough dog toy that comes with a one-time replacement or money-back guarantee, for owners of “power chewers” who are skeptical, but would like to give the Hurley Toy a try. Less than 1% of customers return their toy, and most of them request a replacement over their money back.

The Hurley is an exciting chew toy with all of the fun of a ball and a bone in one. Dogs who like to swim will love it because it floats. It is available in mini, small, and large, for dogs of all sizes, and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

This toy was designed to create virtually no waste during the manufacturing process and can also be recycled. You will be amazed at how this eco-friendly toy will stand up to your power chewer. West Paw Designs has found the most durable materials that are also non-toxic. There have been so many safety concerns in the pet industry recently; West Paw Designs is proud to be a USA manufacturer, widely recognized for their innovative, safe and high-quality products.

Hurley® comes in three electrifying colors.Made in Montana, USA.

Owners of "power chewers" know that most toys won't last 5 minutes... and claims of "indestructible dog toys" are just not true. This is why we offer our one-time guarantee - for owners who are skeptical and would like to give it a try.  More often than not, their dogs have a new favorite toy, and the owners are relieved to find a toy that will last! West Paw Design receives less than 1% of its guaranteed tough dog toys back - and most customers request a free replacement over a refund, stating that these dog toys are by far the longest lasting toy they've ever purchased.

Size No
Brand Zogoflex
Manufacturer West Paw Design

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Excellent Product

5 stars

Excellent Product for dogs that destroy or go thru toys. Hard to destroy and last a very, very long time. Have had our last one for over a year and still in excellent shape.

Review by Christie on 7/2/12

Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy

5 stars

I have a pitbull and every toy I had got him from petsmart and petco, He has broken it in one to two days. When I found this website and got him the Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy it took him about a month and a half to break the end off. Now it has been over 8 months since I got him the Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy and he still plays with it and it's his favorite toy.

Review by JSalgado on 4/9/12

Zogoflex Hurley Large Dog Toy

5 stars

A friend has one of these that they have let my two Pit Bull/mixes play with, he has been chewing on it for 3 days off an on, still no holes and it has not torn or broke yet. They have played tug of war and still looks new...this is the second toy I have ever found to live longer than an hour.

Review by Michelle on 2/8/12

still searching for the perfect chew toy...

3 stars

Well ,my male boxer/hound mix has yet to destroy his Hurley, with the exception of a few cracks, my smaller Female sibling chewed off one end within 10 minutes. I have yet to find a toy they can't destroy within minutes...Guess I will send the one back for credit as advertised....

Review by RickM on 1/11/12

My powerful Dog loves this toy

5 stars

I have a really strong dog and he always tore up everything that he was given. That was until this toy! He has had it for over 6 months now and only have a very small chunck off of it. Serious this company knows that they are doing! What a great product. I am going to buy other zogoflex toys too!

Review by S2 on 9/26/11

Great Product!

5 stars

I have a very active Basenji mix who loves to chew on anything. We would buy him the hardest possible chew toy we could find at the pet store, but he would still have it in shreds within a week or two. After hearing how great these were from a co-worker, I decided to go out on a limb and buy both the Hurley and the Huck. He prefers the Hurley, but recently I've noticed he's also taking a liking to the Huck. And best of all, after a month they are still fully intact! No noticeable bite marks or anything! I will definitely buy these products and from this site in the future! Thanks for the great product! :)

Review by Erin on 9/26/11


5 stars

I have a male standard poodle who is very scientific about chewing toys apart. He generally starts with the squeaky if there is one, finishes it off in a couple of minutes, then procedes to take apart the rest of the ball, or 9-pin, etc in chunks or shreds in quick order. Then he gets upset because he can't fetch it out of the water any more!!

After months, he still hasn't made a dent in his 'throw bone' and is still fetching it out of any water he can convince me to throw it in.

Congratulations to Zogofllex ;-}

Review by Barbara on 6/18/11

Indestructible dog toy!

5 stars

My dobermans love this toy. I used to hate buying them chew toys because they'd be gone in maybe a couple of weeks, or earlier if chunks came off. This has lasted longer than any other toy we've tried, and we've tried a lot. I was excited because of their guarantee, but I didn't even need it because the toy lasted for so long.

Review by J. Williams on 5/24/11

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